Top IoT Stocks to Look for a Profitable Investment this Year

Top IoT Stocks to Look for a Profitable Investment this Year

While the expansion of IoT may remain constant in 2022, here are the top 5 IoT stocks to buy

The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown exponentially in a very short period of time. Smart gadgets, although relatively new, are omnipresent in business and consumer spheres, and they show no indications of slowing down. While the expansion of the Internet of Things may remain constant in 2022, it will fluctuate and adapt. Here are the top 5 IoT stocks for investors to make a profitable investment.

Ambarella, Inc.

Current Market stock: US$69.18

Ambarella, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor design company that focuses on a wide variety of human and computer vision applications. The chips are built to provide a combination of low-power operation video compression, image processing, and computer vision performance.

Emerson Electric Co.

Current Market stock: US$80.67

Emerson Electric Co. designs and produces electronic and electrical equipment, software and systems. The company is listed as one of the Fortune 500 companies and ranked among the 100 Best Managed Companies by IndustryWeek magazine.

Walmart, Inc.

Current Market stock: US$125.40

Walmart's IoT application helps monitor the temperature in its stores to maintain food quality and allows it to effectively manage energy consumption and reduce energy usage, if needed, to lower utility costs. The company's IoT roadmap includes adding new equipment, algorithms, and data processing to improve operations in more locations.

Lowe's Cos. Inc.

Current Market stock: US$181.63

Lowe's has a comprehensive list of hundreds of home improvement smart products, both in its online and physical stores. Lowe's has prioritized using IoT and virtual reality technology to improve the customer buying experience.


Current Market stock: US$81.24

The Internet of Things goes far beyond consumer devices. Dexcom is focused on diabetes management, specifically medical devices for continuous glucose monitoring. The company's G6 system includes an auto-applicator, a sensor and transmitter, and a touchscreen receiver displaying real-time glucose data.

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