Interesting Use Cases of AI-Powered Chatbots

by September 25, 2018


Everywhere we read, chatbots are bringing about immense and critical changes. It’s not news that intelligent and popular cognitive bots are already being used worldwide, what with the likes of Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana. And yet, this feels like it is just the beginning.


Seamless in Seattle

Chatbots with their seamless conversations solve our myriad doubts and provide information on the go. For a highly tech-equipped user, chatbots now pose as a friendly companion, solving their endless queries with a punch of empathy & humor from time to time.

There are countless applications of chatbots now. But occasionally a few do stand out. The end of 2017 presented us with a bot that is taking on human trafficking. It was built in Seattle to try and combat human trafficking & underage sex trades. The bot makes sure that the perpetrator on the other end doesn’t realize that they aren’t talking to an actual person. It then sends a warning message observing unlawful conversation styles. With the humble support offered by Microsoft, the creators hope to eventually help the authorities with actual arrests.


Let’s Take A Tech Dive

Chatbots are working great as Business Intelligence (BI) tools by analyzing historical data and providing instant replies to BI heads. For example, a BI operator for a hotel could ask the bot: “What is the average occupancy and room rate of their hotel?” In an instant, the person in question can gather statistical information over all the past data.

Chatbots are huge in the customer care world. Human operators are already being laid off since now, we have special bots just to aid its users. Of course, these layoffs mean trouble for quite a number of people. But the addition of this intuitive technology can give rise to a symbiotic relationship between the chatbot & the Customer Care Operator (CCO). For instance, chatbots can aid its users, be it the customer or the CCO. Sometimes, the CCOs themselves don’t have all the answers. The bots can then seamlessly work as solution providers enhancing an efficient work environment.

Even today, most customer care bots aren’t equipped with all the answers. That’s when a human service agent can take over the conversation seamlessly, just in case. The priority always needs to be customer “care” and customer “satisfaction”. Companies need to keep this in mind.


Chatbots For Education

Botsify lets teachers from around the globe teach their students online using bots. It has brought about a revolutionary change in the field of distance learning and education.

How cool would it be, to be free of most of the hassles caused during college admissions, right? Earlier in January 2018, PinnacleWorks came up with SuperBot, specially designed for Indian educational institutes. With extensive research and by running training algorithms, SuperBot is capable of answering all possible queries related to admissions and much more, whenever, wherever.

As I was saying, chatbots are bringing about a vast change in our regular functioning. People can always point out all possible pros & cons with respect to chatbots & the changes they bring about. But change is, after all, the only thing that’s constant & bots are here definitely here to stay (for as long as we let them).