Top Generative AI Companies in Singapore

Discover the top Generative AI companies in Singapore
Top Generative AI Companies in Singapore

A vibrant ecosystem has given rise to generative AI innovation leadership in Singapore and on this account; it has become a leading hub. Such top generative AI companies in Singapore are inventing modern and novel means in different industry fields like health care as well as finance through the application of sophisticated machine learning methods and algorithms.

Singapore is a global leader in AI research and development, and bringing about economic growth as well as transforming business operations is not easy without applying their cutting-edge technologies.


Location: Singapore       

Founded in: 2016           

Founders: Ravi Shankar, Parikshit Paspulati, Shankar Narayanan 

Alive. AI is among the top Generative AI companies in Singapore. The company is dedicated to producing artificial intelligence with a special interest in the world’s most powerful and best AI platform Triniti. The company’s offerings in the financial services sector makes it the possible to have an authentic conversation concerning their operations, this firm assists in redefining their digital platforms. uses its advanced artificial intelligence solution to allow financial institutions to engage with their customers more naturally while also leading in generative AI disjunction.

Revenue: US$2.48 million (As of 2021)  

Employee Size: NA

Key Products/Services: Conversational AI, Advertise Services, Gupshup AI, Customer360, Enterprise Security           


Location: Robinson Road, Singapore       

Founded in: 2016           

Founders: Jefferson Chen, Shou Dong, Chun Dong Chau, David Chen, Tongtong Li

ADVANCE.AI is another of the top Generative AI companies in Singapore.  The company specializes in digital lending platforms by managing debts incurred during this process. The ADVANCE stands for financial planning strategies spanning 9 various markets around the globe.

Revenue: US$244.9 million

Employee Size: Approx 1,500                   

Key Products/Services: OneStop platform, DIV platform, Video Identification, AI-powered face recognition technology, AI-powered ID document verification, AI-powered document processing, Big data and machine learning, AI-powered smart retailing 

Location: Singapore       

Founded in: 2017           

Founders: Nisarg Shah, Swayam Narain is another among the Generative AI companies in Singapore.  It is a prominent company in generative AI which provides creative influencer marketing platforms and has put up a strong infrastructure to enable brands to locate, engage, and measure the power of attractive visual appeal and audiences across their varied social networking spaces.

It offers services like real-time tracking, fraud identification, and performance reports that aid in improving the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns.

Revenue: US$2 million 

Employee Size: Approx 20          

Key Products/Services: Implementation Consulting Services, Managed Services, Support Services          


Location: Crescent Singapore    

Founded in: 2016           

Founders: Kester Poh, Matthew Low, Siong Wee Yong

AiChat is one of the top Generative AI companies that gives generative artificial intelligence used in producing communicative customer care tools for brands. They enable brands to engage their customers through customer care, selling, and marketing on social message platforms that have been automated through artificial intelligence.

The company ideally meets customer’s needs, triggering high customer involvement and increased profit, which in turn marks a new era for such services.

Revenue: US$8.3 million            

Employee Size: Approx 75          

Key Products/Services: Conversational Flow Design, Chatbot Persona Design, Bot Implementation and Launch, Platform Training for Users, Performance Review & Optimization Maintenance & A.I Model Training  

Alethea AI         

Location: Eon Shenton, Singapore           

Founded in: 2019           

Founders: Arif Khan

Alethea AI is another of the top Generative AI companies in Singapore, that fuses blockchain technology with generative algorithms to create a new paradigm. The company stresses upon the creation of unique artificial tokens, that can take infinite forms while using CharacterGPT. This is what makes Alethea AI stand out as it intertwines artistry and scientific inquiry in revolutionizing the NFT industry.

Revenue: US$5 million 

Employee Size: Approx 25          

Key Products/Services: CharacterGPT, The AI Protocol, My Character. ai, Digital Twins, Digital Guides, Virtual Assistants, Licensed AI Collectibles, AI NPCs, Parody & Satire, Digital Companions, Health Equity Platform, Patient Engagement, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Life Sciences Solution, Comprehensive AI Report Management Software.

Bot MD 

Location: Rajah Crescent, Singapore       

Founded in: 2018           

Founders: Dorothea Koh, Yanchuan Sim

Bot MD is a top generative AI company in Singapore known for creating streamlined AI assistants for doctors. It provides instant ,-proof-based clinical support for healthcare workers. This improves efficient clinical processes for better patient outcomes. By using AI tech in reaching diagnoses and prescribing the right remedies, Bot MD gives medical workers more precise, apt information than previously possible.

Revenue: US$3.4 million             

Employee Size: Approx 30          

Key Products/Services: Bot MD Hospital, Bot MD Care, Bot MD Integrations             


Location: Singapore       

Founded in: 2015           

Founders: Maulik Majmudar, Mark Niu  

Biofourmis is a Singaporean-based firm. It deals in generative AI technologies that are mainly concerned with digital health management such as digital therapeutics and the Biovitals health analytics platform. This new solution applies artificial intelligence (AI) in predicting and enhancing health experiences hence the conditions of patients.

Contributing to the future of healthcare is Biofourmis by taking a humanized approach to moving AI and digital therapeutics forward. A generative AI organization changing patient care into an AI-driven intelligent platform is Biofourmis.

Revenue: US$210.1 million        

Employee Size: Approx 120        

Key Products/Services: Biovitals, Remote Patient Monitoring, Personalized Care Plans, Digital Therapeutics, Virtual Provider Networks, Clinical Trials, Medication Management, Patient Engagement, Chronic Disease Management, Predictive Analytics.


Location: Central Region, Singapore

Founded in: 2022           

Founders: Saif Farooqui

CorgiAI is a company that specializes in generative AI and its main focus is on offering customers a wide range of end-to-end anti-fraud solutions. By making use of ML applications, financial institutions have a significant upper hand in detecting scammers using CorgiAI.

Revenue: Not Available               

Employee Size: Not Available                   

Key Products/Services: Decentralized AI Platform, CORGIAI Token (CORGIAI), Staking Utility, NFT Art Gallery, AI Job Board, Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions.

City: Singapore
Established in:
Medha Basu, Rishabh Srivastava
An AI firm in Singapore, has language processors that processes, searches, and retrieves desired output from sorted or unsorted data.

Defog. ai helps to improve data flow by utilizing AI, has been featured as among the top AI companies for data access and processing, and consequently assists customers in increasing their business

Revenue: US$445K        

Employee Size: Approx 6                           

Key Products/Services: AI-powered data analytics and reporting, Contextual chat interface, Automated data visualization, Statistical modeling, One-click deployment, Feedback-based model fine-tuning, Metric definition management, Privacy-focused architecture, On-premises, and API deployment options      

Hypotenuse AI 

Location: Singapore

Founded in: 2020           

Founders: Joshua Wong, Won Koh Jong, Keon Jun LeeClayton Jacobs, Azam Mahmood

Hypotenuse AI is a leading generative AI company in Singapore that is identified for having the ability to create content across various media types like advertisement captions or blog posts. Being able to do this allows small enterprises to find effective ways of developing content.

Hypotenuse AI is unique among countless other generative AI companies in that it revolutionizes how content for companies regardless of size is generated. It is through AI that Hypotenuse AI enables its customers to come up with content that is both engaging and applicable as per the given time without neglecting conformity to company norms. 

Revenue: US$2.4 million             

Employee Size: Approx 21          

Key Products/Services: Content creation, Customized AI models, Bulk content workflows, SEO, Workflows, Personalized onboarding and support, Smooth API integrations, Custom brand voice and templates, Image creation, Hypo Chat


These top Generative AI companies in Singapore are flagging the pace set for AI advancements. They create space for innovation and excellence when they challenge the current status. There is no doubt that these companies contribute a great deal to Singapore`s technological development while at the same time influencing the world’s decision about where AI should head next.

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