GPT-4 is On a Mission to Automate Hustle Culture

GPT-4 is On a Mission to Automate Hustle Culture

GPT-4 is on a mission to automate hustle culture with 100 bucks and a simple prompt

GPT-4 is on a quest to automate hustle culture with just US$100 and straightforward instruction. Soon after OpenAI released GPT-4, a more sophisticated iteration of its generative AI model, a brand designer, and author Jackson Greathouse Fall came up with the following strategy and fed it to GPT-4:

"You are an entrepreneurial AI named HustleGPT. Your human equivalent is me. I can serve as your conduit to the outside world. Your sole objective is to transform US$100 into as much money as you can in the quickest amount of time without engaging in any unlawful activity. I'll follow through on all you ask of me and let you know how much money we have left. no physical labor."

Do you believe it will be able to develop an internet business and make wise investments? Tweets from Hall. "Keep going." After sending out his first Twitter, which has received 89,000 likes and climbing, Hall's initiative has the internet on edge as it waits to see if HustleGPT can generate any revenue.

There are countless examples of what GPT-4's sophisticated intelligence is capable of doing online. It can create websites using only text commands, automate online dating, and generally terrifies people with all the occupations it may eventually take over. By utilizing its potential for an age-old goal that forms the basis of capitalist society-earning as much money as possible-Hall has pushed this idea a step further. This experiment is demonstrating in real time how get-rich-quick schemes may seem in the future at a time when people are debating whether AI will work for us or against us.

The GPT-4 business plan called for creating an affiliate marketing website with material regarding green items. Hall quickly paid US$8.16 for the domain name after seeing it was inexpensive. Hall then instructed it to provide instructions for DALL.E-2 to create a logo.

Then Hall instructed it to create a comprehensive web layout in detail. With some assistance from Midjourney, GPT-4 discovered real sustainable items and created a post detailing 10 eco-friendly kitchen appliances. After paying an additional US$29 for hosting, Hall was able to launch the website.

Hall enquired of GPT-4 what he ought to do with the US$62.84 that was left over. Like any good hustler, GPT-4 proposed budgeting US$40 for Facebook and Instagram marketing since it recognized the need for product promotion. The next big affiliate marketing site viral GPT-4 experiment has investors salivating about buying in early thanks to all of this Twitter excitement. After the first day, an unidentified person invested US$100 in Green Gadget Guru.

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