Hive Ransomware Takes a Coding Twist from Go to Rust

Hive Ransomware Takes a Coding Twist from Go to Rust

Hive ransomware has been recently upgraded to become more robust and harmful for its victims

The Hive Group has become one of the most in-demand ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operators that have exponentially overhauled its malware, including migrating the code to the Rust programming language and that too by using a more complex encryption method. Recently, Microsoft security experts have discovered a new variant of the old Hive ransomware that was written in the GO programming language but is now re-written in Rust.

Initially, Hive emerged in June 2021 and was highlighted by the FBI around two months later. Based on a Microsoft report, this latest variant is carrying several upgrades. Hive has already proved itself to be one of the fastest evolving ransomware collections that is accelerating the growth of the entire ransomware ecosystem. It is quite clear that these upgrades have devastating and deepening effects. Microsoft stated that its security team has been observing Hive attacks on other healthcare organizations and software companies through various affiliates.

The tech mogul claims that upgrading to Rust has specific benefits over other programming languages such as better memory safety and brilliant crypto library support, making it more alluring than other programming languages. Rust also offers memory, data type, and thread security, it has user-friendly syntax and is relatively more difficult to reverse engineer.

The significant rise in ransomware attacks has literally spooked major tech companies and their security teams. Even though the reason behind this dramatic rise is still unknown, experts have decided that the increase in ransomware attacks is definitely linked to the rise in remote working environments, and hence, company employees working outside the company may be directly exposed to the advanced security services that enterprise employees use. Since the pandemic hit, there have been several high-profile attacks on some of the major tech companies, which led to huge financial losses.

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