INSOFE: Delivering World-Class Big Data Analytics Programs to Build Data Leaders

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru

International School of Engineering (INSOFE) is the world’s leading research-driven educational institution in Applied Engineering with 12 full-time and 4 adjunct world-renowned faculty members holding PhDs from elite international universities and having worked as CXO’s in large analytics firms. INSOFE has campuses located in Hyderabad, Bangalore and offers its flagship program PGP in Big Data Analytics in collaboration with Kirloskar, Pune. The institute plans to launch a new program in Machine Learning (ML) Applications in Capital Markets, and a corporate program in Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data soon. In addition to training over 1000 students a year through its classroom program, INSOFE works with over 100 corporations globally to train CXO’s, Mid-Level managers and engineers.

Disruptive technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, IoT are poised to change how we work and operate in the coming decades. INSOFE’s mission is to help organizations adopt these technologies using training as the primary tool.


Big Data Analytics Programs

Besides offering PGP in Big Data Analytics, INSOFE provides education at various levels:

•  The institute offers 3 to 6-hour workshop aimed at CXOs and VPs, mainly decision makers. The program covers the state-of-the-art techniques in Deep Learning, the people’s strategy, the data strategy and the infrastructure strategy that the senior level management can adopt, to build an AI friendly environment within the organization.

•  INSOFE offers 2 to 3 days workshop for Product Managers, Program Managers, and Project Managers, covering the state-of-the-art techniques in Deep Learning and the novel architectures that are evolving.

•  INSOFE can customize programs for corporates whereas the classroom program is conducted over 23 weekends that has more than 184 hours of hands-on lab sessions preparing engineers to embrace advanced technologies through a variety of applications to develop AI algorithms, deploy cutting-edge ML & Deep Learning techniques and solve challenging Data Science problems in organizations spanning across industry verticals. Moreover, 50 to 70 hours of paid internship is offered to the interested students.


The Visionary Leader

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru is the President and CEO of INSOFE who believes in working together to achieve success. “It is not my journey alone, it is the journey of the team. The journey of going from good to great,” he says.

Dr. Dakshinamurthy started with a belief and a goal to build one of the world’s finest academic institutes in Data Science. By the third year, INSOFE became the only Indian institute to be featured in the elite list of the world’s top big data certifications, published by

INSOFE brought in outstanding academicians with stellar consulting exposure to the institute, put together an infrastructure that is challenging and rewarding for people to work on. At INSOFE, the world-class mentors, state-of-art infrastructure which includes in-house data center, hands-on lab experience, high powered deep learning access and unparalleled career services help to gain not just knowledge but contributes to the overall development of the students.

So, it took the entire team, moving in the same direction to accomplish all this.


Distinct Features of The Program

With 12 full-time mentors and 4 adjunct faculty members, 45 specialized Data Scientists dedicated to educating students in 3 cities in India and 2 global clients in the US and Europe, INSOFE offers one of the largest classroom training programs globally. The institute created a comprehensive curriculum, delivered by world-renowned faculty and blended it with one of the largest Career Services team.

INSOFE’s faculty & data scientists provide the real-world experience to students to address their unique needs to achieve the career goals. The unique features of the institute which sets it apart include:


•  Academically all faculty are extremely qualified and have studied in elite Universities across the Globe.

•  INSOFE has world-renowned faculty with commendable research and have worked with leading consulting firms like Abercrombie, Ford etc.

•  The faculties have incubated a product in Blockchain and created one in Data Science called INTUCEO.

•  The institute is currently working on IoT for Driver Monitoring, Computer Vision, NLP.

•  The extreme edge research INSOFE faculty participates in is subsequently fed into the curriculum thereby making the program industry challenging.


•  The most comprehensive program covering aspects of statistics, ML, AI and Big Data and is recognized

•  INSOFE students get an unparalleled chance to convert their PGP into Masters through its Renne Program.


•  The IT infrastructure at INSOFE comprises of dedicated Deep Learning servers and dedicated Hadoop cluster, thus offering students the incredible opportunity of working in a real-time industry environment.

•  INSOFE earmarks a measurable component of the batch revenue for performance-based scholarships which are offered to top performers of the batch in 3 phases. Over 3.2 crores have been rewarded in the last 2 years and INSOFE is the only institute to offer special scholarships to women. INSOFE awards Marie Curie scholarship to women participants.

•  INSOFE offers research-driven internships to all PGP students and those completing the internship successfully are paid a stipend.

Career Services

•  INSOFE conducts regular campus drives, dedicated interview line-ups at employer site, a strong industry network and an active Career Services team benefit INSOFE students with comprehensive placement support. In the last 10 months, 419 companies have interviewed INSOFEans with 3 interviews scheduled on an average every day.


Offering Unmatched Industry Exposure

INSOFE’s PGP in Big Data Analytics includes both faculty-driven lectures and hands-on lab sessions driven by seasoned Data Scientists. Each week, students spend 16 hours in the classroom learning concepts and gaining hands-on experience in the latest Data Science technologies. They solve real-world problems as part of the midterm hackathons and finally work on project hackathon and defend their work.

All INSOFE students are guaranteed a paid internship opportunity during the program giving them invaluable hands-on expertise with building prototypes.

The extreme edge research and product development activities that INSOFE faculty participate in is subsequently fed into the curriculum, thereby making the program industry challenging. INSOFE also invites industry leaders, academicians and other influential leaders to deliver talks on their areas of expertise at its campuses.


The Success Roadmap


•  INSOFE students are leading analytical teams in top Fortune companies. Many students have got admissions offers and/or gone on to pursue their MS at top universities around the globe such as Northwestern University, Cornell University, the University of Texas at Austin, National University of Singapore, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Royal Holloway – The University of London, etc.

•  INSOFE is the only institute empowering organizations at the global level with cutting-edge technologies to build tiger teams and CEOs. The institute delivers classroom training programs in 10 countries.

•  INSOFE students have so far written three books and have filed for 3 patents in the field of Big Data Analytics.


•  The American IT Magazine listed INSOFE’s Big Data Certification among ‘26 Big Data Certifications that will Pay off’.

•  INSOFE’s Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics and Optimization is the only one in Asia to be certified for the quality of content, pedagogy and assessment by the Language Technologies Institute (LTI) of Carnegie Mellon University, USA.


•  INSOFE Bagged the award for Academic Excellence in Big Data & Analytics which was part of 4th Big Data Analytics & Insights summit conducted on 20th July 2017 in Bengaluru, India.

•  INSOFE received the Education Leadership Award in Dewang Mehta National Education Awards (Regional Round) in January 2017.

•  INSOFE’s was awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’ in Education by ASSOCHAM for being a part of ASSOCHAM India’s TOP SME 50 Index in the fourth ASSOCHAM SME’s Excellence Award- 2016.


Words of Appreciation

“INSOFE’s program on deep learning is very insightful and extremely useful. The trainers had the right depth of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. It was very useful for our teams and made us productive instantly. I highly recommend it.”

Srinivas Muktevi, Head of Data Analytics


Overcoming Challenges

Inspiring students with the advantages of a disciplined structure, mentor-driven classroom education and designing a curriculum that helps a working professional over an e-learning program was the biggest challenge to the institute. “While an e-learning program can be accessed anywhere, the significant advantage of the classroom training is the disciplined personal attention. For converting a complex field like Data Science into a program that can be learned as a part of their schedule during the weekends, the faculty had to put in enormous efforts to create the content that is easily understandable and at the same time extensive and put together the projects and exercises that really makes a difference was the biggest challenge,” said Dr. Dakshinamurthy.


The Future Ahead

Dr. Dakshinamurthy believes Open Source is making adoption of AI and Deep Learning extremely easy. Previously, the idea was to have a small set of experts in Data Science but today, organizations are preferring to upskill all their engineers to be a Data Scientist. “So, transforming Data Science from being a specialization to treating it as a mean to solve any problem is the key trend that is driving the growth,” he added.