Top 10 Power BI interview questions aspirants should master in 2022

Top 10 Power BI interview questions aspirants should master in 2022

The top 10 Power BI interview questions for both freshers and experienced candidates

Here are the top 10 Power BI interview questions for both freshers and experienced candidates to help them land the ideal job.

Q1. What is Power BI?

Microsoft's Power BI is a business analytics application that enables you to transform numerous unrelated data sources into insightful and interactive visualizations. Excel spreadsheets or cloud-based/on-premises hybrid data warehouses may contain these data. Your data sources are simple to link to, and you can quickly share your insights with anybody.

Q2. Why should we use Power BI?

Considering that Power BI offers a simple method for everyone, even non-technical employees, to connect, modify, and visualize their raw business data from several sources into valuable data that makes it simple to make wise company decisions.

Q3. What is Power BI Desktop?

Microsoft created and created the open-source software tool known as Power BI Desktop. Your data may be easily connected to, transformed, and visualized by users of Power BI Desktop. Users of Power BI Desktop can create visualizations and sets of visuals that can be shared as insights with co-workers or clients within their company.

Q4. What is Power Pivot?

Microsoft has offered Power Pivot as an Excel add-on since 2010. Microsoft Excel's analytical features and capabilities were expanded by Power Pivot.

Q5. What is Power Query?

Microsoft created the business intelligence tool known as Power Query specifically for Excel. You can import data from several sources using Power Query, and you can then clean, manipulate, and restructure your data to meet your needs. With Power Query, you may create your query once and execute it by performing a quick refresh.

Q6. What is self-service BI?

Self-Service Business Intelligence, often known as SSBI, is a development in business intelligence. Many business professionals who had no technical or coding expertise were able to successfully use Power BI, create reports, and make forecasts because of SSBI. These dashboards can be made by even non-technical users to assist their company in making better decisions.

Q7. What is DAX?

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a group of operators, constants, and functions used in formulas to compute and return values. In other words, it enables you to extract new information from your existing data.

Q8. What are Custom Visuals in Power BI?

Custom Visuals are created using Power Business Intelligence just like any other visualization. The sole distinction is that a unique SDK is used to create custom aesthetics. Custom visualizations in Power BI are made using languages like JQuery and JavaScript.

Q9. List a few significant DAX functions that Power BI uses.

Sum, Max, AVG, Distinct, Count, Calculate, and Datediff.

Q10. Give the names of two Power BI connecting modes.

Import  and Direct Query

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