Rapyder Partners with AWS to Fuel Generative AI Advancements

Rapyder Makes Partnership with AWS to enhance GenAI-powered cloud offerings
Rapyder Partners with AWS to Fuel Generative AI Advancements

Rapyder Cloud Solutions announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services to enhance its cloud AI tools and accelerate innovation through the use of generative AI (AI), which is specially designed for customers across various sectors such as finance, information technology (IT), healthcare, e-commerce, and more.

According to the Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA), Rapyder’s goal is to create generative AI advancements that make it easier and faster for customers to extract valuable insights from their data.

Rapyder partners with AWS to further expand its footprint in India by creating vertical expertise in the areas of financial services, production and retail, as per the statement given by the company.

According to the Head of Partner Business, AWS India and South Asia, Praveen Sridhar, “Through this strategic collaboration, we aim to accelerate innovation, foster digital transformation, and deliver impactful solutions in migration, modernization, and advanced AI/ML offerings,”

Furthermore, he stated that the company will more than triple its current workforce from 280 employees to 600 employees by 2025, with most of its employees certified and trained in AWS-specific data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Rapyder partners with AWS for generative AI tools to include a suite of solutions that include components such as modernization, machine learning, data analytics, using AWS services such as AWS Athena, AWS Sagemaker, AWS JumpStart, AWS CodeWhisper, AWS Bedrock, etc. Rayder partners with AWS to develop a suite of use case-driven solutions constructed within the CCoE that will be offered to meet the unique needs of enterprise and start-up customers across India.

The objective of CCoE as Rapyder partners with AWS to enhance the features of technologies and transform the customer experience by building tools for repeatable solutions. The features of Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) include Generative AI-enabled multilingual, voice search Chatbots, document summarization, medical report follow-up Making customer service more engaging and efficient as Rapyder also joins forces with AWS to create a fully integrated Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE).

Generative AI is the next step towards the development of artificial intelligence. It combines machine learning, deep learning and neural networks to build an intelligent platform that can create content, ideas and even creativity.

The powerful Gen AI can create content independently from text and images, music, video, audio and even 3D models, without human intervention. It can improve human creativity and produce highly realistic outputs with high accuracy.

Rapyder empowers its customers to harness the power of generative AI in their data ecosystems to improve customer service, increase employee engagement, uncover valuable business insights, and more. Rapyder helps organizations find AI opportunities, strategize, and deliver actionable AI-based solutions. Our unique approach is to bring AI & Gen AI together in a comprehensive consultancy and delivery model that is tailored to your industry’s needs and delivers maximum value.

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