How AI Chatbot Data Is Helping Casinos Customise Their Players’ Needs

How AI Chatbot Data Is Helping Casinos Customise Their Players’ Needs

by November 11, 2020


All businesses and people rely on the assistance of many varying technologies to improve efficiency in the workplace and home. Work and play processes, especially those relating to communication, are made easier through instant chats, VOIP and even video conferencing. Many industries relish the applicable nature offered by technology sciences and artificial technology not only captures the imagination but produces workable data.

The use of AI technology in the iGaming industry has almost become proverbial. However, there are differences in how this technology is received and used by players. Some players find instant problem-solving solutions offered by chatbots inviting, while others prefer the human touch.

Even gigantic iGaming groups are not immune to customer dissatisfaction. Handling the issues does not only rely on empathetic human approaches, but it also depends on acquiring necessary customer data.


Type of Data Collected

Data protection is a trendy topic and interest is fuelled by the guiding laws of GDPR, along with its UK subsidiary 2018 Data Protection Act, which gives credence to the responsible use of consumer data. However, the reality is, online interaction comes with parting with personal information in one way or another. Data collection is commonplace in the digital platform. Whether it’s through the use of cookies or the use of primary data collection methods that include surveys or reviews, clicking consent gives access to behavioural information.

In the instance of integrated AI, chatbot data becomes a valuable tool in assessing how customers interact with the casino. Information such as deposit and withdrawal amounts, types of games preferred along with general gaming habits is obtained. Behavioural patterns then emerge, making it easier to create an analysis of the best marketing approach.

It is this very data that makes it possible to tailor promotional packages, especially for VIP players. VIP managers can also utilise this information to see how best to maintain relationships without greatly affecting the profitability of the business.


No Language Barrier

Most casinos are multilingual platforms and by using chatbots that speak the customer’s language, miscommunication is avoided. The platform becomes increasingly compatible with the customer, thereby making it easier to know how best to please them. Sophisticated programming of the chatbots and any other assistive AI tools software becomes a necessity. The assurance that players are getting instant support, instead of waiting in virtual queues, decreases frustration.


Promptly Solving Problems

The biggest blight in the casino customer support comes from the high level of player dissatisfaction. Already, many customers associate this part with almost robotic communication. Basically, support staff are considered human robots as they often rely on a script instead of industry knowledge to resolve problems. Moreover, chatbots don’t need a holiday, making it easier for customers to assess 24hours support for 365 days of the year.

Chatbots are a good integration within the gambling industry. Their functionality is not only limited to resolving problems, instead, they help increase player engagement. The fierce nature of the industry often means customer retention is often a difficult task. Not only are there plenty of competitive offers on offshore gambling sites not on Gamstop, but also interesting games provided by other software competitors.

Most online casinos rely on a standard template of instruction when informing players how games can be played. However, when chatbots or conversational AI are integrated, customers can interact by asking questions and getting speedy responses, therefore, feeling more confident to try new games. The 360 of this implementation results in customer support being able to focus on more critical issues. In terms of profits, cutting costs in this department means better RTP games can be introduced. In turn, player confidence in the brand is assured.


Customisation of Bonus Offers and General Assistance

Due to the data analytical nature of chatbots, customer behaviour is readily available. This makes it easier for the casino to know what type of custom offers they can give players. With this type of personal touch, the iGaming customer can feel appreciated and is more inclined to be a regular.

Not only that, using the data provided, the casino can also offer assistance should it be needed. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with problem gambling. No longer are players only interested in the various promotions or bonuses, but they want some assurance of the responsible gaming policies a casino has.

The long and short of it is, when data is used adequately, the results are often seen in player retention and satisfaction.