Snapchat ‘Dreams’: A New Generative AI Feature

Snapchat ‘Dreams’: A New Generative AI Feature

With the Launch of a Brand-new feature called "Dreams," Snapchat is Enhancing its AI capabilities

This chatbot may now reply using Snaps in addition to words. With its new "Dreams" function, Snapchat plans to explore AI-generated imagery even more, maybe putting users and their friends in fantastical situations.

Selfies created by AI: In line with other AI picture apps available on the App Store, this new feature intends to provide users the ability to take or upload selfies that the app may then utilize to create brand-new images of the user in situations they imagine. This idea involves setting up user photos in various surreal environments.

The success of this project for Snapchat depends on users posting crisp selfies and pictures with unobscured features and no other people in the background. The software will direct users in recording a range of stances, expressions, and lighting situations, all of which are necessary for effective AI photo output.

Dreams Of Friends: Snapchat is actively working on a feature called "Dreams with Friends" that allows users to give permission to their friends to make "dream" photos featuring both of them using AI. With allusions to buying 'Dream Packs' within the app, this understanding of collaborative AI-generated graphics may help Snapchat with its monetization plan.

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi made the first discovery about Dreams this spring. With the functionality, users would be able to incorporate their own likeness into worlds driven by AI, he disclosed. The popularity and importance of Dreams were furthered by the positioning of the feature within the Snapchat app, which was sandwiched between the Camera Roll and Stories.

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