Hypergiant: Transforming Businesses for Digital Era with Breakthrough Machine Intelligence

Ben Lamm

Hypergiant Industries has a number of subsidiary companies under its umbrella. These divisions focus on areas within AI, such as satellite imagery, cybersecurity, computer vision, enterprise AI services, and AI solutions. Essentially, the company is focused on pursuing real, world-changing technology that will provide a safer, more secure and habitable planet.

As a horizontally integrated AI company, Hypergiant looks across many fields where AI can be applied and find solutions. The company then uses learning from those solutions to solve problems in other industries. In this way, it can provide breadth and depth to AI that can quickly or immediately elevate the field. Hypergiant recently worked with TGI Fridays to create an AI mixology device, or virtual bartender, that could make a personalized drink based off a customer’s taste. For Bosch, the company created a smart cities data blueprint which effectively displayed the multidimensional nature of the information that binds a city together. Hypergiant also works with a wide variety of oil and gas companies, private enterprises and government entities.

Hypergiant has three separate companies under its umbrella:

•  Hypergiant Space Age Solutions, the commercialization and services arm of the complex, helps make sure the company’s technologies are turned into custom solutions that map directly back to each customer’s business goals.

•  Hypergiant Sensory Sciences uses computer vision and AI to solve problems around core pieces of infrastructure – from energy, oil and gas, to healthcare and defense. More specifically, it uses deep learning, neural networks, and 3-D modeling to help create an intelligent visual system that scales human perception beyond what Hypergiant is currently capable of accomplishing.

•  Hypergiant Galactic Systems uses machine learning, deep learning and advanced imaging techniques to capture and analyze the data of the new space age. Galactic Systems views space as just another API, and the data from it has applications in everything from oil and gas, to land management, to security, and defense.


Journey of Acceleration to Achievement

Hypergiant was set up to deliver on the technology future it was promised. The company wants to create the technology that helps humanity to progress forward and effectively tackle the biggest challenges of its day.

Hypergiant has had a massive acceleration curve since launching less than 18 months ago. In that time, the company has grown from 1 to 176 employees and has acquired a number of companies. Hypergiant has been able to work with leading Fortune 500s and government institutions including DARPA, Homeland Security, and NASA.


A Dynamic Leadership

Ben Lamm is the Co-founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Hypergiant, the office of machine intelligence Industries. Ben is a serial technology entrepreneur dedicated to making the impossible possible. He builds intelligent, disruptive software companies that help the Fortune 500 innovate with breakthrough technologies. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of Conversable, the leading conversational intelligence platform acquired by LivePerson, the founder and CEO of Chaotic Moon Studios, the global creative technology powerhouse acquired by Accenture, and co-founder of Team Chaos, acquired by Zynga.


Delivering Value Through New-Age Technologies

Hypergiant is contributing to the AI/RPA/Machine Learning/NLP/Computer Vision Industry and benefiting its clients by:

•  Educating and guiding them on the potential of AI/ML in their business. Hypergiant does this through training, evangelism, enterprise architecture, use case development and evaluation, prototype and pilot projects, production deployment and monitoring, and standards and compliance policy.

•  Using artificial intelligence to empower humans with projects like the 21st-century spacesuit and exploring the possibilities of AI-driven human-machine interfaces.

•  Embarking on a program of cutting-edge artificial intelligence research, to explore the fundamental building blocks of cognition from first principles.

•  Authoring multiple whitepapers challenging traditional approaches to AI, and educating its customers on what AI can mean to their businesses if properly applied. Hypergiant has forked several natural language processing libraries to create functions in ways more congruent with the structural needs of at-scale enterprise customers.

The normalization and speed of company’s tools enables it to focus on the end-user experience and implications of its technologies to deliver more stable, well-rounded solutions for the clients and to ensure adoption by end-users.


Intelligent Automation Driving Disruption

Ben believes that as awareness grows of the power of data to reveal unseen patterns in the world, AI/ML is becoming a ubiquitous part of people’s lives, and an omnipresent factor in innovation. As Andrew Ng famously said, “AI is the new electricity.” Not only is AI/ML being incorporated in Hypergiant’s innovations, it can also be used to assist humans in the act of innovation itself, pointing the way to new solutions in much the same way Alpha Go pointed players of that game to rich new avenues of play.

By enabling automation of diverse but connected processes, AI/ML is facilitating the emergence of meta-systems that open up new opportunities for cross-functional optimization, knitting together functional silos that were formerly optimized individually but not collectively, and creating new efficiencies that were not possible before.

These technologies by themselves do not produce intelligent automated solutions and companies should not expect to automate an existing process as is and see some sort of transformative magic.

To achieve the desired outcome of these technologies, Hypergiant works with its customers to best understand their businesses and build a strategic vision on how these technologies can impact each part of the enterprise situation. The companies that will win at leveraging these technologies are the ones that take the time to identify areas of opportunity, look at how each of these areas connect, review the datasets that are available and work with professionals like Hypergiant to determine that the desired questions can be answered from the data at hand. Going further, the companies that will dominate are the ones that don’t give up when they realize they don’t have the right data to answer the desired questions, but rather invest the necessary time and energy to create situations where they can collect the required datasets to truly transform their businesses.


Staying Innovative Through Great Partnerships

Hypergiant is setting the agenda for AI/ML by building the best in class horizontally and vertically integrated solutions across various industries and focus groups including space, climate change, defense, and other enterprise solutions, while also servicing the world’s top Fortune 500 companies like Shell, Sumitomo, USCIS, Marathon, Chesapeake Energy, Schlumberger, and TGI Friday’s.

Additionally, Hypergiant has partnered with organizations like NASA, DARPA, Bill Nye’s Planetary Society, Nvidia, EY, Adobe, Microsoft, Booz Allen Hamilton, and SAP.


Treasured Industry Recognitions

 The company has been recognized across the globe for excellence in work and deliverability. Ben has been named as EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Southwest). Hypergiant has been named as one of CNBC’s Upstart 100 Companies and also received Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in AI Award. Additionally, the company achieved Dotcom Magazine’s 2019 Impact Award. With impressive work in the field of artificial intelligence, Hypergiant won Media Excellence Award for Excellence in AI as well.


Cross-Industry Collaborations Against Challenges

Hypergiant believes that the technology of the future is for good and can help humanity to solve the world’s biggest problems. The overriding belief of the moment is that tech will create a dystopian future. Hypergiant has been fighting this since day one but are now watching as more and more people in the world shift to the belief that technology can be used to improve their current world and future world.

The company sees its customers and fans want to adopt this belief as well. It’s not cyborg overlords in the future if one doesn’t want it to be. Humans can create the world they want to live in.

To achieve this, Hypergiant needs cross-industry and cross-ecosystem collaboration on a global scale. Bringing together tech leaders, philanthropists, international policy and decision makers is no small feat–but the company is determined to be the necessary connective tissue to make it happen. Hypergiant has the power to build a sustainable future, if it works together.


Progressive Future Roadmap

Hypergiant will continue to lead the way in AI and to make the impossible possible, and make tomorrow, today. In addition to bringing new, truly innovative AI solutions to its customers, the company is actively working on making “tech for good” more than just a conversation topic. “Hypergiant understands the importance of collaboration and selflessness that is needed to bring sustainability to life. Innovation will not slow down either. AI will continue to become smarter, and new previously unimaginable digital tools will become mainstream–but with more than just a bottom line or speed to market in-mind. Innovation will be driven by humanitarianism and a fundamental need for better quality of life, across the globe,” Ben asserts.

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