How AI Voice Responders Help Call Centers During the Outbreak of Coronavirus?

by March 30, 2020


Digital platforms like web and mobile make it easy to self-serve customers, and continue to raise their expectations. As consumers these days demand faster, simpler ways to engage with a brand and resolve issues, it is significant for businesses to explore and leverage innovative approaches to fulfill their needs. Customer service centers or call centers are an integral part of any business. However, due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (Covid-19), call centers are facing intense pressure. In this circumstance, AI Voice Responders allow call centers to quickly respond to augmented customer calls without adding agents.

An AI Voice Responder delivers a quick and cost-efficient way for organizations to better manage various call center demands and maintain high levels of customer service during the pandemic. The AI-enabled solution works by abruptly answering customer calls, without making customers wait on hold. It also performs by triages calls and retorts to common questions automatically, without any intervention of human agents, as well as categorizes calls based on subject matter and urgency, so businesses can prioritize follow-ups to resolve issues that are more complicated.

As the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the temporary shutdown of some mission-critical call centers globally, consumers face long wait times on hold as businesses struggle to cover spikes in call volume. This is where AI Voice Responders come into rescue and triages high call volumes and answers frequently asked questions, quickly resolving common support issues without live agents.

For instance, AI Voice Responder from, a leading-edge provider of AI-powered voice technologies, can be beneficial as call centers that are under extreme pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, the company’s conversational AI platform for customer service that immediately solves issues over the phone, improves customer experience and lessens cost. By making use of Replicant’s AI Voice Responder as the first line of defense, call center agents can concentrate on the most urgent and intricate cases first. They are also able to serve all their customers despite spikes in call volumes.

Voice Responder automatically logs cases in Salesforce and Zendesk so agents can prioritize follow-ups to resolve more complicated issues. Also, it can automate interactive outbound calls to update customers with up-to-date information, gleaning data, or rescheduling appointments.

Different from the previous generations of IVRs (Interactive Voice Responses), Voice Responder understands natural language and enables callers to converse as if they are speaking with a live agent. An IVR system accepts a blend of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and delivers the relevant responses in the form of voice, fax, callback, email and other contact methods. On the other hand, leveraging AI Voice Responder assists users with basic hardware issues for a commercial product, replacing its offshore call center that was impacted. In addition, the Voice AI solution asks questions to find out the problem, provides germane solutions through text, and makes a follow-up case if the issue is not resolved.