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Robotic Process Automation

Ignite IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) is a boutique management consulting and software implementation firm with more than forty consultants globally. Focused on identifying high value-based opportunities and implementing solutions, Ignite delivers high ROI and business value while supporting clients in establishing and scaling their Intelligent Process Automation programs.   

With a proven track record in a variety of industries like financial services, insurance, healthcare, media & entertainment, higher education, and many others, Ignite IPA has successfully delivered higher than US$300 million in margin enhancements, operational savings, and revenue-producing solutions across Fortune 500 companies.  It aims to ensure that investments in various Intelligent Process Automation technologies like RPA, OCR/ICR, workflow/BPM, and machine learning achieve the financial and non-financial targets set out by the program’s sponsors. 

Ignite IPA is one of the only consulting services & software implementation providers that can help identify clients who are struggling to scale up their RPA and IPA initiatives, and articulate ‘how’ to accomplish scaling an Intelligent Process Automation investment, as they would have done it while sitting on the client’s seat. The core team at Ignite IPA has led and successfully implemented one of the largest RPA & IPA programs in the US, with 1,000 bots and significant financial ROI before starting the company. Ignite IPA team has successfully delivered >US$300 million in margin enhancements, operational savings, and revenue-producing solutions across Fortune 500 companies. 

The company has created automation ecosystems consisting of the best in breed technology solutions to progress a client’s continuous process improvement journey through automation. These ecosystems include solutions like RPA, OCR/ICR, workflow, machine learning, ETL, AI, and many more. Ignite IPA’s founding ideology is to lead with the problem, not the solution. The company believes in leading with an understanding of the clients’ business needs and related processes with system architecture before discussing solutions. After helping identify the real business problem, the team focuses on a pragmatic approach to enable the implementation of a series of distinct but connected automation strategies. 

Outlining Trendsetting Journey Through Success 

Ignite IPA consults for its clients on where to start their Automation Journey helping them navigate the minefield of technology and service providers in the market and not chase after the new shiny object. Ignite helps its clients to identify value-based automation opportunities that have a significant ROI over time and then helps to facilitate the process of identifying the right technology, vendor, solution architecture, and design. Finally, assisting with the creation of a substantial pipeline that can help accelerate their client’s roadmap to their IPA journey. 

Marks Shivers, Founder and CEO of Ignite, states that the company’s unique ability to empower its clients to build the proper infrastructure and experience required to act upon the above strategies to become self-sufficient makes it unique in the industry niche. The Ignite IPA engagement model is predicated on supporting the client’s goals of maturity & self-sufficiency with a focus on building a scalable RPA/IPA program within the client’s organizations. The company calls this as its FIRE Program (Fully Independent Resource Enablement). 

Mark understands that having a development team & experienced consultant co-located onsite with business and RPA/IPA center of excellence is highly essential to the success of the clients-partnership program as their enterprises grow and scale. However, most consulting organizations do not have a stable of trained resources in the client’s place of business. Therefore, enterprises struggle to scale or kick off their RPA/IPA automation journey as they work with extravagant consulting rates and high travel budgets negating the value of the overall program.  


Outstanding Leadership Inspiring Excellence 

Mark has an overall experience of seventeen years in consulting for Fortune 500 companies on business process reengineering, business process management, IT strategy & system architecture, business case development, and change management. Mark is a trained Computer Engineer with a focus on implementing solutions, both technical and non-technical, that have bottom-line performance improvements in the business. Throughout his career as an external and internal consultant, he has focused primarily on increasing business margins through lean six sigma-based process improvement initiatives, global footprint strategies, operational consolidation initiatives, and automation & technology implementation projects. He has also led onshore, and offshore development teams focused on implementing proprietary applications for a variety of financial and non-financial institutions. 

Before joining BNY Mellon in 2007, Mark worked as a management consultant for BearingPoint focused on the financial services industry, where he covered the mortgage, lending, insurance, and Hollywood talent management industries. Mark then spent the next eight years in a variety of internal consulting roles focused on continuous process improvement at BNY Mellon before being promoted there as the Global Head of Intelligent Process Automation, a solution and product management role for Intelligent Process Automation & RPA technology. There he led a global team supporting BNY Mellon’s 55,000-person organization and was responsible for pipeline development, RPA solution delivery methodologies, solution architecture, new product development, and COE maturity development. In that role, Mark crafted an automation ecosystem consisting of best in breed technology solutions to progress the company’s continuous process improvement journey through automation with solutions like RPA, OCR/ICR technology, machine learning, ETL solutions, AI, and many more.   

Mark built and led a team comprising of engineers, who were entrusted with implementing one of the largest Blue Prism RPA implementations in the US with over 500+ production bots while executing >5.1M robotic processes, and >60M individual queue items annually.  This implementation team delivered significant financial value and helped the company increase business margins through cost reduction initiatives, new business acquisition with higher margins through automation, added new revenue streams through product development leveraging IPA technologies. The team also facilitated enterprise system decommissioning efforts while reducing operational risk and improving resiliency through end-end automation. 


Breaking Grounds for Delivering CustomerOriented Solutions 

The team at Ignite IPA has automated and optimized many different processes with its expertise. Ignite IPA has led many global teams through opportunity analysis, pipeline development, RPA solution delivery, and COE maturity development. However, the heart of the Ignite IPA proposition is the delivery and realization of real business value within the organization.  

The company has completed many large IPA implementations across a multitude of domains delivering significant financial value and increased business margins through its automation initiatives. The team has identified cost reduction initiatives, supported new business acquisition with higher margins through automation, and added new revenue streams through product development leveraging IPA technologies 


Excelling with Innovation and Collaborative Partnerships 

Ignite IPA delivers a variety of innovative solutions on top of the listed technologies below.  

Some of the innovations built by the company by utilizing its excellent Automation Toolbox have helped solve a variety of industry problems. These include:  

  • Data Extraction as a Service for ACORD documents 
  • Data Extraction as a Service for Mortgage documents 
  • Automation of SOX Compliance using Human in the Process RPA 
  • Paycheck Protection Program – New Loan App 
  • Paycheck Protection Program – Loan Forgiveness 
  • Document Digitization Ranking Model for Operations and Developers 

Owing to its exceptional services, a string of companies and vendors like Blue Prism, Bizagi, Kofax, RPA Supervisor, Autocene, Appian, HyperScience, Tableau, PeopleFluent, and Antworks have collaborated with Ignite or several projects at various occasions. 


Analyzing the Current Market Trends  

Mark cites that most clients have “low hanging fruit” in their automation pipeline that drives high returns and value-based implementations; however, the cost to retain consultants to staff a full-time IPA center of excellence is cost-prohibitive. In respect to the current scenario, the value of the automation pipeline dries up in any one single technology in the Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) landscape. He believes that clients need to be self-sufficient to make their business cases work, but the model that most consulting firms lead with is one that requires a client to be dependent on a consultant to keep their resources chargeable. 

Many RPA implementations are currently floundering in the “pilot phase,” due to a lack of authentic implementation experience from the service provider chosen (i.e., 80% of companies who have started an RPA initiative are stuck with ~ ten licenses, and are struggling to find scale) 

Large consulting firms have established generic product teams that are either too broad from a solution perspective (i.e., they have spread themselves too thin across too many vendors to be true ‘experts’ in any one software product) or hire junior consultants straight out of college with simple “learn as you go” training programs, and do not place skilled/experienced developers over them, leading to failed implementations 


Looking Ahead for a Visionary Future 

In the future, Marks is affirmative that Ignite will be shifting more towards helping its clients understand the need for value-based automation that can help fast-track their Digital Transformation journey. He is aware of the failures of Ivory Tower Consulting that have misled clients leading to failed and non-scalable automation programs. “The issue has never been the solution; it has always been the notion that a single solution can solve a company’s automation requirements on its own. Ignite IPA takes a different approach; RPA is viewed as an ‘enabling technology,’ one that creates the foundation for an ecosystem of future automation,” he says. 

He further mentions the valuable lessons that the Ignite IPA team has learned along the companys automation journey will undoubtedly help the clients succeed not just to incubate the automation journey but also scale across technologies, justifying its investment by delivering value-driven automation. The company is always eager to help its clients build (or re-build) from the ground up; hence people can count on it to ensure that the digital workforce which is put in place is not only scalable and self-sufficient but is also appropriately equipped to support their business benefits and meet long term goals.​ 

Mark informs that stakeholders in the automation domain today are still chasing the new shiny toy in the market with a minimal idea on a practical automation roadmap. In due course, he is confident that the industry will shift and understand the need for strong ROI based automation when trying to scale their Intelligent Process Automation Journeys.

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