5 Industries that are being Reshaped by Data Analytics

5 Industries that are being Reshaped by Data Analytics

The concept of data analytics has such potential that its application should not be restricted within the IT sectors only. The main factor of data analytics is that it provides a new way to gain insights into the challenges businesses face every day. Previously, no company could collect and analyze vast quantities of data. The necessity of analyzing such a long array of data is to analyze the condition of the company and predict the future strategies that would bring success. At present, a business generates all sorts of data – from machine data associated with the servers and networks to emails to customer purchasing trends. If the company aims to stay competitive and lean, they need to leverage that data to help move the business forward, and using tools of data analytics is the easiest way to do that.

Banking Industry

Retail banks are using data analytics in location intelligence to determine how to most efficiently manage their branch locations and set location-based performance goals. They aim to understand how their customers use their accounts and to help identify security risks. Investment banks are also using big data to understand the markets and make smart trading decisions.


Data analytics have now become a crucial element for agriculture. It is used for predicting the weather and squeezing maximum productivity out of the land. Many firms also use data analytics to keep a record of the farming elements and quality of the products. Smart farming uses data analytics solutions to gather information from multiple farming practices to create algorithms that can be utilized by different farms to create a crop yield that is both fruitful and sustainable.

Real Estate

Real estate firms are leveraging big data for better property analysis, better trend analysis, and a better understanding of their customers and markets. On the other hand, property management companies are also utilizing data collected from their building systems to optimize performance, surface areas of concern, and streamline maintenance processes.


The telecommunication industry is using data analytics to improve customer experience, fraud reduction, churn prediction, and dynamic pricing. With the emergence of 5G, data plays a key role in network planning, monitoring, and management. With a centralized data analytics solution, the entire department's data merge into one central system. Each department can add its insight into the data gathered, giving another perspective that will lead to a solution more quickly. All the departments can learn from each other, increasing efficiency and boosting productivity.


Data analytics is largely used in healthcare to collect and handle a long array of data from blood test results to numerous other tests and records of diagnosis. Big data is also used in research related to healthcare in the fields of making medicines and predicting their nature and effect on the human body. Data analytics also prevents diseases by early recognition of risks, and the tools also recommend preventive plans. Various smart devices using data analytics use people's genetic information and historical patterns to recognize issues before it gets out of hand.

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