iDeators: Elevating Careers with Pragmatic Hand-On Training in Emerging Technologies


iDeators was established in 2015 with an aim to impart the cutting-edge knowledge to aspiring candidates through practical hands-on training. The goal is to enable learners to be future-ready with emerging technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning & AI.

AI is going to become a new world order. Power will reside to one who has an advantage of AI. Though India is an IT superpower, it still lags very much behind in AI capabilities to most of the countries. In the new world, intelligent algorithms run nearly in every aspect of human life. Algorithms are helping mankind to progress rapidly. As per several surveys, 80% of Indian engineers do not have the required skills in the knowledge economy and only 2.5% of them have technology skills in Artificial Intelligence.


Enhanced Pedagogy for Better Career Prospects

iDeators offers excellent data science courses which are all linked to international certifications. Based on the budget and current skill requirement, learners can choose from Data Science Lite, Data Science Pro, Data Science Pro+ & Data Science Internship Program.

All the courses cover essential components such as Python programming, Data Wrangling & Cleansing, Database, Statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis, Regression Modelling, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. In Pro & Pro+, learners also work on R programming and build Data Science on R. Big Data & Tableau is a part of the Pro+ course only. Data Science Internship is for fresher students wherein everyday they work for 6-7 hours in the classroom. After successfully completing the internship they will get a 1-year experience letter.

In all the courses learners get hands-on experience on various projects during the training. They also work on building data products and some eligible candidates will get to work on live projects.


The Idealistic Leadership

Bhushan Pawar is the Co-founder & CEO of iDeators. His role is to make strategies to scale the business, bring the best industry talent to impart training, improve customer satisfaction & consistently enhancing the quality of the courses by analyzing new advancements in the field.

After spending several years in Supply Chain Analytics, Bhushan thought of venturing into Data Science & Analytics training.

Kishor Naik is the Co-founder & CTO. He has served the IT industry by playing distinct roles including Developer, Consultant, Solution Architecture, Trainer and SME for over 14 years. Apart from being a strong entrepreneurship professional, he has a wide experience in the software development and education domain.


Delivering Flexible and Customized Learning Opportunities

iDeators has varied courses ranging from 4 months to 1 year. It gives the opportunity to learners to choose according to their budget and requirement without compromising on the quality of the course. They even have the flexibility to upgrade the course. For good quality learners, the institute gives the opportunity to work on live projects. Normally you will find a generic data science course like one size fits all pockets. But iDeators tries to customize the assignments as per domain expertise. The institute normally suggests to learners that they should build home assignments on their domain expertise and further helps them to make it better.


Offering Practical Exposure with Distinct Programs

iDeators’ entire course structure is based on projects. Learners have to complete 30 assignment-based projects with real-time data, plus minimum 3 Data Products even for the smallest of the Data Science courses. For good quality learners, the institute gives the opportunity to work on live projects. Everything iDeators does during training is completely hands-on.


Making Learners ‘Future-Ready’

Four years after the inception of the iDeators, the institute has successfully trained working professionals from top most organisations such as Credit Suisse, HDFC, Capgemini, Accenture, JP Morgan, Nomura, TCS, Deutsche, JIO, etc. The institute not only helped experienced candidates to migrate their careers into Data Science, Data Analytics & Big Data but also helped freshers to kick start their career into the field of Data Science & Analytics.


Immense Challenge to Train Non-Tech Learners

iDeators has trained thousands of learners from several backgrounds like IT, Electronics, Automobile, Bio Tech, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, etc. Training non-technology background learners on technology is a really difficult task. Bhushan says “We feel our mentor has not only mastered the art of training learners from non-technology backgrounds but also make them build projects on technology platforms.”


Enablers of Technological Growth

According to Bhushan, several trends are driving the growth in Big Data, Analytics, AI, and more, including the Internet and ever reducing mobile data prices, IOTs, Increasing computing power, Digital Transformation, Automation, Application in Healthcare, etc.


Valuable Honors and Acknowledgements

iDeators training team members have won several awards from renowned organisations such as Digit Magazine, Intel, Amazon Alexa, Amazon DRS, Tizen App, Texas Instruments, etc. The institute has also been awarded with precious credits and recognitions from various business leaders, including:

•  Avinash Sharma (AVP Credit Suisse): “Best place if you are looking for your career in Data Science, Machine Learning or AI.”

•  Mohit Jhariya (Consultant at Capgemini): “I believe that it’s the No. 1 institute in Mumbai to learn the latest technologies with a happy & healthy environment.”

•  Varsha Katkar (Software Engineer at Mastek): “Mentor always answered each and every student’s queries patiently till we understood the concept. It was fun learning at iDeators.”

•  Namrata Angolkar (Ex-Software Engineer at Infosys): “If you want to learn new technology with perfect guidance iDeators is the best place.”


The Future of Educational Ecosystem

It is said that there will be rapid growth in the coming ten years that can be easily compared with the last 100 years of growth thanks to Data Science, Machine Learning & AI. Analytics is going to play an important role in such exponential growth helping organizations to increase profits, optimize processes, forecast sales accurately, create life-saving drugs, forecast natural calamities, increase agricultural productivity, transform logistics & supply chain, etc., probably it’s going to touch every aspect of human life. So, there’s no doubt the field is going to be in demand for several years to come. Something which is so impactful and capable of creating ample amounts of job opportunity will have a direct impact on education. It will push governments & private bodies to create an educational ecosystem around it.