Top Start-ups Providing IoT Sensor Helmets to Reduce Accidents

Top Start-ups Providing IoT Sensor Helmets to Reduce Accidents

The blend of artificial intelligence and IoT has transformed traditional homes into smart homes with some amazing smart devices to ease household chores in a fast-paced life. When major disruptive technologies are taking care of health, home, shopping, payments, cars, and many more, some tech companies and start-ups have come up with IoT sensor helmets to reduce accidents on road. Yes, artificial intelligence in helmets with machine learning algorithms for utmost safety. Start-ups with IoT sensor helmets are on a mission to alert drivers and reduce severe road accidents per year in different countries. Let's explore some of the top start-ups that are developing smart helmets for reducing accidents.

Revsmart: Revsmart is focused on hardware development in IoT sensor helmets that can connect drivers to an artificial intelligence voice assistant device for providing safety and reducing road accidents.

Proxgy: Proxgy is one of the start-ups with IoT helmets that have launched smart helmets to enable drivers with virtual teleportation like real-time immersive access to the user's needs with 3D viewing and 360-degree rotation cameras. These IoT sensor helmets consist of the hardware and service elements to ensure video stream fluidity and zero lag.

Jarvish: Jarvish has launched distraction-free voice activation for drivers to maintain maximum awareness to reduce road accidents. IoT sensor smart helmets consist of built-in HD surrounding sound speakers, noise reduction microphones as well as a 2K camera with artificial intelligence voice assistant and augmented reality projections.

Altor: Altor is one of the start-ups with IoT helmets set to launch artificial intelligence and IoT sensor helmets that will help drivers to receive, reject, send messages, and many other activities from inside smart helmets without using smartphones while driving. Artificial intelligence in helmets provides two-wheeler specific voice navigation with fast Bluetooth connectivity and real-time data on distance metrics. Altor offers patented accident detection technology in IoT sensor helmets to reduce accidents.

Vida Salvateur: Vida Salvateur is one of the start-ups with IoT helmets that has built a coin-sized device to detect an accident in IoT sensor helmets that can trigger an alert to emergency and medical services with an SOS signal. On-edge artificial intelligence in helmets can provide advance riding analytics to riders such as average speed, lean angle, and many more.

Nand Logic: Smart helmets of Nand Logic consist of artificial intelligence in helmets with a multicore System on a Chip, gyroscope, light sensor, Bluetooth module, GPS module, and humidity as well as temperature sensor. The start-up with IoT helmets has decided to put an object-tracking artificial intelligence in helmets to determine and predict nearby collision with an alert through stereo speakers.

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