Remote Generative AI Jobs in Feb 2024: 10 opportunities in India

Remote Generative AI Jobs in Feb 2024: 10 opportunities in India

Analytics Insight has listed top 10 remote generative AI job opportunities hiring in India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about widespread transformation across various sectors, yet there are key occupations resilient to its disruptive effects due to their reliance on human-centric skills. Healthcare professionals, including doctors and therapists, navigate complex human interactions and decision-making processes beyond AI's current capabilities. Creative professions such as writers and artists heavily depend on human ingenuity and imagination, shielding them from automation. Similarly, roles in mental health, human resources, skilled trades, teaching, counseling, research, emergency services, and sales and marketing emphasize human intuition, emotional intelligence, and adaptability, rendering them less susceptible to AI-induced displacement. While AI may enhance certain tasks within these fields, the core human qualities remain irreplaceable, ensuring job security amidst technological advancements.

Here are the 10 remote generative AI job opportunities in 2024: Explore the top opportunities to contribute to India's advancement.

Join a pioneering company revolutionizing the 3D visualization industry! The company is seeking a Generative AI Engineer to design cutting-edge algorithms driving their platform's immersive experiences. Leverage your AI expertise to empower users worldwide in crafting realistic 3D content effortlessly. If you're passionate about innovation.


Are you a skilled and dynamic Generative AI Solution Architect? NVIDIA is looking for expertise in training Large Language Models (LLMs) and implementing workflows based on Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Join the innovative team to architect and deliver state-of-the-art solutions using NVIDIA's generative AI technologies.


Lead the development of innovative machine learning-driven products for Firefox. Drive strategic initiatives, collaborate cross-functionally, and mentor teams to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies. With 10+ years of experience, bring expertise in web technologies and machine learning concepts to shape the future of internet experiences.

Persistent Systems

Join Persistent Systemst's GenAI Practice as an experienced LLM Engineer, specializing in developing, implementing, and optimizing Language Model systems. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to build robust and efficient models for natural language processing tasks. Enjoy competitive benefits, a culture of innovation, and opportunities for growth and development.


Join the remote-first team as a Generative AI Data Engineer, driving data processing for innovative solutions. Leverage your expertise in data engineering, AI technologies, and cloud platforms to ensure high-quality datasets for Generative AI applications. Collaborate with cross-functional teams and stay updated on industry trends.


Revolutionize education with cutting-edge technology at Engineer generative AI prompts, iterates on outcomes, and develops educational tools to accelerate learning. Collaborate with global experts and receive continuous coaching for growth. Join the team in transforming education and shaping the future of learning.


The company is seeking a skilled Generative AI Engineer with 4-6 years of AI experience and 1 year specifically in Generative AI. Expertise in advanced ML algorithms, deep learning, LLMs like OpenAI, and frameworks such as Langchain. Strong in transformer models, NLP, Tensorflow/Pytorch, vector databases, and cloud platforms. Join us for innovative Gen AI solutions.

Join, a leading SaaS company revolutionizing AI-powered content creation. Seeking a skilled Generative AI Engineer to develop cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT and diffusion models for text and video content. Collaborate with cross-functional teams and drive innovation in SEO-optimized content creation. Apply now for an exciting opportunity!

Join a pioneering startup revolutionizing data team workflows with AI. Develop advanced ML models, integrate LLMs, and drive innovation in NLP. Contribute to impactful projects in a dynamic environment, shaping the future of AI-driven solutions. Competitive salary, equity, and professional development opportunities await.

Become a vital part of the company's mission to democratize 3D visualization. Develop advanced AI models to revolutionize content creation. Utilize your expertise in machine learning and Generative AI to drive innovation in 3D content generation. Exciting challenges and opportunities for growth await.

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