How to Become a Google Certified BI Professional

This article discusses the roadmap of how to become a Google Certified BI Professional
How to Become a Google Certified BI Professional


These days, as business intelligence turns out to be vastly more than just a tool, it plays a pivotal role in making that raw data into actionable insights. It is ultimately used for making informed strategic decisions across industries. The easy way for the adoption of different types of data with variety, volume and velocity, BI provides organizations with the ability to analyze huge pools of data, to uncover tendencies, forecast the likely results and to make them visual with the help of attractive dashboards and reports. Integrating Artificial Intelligence with machine learning enables BI to gather detailed guesses from the massive data that the business has, allowing it to automate processes and react immediately to the emerging economic conditions. Cloud BI tools have scalability and accessibility features, while field-specific applications allow to cover unique analytics areas.

How to Become Google Certified BI Professional

Now that we know the importance of Business Intelligence, let us dive deep

How to Become a Google Certified BI Professional

This highly structured Google BI certification program develops a practical know-how of data analytics and a cutting-edge approach, which escalates your career path. Specifically designed for the graduates of Google Data Analytics Certificate or those with comparable experience, the program is hands-on and project-based with BigQuery, SQL, and Tableau. The idea is to let you practice how to use these skills in real business scenarios. In the next three courses, you will learn practical skills that are fundamental to careers like that of a business intelligence analyst, engineer, or developer, etc. Being granted 10 hours or less per week, could take you to finish the certificate within two months time. After you graduate from the “Google Career Certificate” program you have the opportunity to apply for a job with Google and more than 150 U.S. employers, including companies like Target, Deloitte, and Verizon among the most prestigious ones.

Let us explore the three courses of this professional certificate mentioned above

1. Foundations of Business Intelligence

This stands as the first of all three courses that you learn in Business Intelligence professional certificate and this course will include

Understanding the careers and industries that use Business Intelligence

Knowing more about the impact data can have on the Business Intelligence functionalities.

Knowing about the important role of Business Intelligence professionals hold in the realm of Business Intelligence

Developing the Business Intelligence Project Plan

2. The Path to Insights: Data Models and Pipeline

This course comprises varied professional concepts that make you stand out of the crowd and improve your skills stepwise. This course mainly encompasses:

Developing Data models that address business questions

Applying ETL process to workplace scenarios

Getting in depth knowledge on ETL tools and

Constructing valid and necessary pipelines deliver the data at the correct time

3. Decisions, Dashboards and Reports

This last and major course of Google’s Business Intelligence Professional certificate deals with

Design BI Visualizations, BI Reporting and Dashboard tools, Clear and legible presentations on key BI Insights and stakeholders along with facilitating you with the professional materials of job search.

Quizzes and Exams

Your queries regarding How to Become A Google Certified BI Professional can also be solved by participating  in the potential quizzes and exams that make you stand tall in the ever evolving field of Business Intelligence.

Required to earn the Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate is the completion of all three courses, including the exams and hands-on labs. Wholly online implementation of all the courses and exams culminates in delivery of the teaching outcomes without the need to attend the physical classes.

The tests are very direct and the lab report just requires us to submit the work in a format that is readable and so solutions are given to give you an idea. Course 3 combines the study materials from course 1 and 2 and motivates you to submit it. On completion, you are assessed with a sample solution whose copy should be kept in your career portfolio and resume. As quiz passes, students need to obtain a minimum score of 80% every time they try, with three attempts every 24 hours. They could re-sit the exam every 8 hours in the event of failure.

Is Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate worth it?

The Business Intelligence from Google is valuable as it specifically enables the professionals to understand and utilize data analytics and visualization. The Certification Program focuses on the important skills which those going to work in sales and marketing as well and these are data modeling, visualization techniques, dashboard creation, and reporting. Professionals can also enhance their understanding of the  mechanism which  is  controlling  the  market and the main factors which impact performance through the partaking of the such program.

Also, the entire course’s syllabus is delivered in a user-friendly way, containing several illustrations, cases, and exams that give the user an opportunity to assess their new knowledge as they go. The 3-hour daily dedication will accelerate the end of the certification month with a maximum of 120 hours per week instead of the planned 2 months at a minimum of 10 hours per week. The course document is organized to be self-paced.  In this way, the curriculum should be available to empower learners with the three lessons just as they got registered; in so doing, learners are likely to navigate freely between the lessons while engaging with the three final projects.


Google's Business Intelligence Certification course is an important element of professional development  that addresses all your doubts regarding How to Become A Google Certified BI Professional and helps you in advancing the career in the fast-paced environment of business data’s processing and visualization. This all-encompassing program will help students master all the concepts of data modeling, visualization techniques and reporting, as the learners will also dive deeper into data nuances like customer behavior, market trends or performance metrics. The ease of use, the ability to take examples from a real life and self-paced learning format, hence, are the characteristics that make this online course suitable for professionals with time constraints.

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