Top Business Analytics Companies in India to Lookout for in 2022

Top Business Analytics Companies in India to Lookout for in 2022

Business analytics companies in India provide business reporting solutions that are all-inclusive and reasonably priced

Today, all organization's decisions and processes are driven by digitization and data analysis. Collecting data from digital systems and analysing it is the key to making sophisticated and intelligent decisions for business organizations. With digital transformation, businesses rely on big data and data science to enhance efficiency and this has increased the demand for business analytics solutions thus encouraging the need for business analytics companies to emerge. Business analytics companies in India provide business reporting solutions that are all-inclusive, reasonably priced, and simple to understand, implement, organize and maintain.

Here follows the list of top business analytics companies in India to look out for 2022.

Absolut Data

Absolut Data is upsetting the customary scientific methodology by following a diagnostic approach and combining innovation, complex information, and progressed analytics. Their image NAVIK has a line of amazing products for the advertising, sales, and examination experts, empowering them to harness the power of artificial intelligence.


BRIDGEi2i is well known for driving digital transformation results. They unite data engineering, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence solutions, and counseling aptitude to convey relevant AI-controlled examination answers for client experience and functional viability. They make the customer's journey from information to impact simpler, quicker, and reasonable.

Cartesian Consulting

Cartesian Consulting was established in the year 2009 in India. Today, it has workplaces in India, Singapore, and North America, with a quickly developing group of 150 representatives working for more than 50 brands across 10 nations. In a decade, Cartesian Consulting has turned into a profoundly trusted worldwide brand. What separates Cartesian Consulting from other business analytics organizations is its capacity to rapidly apply progressed analytics into a business setting and make an impact from it.


By harnessing the power of big data, Convergytics gives digital analytics, business intelligence, CRM, and pricing analytics solutions. The ventures which they oblige are consumer packaged goods, healthcare, telecom, and banking among others. It assists associations with adjusting to continually changing business sector scenarios by settling on information-driven and significant choices.

Latent View

Latent View is a New Jersey-based business analytics organization and its branches in India are located in Mumbai and Chennai. At Latent View, there are endless possibilities for R&D, and its R&D centre is called IdeaLabs. It is the powerhouse behind Latent View's big data and predictive analytics solutions. The company caters to the needs of sectors like the retail, financial services, and consumer packaged goods industries.

Mu Sigma Analytics

Mu Sigma is one of the most renowned decision sciences and business analytics organizations that assist businesses to boost intelligent decision-making through Mu Sigma's best in class and accurate data analytics solutions. MuSigma is well known for providing solutions for various industries, specialized in-demand analytics, marketing analytics, network planning, and optimization and risk analytics among other services.


Manthan's business analytics is intended to align technology and customer experience. Companies have taken up the retail world by storm. From restaurants, fashion and apparel, e-commerce to food and grocery and convenience stores, Manthan provides big data and artificial intelligence-driven decision-making solutions for all sectors.

MAIA Intelligence

The firm is dedicated to expanding and constantly magnifying business intelligence reporting and assessment services to satisfy the requirements of corporate executions and application service suppliers. The firm strictly follows the administrative and professional norms and has an in-house network and methods to provide its clients with BI tools and prospects to undertake the right instrument. The intelligence products are created keeping the client's existing and future requirements in consideration, raising productivity and competence by converting data into actionable knowledge.

Tiger Analytics

For more than five hundred companies, Tiger Analytics has been a trusted data science and data engineering partner. Tiger Analytics is located in Silicon Valley, the company has its global delivery center in Chennai. They bring about a great deal of expertise in customer analytics, marketing science, and operations and planning analytics. It is one of the best business analytics organizations to work for as they pay a good amount to talented business analysts.


The self-motivated Indian-based firm; Harbinger TechAxes is aspiring to lead the business intelligence market all across the world. Analytics software and BI tools merchant, TechAxes offers complete services to the firms who desire to satisfy their systematic needs. The chief services of TechAxes are Incorporated Analytics, outsourced development, consumption & assistance services for BPM platforms, customization, and business performance assessment.

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