How Big Data and AI Are Changing Digital Marketing

June 11, 2019

Nowadays, new information is being published on the internet at an exponential rate. Search engines like Google have had to think about how they would manage or curate the content online.

This has led to search engines transforming content into easily quantifiable and analyzable data. Search engines are now able to provide users with relevant links to their search queries, or even show snippets that answers their query without the users ever needing to click on a result. Many industries have used this movement as an opportunity to improve their services. For marketing companies especially, the level of detailed information that big data together with content analytics tools powered by artificial intelligence provides is such a game changer.

Here’s how big data and AI are changing marketing in the digital landscape.


Big Data and AI Provide Better Insights

The primary use of big data in the context of marketing is understanding the target demographic. Being able to know customer attributes, preferences and behaviors in the digital space allows businesses to create more efficient marketing campaigns. This gives them a higher chance of converting clicks into actual sales.

Search engine optimization companies like those from use big data to get a clearer picture of their clients’ customer base. Using custom analytics tools that use artificial intelligence to provide quick and useful insights, SEO companies are able to optimize the efficiency of their services. One example is honing in on relevant keywords to determine the specific intent and demographic of a user that uses them, and writing better content using those insights that will get more conversions for that specific audience.


Increasing Shift towards Targeted Marketing

Because analytics tools are becoming more and more precise at trawling through thousands and thousands of data in a short period of time, there has been a growing desire for businesses to use targeted marketing.

Targeted marketing makes sense for businesses because rather than spend millions of dollars trying to appeal to a wider reach without a guarantee of a good conversion rate, custom analytics tools are able to use big data and AI to determine which particular web users are interested in products that businesses offer. Businesses are now interested in providing jobs for big data experts to augment their marketing strategies and gain a better understanding of the amount of data online. This allows them to market to people who are already interested in buying and gain a higher conversion rate.


Social Media Data is More Important

The bigger the amount of data, the better the analysis of trends and patterns. Nowhere else is there a huge amount of data than in social media. As the number of users on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram increase on a daily basis, this provides businesses with an outlet for marketing their products and services.

Artificial intelligence is able to determine which users on a specific platform have looked up certain products through text analytics. For example, an Instagram user could have searched for moissanite halo rings. This information gets picked up by big data systems through autonomous data analysis systems. This can then be used to provide targeted ads pertaining to jewelry shops providing similar products to that Instagram user.