How AI is Evolving the Traditional Marketing in 2020?

February 25, 2020


We are living in a time where everything has gone digital. Artificial intelligence is rapidly seeping into industries and operations. And that includes digital marketing. Smart Insights reveals that 55% out of 100 senior marketers from different industries are using or contemplating the idea to use AI in marketing practices.

AI results in marketers successfully crunch large amounts of marketing data analytics. It can significantly impact the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns. All of this is made possible by big data analytics and machine learning. You can successfully create more effective customer touchpoints.

Let’s take a look at how AI is evolving the traditional landscape of marketing:


Understanding Customers

Marketers are in a better position to understand the need of their customers with the data they collect by AI marketing. Also, they can make customer profiles to simplify the process of categorizing the people who are interested in buying the product or service and those who are still thinking to buy or not to buy.
With big data analysis and machine learning, AI can provide the brands and businesses with deep insights into their customers. They can hyper-personalized interactions that could assist in predicting future customer behaviors basing on the data collected.


Identify the Trend

AI is an amazing technology and its integration into marketing allows marketers to analyze and observe huge amounts of data that you could use to detect the upcoming trends through real-time discussions or curating events for the users.


Forecasting Sales

You can use AI marketing to collect data about past deals. The technology is going to study the data from meetings, emails, phone calls, and everything else. It can relate the data to the outcome of the expected sales of both your current and future campaigns.

Apart from forecasting sales, AI could be of great assistance in optimizing marketing campaigns for your brand. AI also removes the risk of human error. AI can generate a report using data only.



Chatbots are truly a game-changer. Many websites are using them and they are great for answering the general FAQs customers ask. Chatbots can impact customer experience and be of great help to employers who are short-staffed.
Smart chatbots are going to be all the rage. They are powered by AI and can communicate with humans in real-time. You never know that in the future chatbots could help in engaging sales prospects and lead generation.


Curation and Generation of Content

Content marketing has grown massively in size. AI has the potential to curate and generate content and present it right in from the right people using the right platforms. The technology is working on a basic level as far as automating content generation is concerned. AI can generate topics for writers and develop drafts based on certain parameters.

AI has also stepped into logo making. Although there are some pretty cool logo maker platforms like TurboLogo that lets you choose from hundreds of templates and design cool logos for your brand. Now, online tool makers are great, but not to mention affordable. But can you imagine what AI could do in logo making? Recently, Fiverr has launched an AI-based logo maker. It lets the Fiverr users create logos using automated tools. The company says that it will allow small businesses to create and design a brand adapted to the business along with a logo in a variety of variations.


Improved Digital Advertising

Artificial intelligence is going to transform how businesses advertise. Did you know that AI-based delivery systems can power electronic billboards? These systems can function autonomously that places the right ads in front of the right customers. All of this is based on complex algorithms and big data.

Consumers and business to business (B2B) are bombarded with advertisements every day. Since most of them are not relevant, customers prefer to ignore it. Using AI, businesses can increase their ROO and then place these ads in front of your target audience.

Wrapping up, AI is a powerful tool that marketers should actively use and adopt in their marketing analysis to get better results and taking their business to new heights.