Top 10 Business Intelligence as a Service provider of 2022

Top 10 Business Intelligence as a Service provider of 2022

Business intelligence (BI) services are offerings to design, develop and deploy enterprise processes and integrate.

Today, all organization's decisions and processes are driven by digitization and data analysis. Collecting data from digital systems and analyzing it is the key to making sophisticated and intelligent decisions for business organizations. Thus, organizations need to implement AI-powered BI platforms to leverage smart functionalities of business intelligence tools. Indian business intelligence companies provide business reporting solutions that are all-inclusive, reasonably priced, and simple to understand, implement, organize and maintain. Most BI products offered by these firms are next-generation reporting solutions constructed from modern technology and processes. The right business intelligence (BI) service provider will help in collecting, organizing, visualizing, and analyzing data to allow for actionable data-based decision-making. The global business intelligence market is expected to hit US$40.50 billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 12%. Let's explore some of the top ten business intelligence as a service provider of 2022.  


Tableau is probably one of the most popular business intelligence service providers. It is known for making visualizations that are way more beautiful than you ever imagined! It comes with a free version as well that has limited capabilities. Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.


This high-performance business intelligence platform represents how the data should get related in the best possible manner. Qlik boasts of an interactive visualization that further aids in effective decision-making. What cannot go out of mention is the fact that this BI service provider comes with self-service Visualization, Guided and Embedded analytics. It is one of the best business intelligence service providers for 2022.  


This business intelligence service provider stands the ability to let you connect your data from various sources and analyze them with advanced features. Here, you can create a business dashboard, generate standard or customized reports, and even incorporate intelligent alerts to get notified of anomalies and targets.


SAS Analytics is yet another impressive BI service provider that stands the potential to reveal patterns and anomalies in data, identify relationships and different variables, and even predict future outcomes. Be it forecasting, data visualization, text analytics, or data mining, this BI service provider has got you covered. No wonder, the users are in a position to make better-informed decisions. It is one of the best business intelligence as a service providers of 2022.


Looker has gained recognition as a business intelligence and data visualization platform that allows the users to combine, drill down, and analyze that data in real-time in dashboards and reports. Additionally, this service provider keeps the data up to date. It does this by connecting to existing company databases.


Yet another powerful BI service provider that delivers a wide data set and connector support are Domo. The organizations succeed at finding effective solutions amid ever-changing business challenges – thanks to Domo. Also, the users get to access the real-time data here. It is one of the best business intelligence as a service provider of 2022.

Infor Birst

It is a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence platform. This BI service provider is aimed at helping the users understand and optimize complex processes. Its popularity is immense – so much so that it became one of the top 10 business intelligence service providers that best suit your business and doesn't seem to surprise anyone.


This is an open-source commercial BI tool that has everything required for a business to make accurate and data-driven business decisions. Features such as big data integration, data mining, and predictive data analytics make it all the more popular and widely used. Additionally, it supports rich navigation features and data visualization.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to help businesses optimize their performance. Not just that, this BI service provider does everything possible when it comes to empowering them to make faster and more informed mobile-enabled decision-making.


Board is a combination of BI, Corporate Performance Management, and Business analytics. This supports a wide range of features including data visualization, drill-down, and drill-through functionality. What is worth a mention is the fact that its multi-dimensional analysis helps to make strong business decisions. It is one of the best business intelligence service providers for 2022.

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