TCS Launches WisdomNext™: Revolutionizing Generative AI

TCS launches WisdomNext™ to revolutionize the generative AI landscape
TCS Launches WisdomNext™: Revolutionizing Generative AI

TCS introduced its innovative Generative AI Aggregation Platform called WisdomNext™ that is a world leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions. It will be the first industry platform to enable corporations to apply generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technologies and run them.

WisdomNext™ is a unified interface that aggregates multiple GenAI services, allowing companies to integrate next-generation technologies at scale seamlessly. It promises to slash costs and meet regulatory frameworks and, in the process, remove significant barriers customers face in developing and launching business solutions.

The platform's unique capabilities enable real-time experimentation across vendor, internal, and open-source large language models (LLMs). This flexibility is vital to solution designers from around the world, who always find it a challenge to select and decide on the proper foundational models for their engagements. With foundational models evolving at an accelerated pace, and each model offering a disparate set of capabilities—across usage, cost, and effectiveness—WisdomNext™, thus, offers a timely solution.

A comprehensive survey on the implication of AI on businesses, TCS' AI for Business Study, shows that executives are positive about AI's impact, but there is less certainty around the path to transformation. WisdomNext™ therefore removes the fog of uncertainty by allowing businesses to choose the right models and simplify the design of new business solutions using GenAI tools. It also allows for reuse of pre-existing components to make the design process move faster.

Siva Ganesan, Head, AI. Cloud Unit, TCS, said, "WisdomNext™ enables our customers to harness the power of GenAI to realize the full value of their data, for greater business innovation, enhanced efficiency, and competitive differentiation. It is all about the ability of the platform to navigate an extremely diverse, fast-evolving AI marketplace, and to rapidly compose 'art-of-the-possible' solutions – something our customers find extremely exciting."

In its pilot phase, TCS has already used the tool to create value and build prototypes with many of its largest customers. This includes cases such as fast-tracking sales for a US outdoor advertising company with real-time inventory availability and quote generation with maps integration; increased productivity and efficiency for a leading American insurance provider across the application migration and modernization lifecycle; and improved customer experience through a smart mortgage-assistant for a leading UK bank.

By the launch of WisdomNext™, TCS reiterates leadership in IT and business solutions space, providing solutions to real business problems and redefining the way GenAI power is harnessed. Rapid adoption of GenAI and experiencing its impact in terms of business outcomes will be a game-changer for TCS customers.

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