India to Possess its Own Artificial Intelligence Centre by July, Says Report

by January 30, 2019

National Artificial Intelligence Centre

Reportedly, the Indian government is all set to establish a national center for artificial intelligence which will be operational by July.

The National Artificial Intelligence Centre will be a part of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and expected to work with other units of the department including National Informatics Centre (NIC) and the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).

The entity will cost around Rs 400-450 crore, as per the reports. The reports further added that the unit will be dedicated to citizens and assist them in establishing a data platform, skilling/reskilling and research platforms. This move will definitely help in solving legal, regulatory and cybersecurity risks.


Artificial Intelligence and India

Economic Impact

The new emerging AI unit will enact as an essential factor for enhancing the traditional characteristics of production including labor, capital, and innovation. AI certainly has the capability to overcome the manual restrictions of capital and labor and broaden up new sources of value and growth. Considering the perspective of economic influence, AI has the potential to increase development enabling the following factors:

•  Utilizing intelligent automation to automate complicated manual tasks which are required in the industry.

•  Augmentation of capital and labor to enable humans to focus on their own contribution in adding value and complementing efficiency.

•  Embracing innovative and disruptive ideas to accelerate economic development.


AI’s contribution to social development and comprehensive acceleration

Well the transformative nature of AI is not a secret anymore. The disruptive technology plays an important role in improving quality of life and access of choice to a wide plethora across the country. The set-up of the National Artificial Intelligence Centre seems like a tailor-made unique opportunity for the Indian subcontinent. The impact of AI on the social development of the country can intensify with following advancements:

•  Increased access to quality health facilities.

•  Comprehensive financial growth for a majority of the population.

•  Providing real-time advisory to farmers and labors helping them to address unpredictable factors towards increasing productivity.

•  Constructing smart and efficient cities and infrastructure to match the needs of a rapidly urbanizing population.