Generative AI Jobs: 6 Companies to Work For

Generative AI Careers: Explore Companies to Watch for Hiring
Generative AI Jobs: 6 Companies to Work For

The advancement of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has introduced a new period of innovative change, supporting businesses and making exceptional requests for skilled experts. Businesses with different divisions, from innovation and finance to healthcare and education, are enthusiastic about using the control of GenAI to drive advancement, streamline operations, and make novel products and administrations. This surge in interest is reflected in the significant increase in work postings related to GenAI, including a wide array of parts traversing data science, machine learning engineering, AI research, and beyond. Let’s dive deeper into GenAI jobs in 2024.

Generative AI Jobs

Here is the list of the Generative AI jobs that will help you grow your career and skills. Have a glance at it before applying for the jobs.


AWS has established the AWS Generative AI Development Center, committing $100 million to advance generative AI. The center will help clients convey generative AI solutions by interfacing them with AWS specialists. AWS is hiring Generative AI Strategists worldwide to drive deal openings and adjust client needs.

Job Responsibilities

Generative AI advisors (advisors) are the voice of AWS to the pioneers in Artificial Intelligence of venture clients and prospects and, conversely, the voice of huge enterprises back to AWS. This is uniquely Amazonian advertising, customer-obsessed, and totally oriented toward helping our clients be more effective. They gain belief and validity with pioneers of undertaking clients through our experience working at the venture level and our firsthand involvement with the challenges of AI adoption.


KPMG, one of the world’s most proficient administration firms and the quickest developing Big Four accounting firm in the United States has been at the forefront of the generative AI transformation. KPMG is effectively enlisting for Generative AI roles such as Generative AI Prompt Engineer and Lead Engineer in AI Development over the United States. The Generative AI Prompt Engineer positions are accessible in cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Seattle, among others. The Lead Engineer, AI Advancement position does not specify an area. These postings reflect KPMG’s request for experts with AI abilities, especially in generative AI technologies, who are offering openings in different US regions.

Scale AI

Scale AI is at the forefront of Generative AI, giving high-quality information and demonstrating services to control another era of AI applications, including large language models (LLMs) and other generative innovations. They are hiring for different Generative AI roles and seeking candidates with a mix of specialized abilities, key considerations, and operational experience.

Job Responsibilities

●      Lead cross-functional ventures with different partners (Engineering + Ops + Go-to-Market)

●      Develop new items or upgrade existing ones to fulfill the needs of key customers or initiatives.

●      Own the execution of our information labeling operations for vital AI projects.

●      Give standard advance upgrades to Scale’s executive team.


Meta is effectively looking for experts for crucial roles in Generative AI, highlighting its commitment to progressing AI innovation. These parts incorporate Research Engineer, Language—generative AI, focusing on people with ability in generative AI and NLP, Product Marketing Manager, Generative AI Creative, requiring experience in product administration or marketing, and Content Manager. It is one of the top Generative AI jobs in the market.

Job Responsibilities

●      Lead and collaborate on research projects within a universally based group to progress the science and innovation of intelligent machines.

●      Lead investigation that empowers learning the semantics of information (pictures, video, content, sound, discourse, and other modalities).

●      Work towards long-term driven research objectives while recognizing intermediate milestones.

●      Drive group objectives & specialized heading to pursue openings that make your significant organization more efficient.


Google, the innovation giant behind ubiquitous stages like Search, Android, and YouTube, is tackling the transformative control of generative AI to enable designers, businesses, and clients alike. Google is effectively growing its efforts in Generative AI, apparent in its different extend of roles and projects.

Job Responsibilities

●      Set and communicate group needs that support the broader organization's objectives. Adjust procedures, forms, and decision-making over groups.

●      Set precise desires with people based on their level and role and adjust to the broader organization's objectives. Meet frequently with people to discuss execution and improvement and give feedback and coaching.

●      Develop the mid-term specialized vision and guide within the scope of your (frequently numerous) team(s). Advance the roadmap to meet expected future necessities and framework needs.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton is effectively hiring for different Generative AI (Gen AI) positions over the United States, looking for experts with skills in advanced AI capabilities such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.

Job Responsibilities

●      Experience with artificial intelligence (AI), data science, ML engineering, data research, software engineering, or data analytics.

●      Experience with Generative AI involving transformers or LLM work

●      Experience with program and AI projects.

●      Experience with the Python programming language.

●      Experience with extended work in deep learning, computer vision, NLP, or chatbot development.

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