Sell CS2 Skins: Common To Rarest Skins

Sell CS2 Skins: Common To Rarest Skins

CS2 has been around and played by many gamers online, even in e-ESL tournaments. The fondness of this multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game started when it was developed and introduced by Valve. CS2 series is the fifth main installment. It is no surprise that CS 2 runs at a lower framerate.

Aside from the engaging gameplay, the skins make it more entertaining. Yet, these are not free skins from the game itself - players must purchase them at different price ranges. CS2 skins change the appearance of the following items:




All these are giving the players a chance to show the library of digital assets. Players who have been playing on the game usually want to upgrade their weapons and change skins - earn money selling cs2 skins.

How do CS2 skins work?

CS2 skins are images applied over the weapon model. It is a basic makeup for any weapon. All skins are divided into 2 big groups, namely:



Buy CS2 skins

The CS2 skins came to Valve's shooter for a decade and earned an important place in the hearts of the players and the investors. From basic and classic skins, like the AK 47 case hardened to the most current ones with a new collection. Players have been enjoying the feast of skins for all tastes and all budgets. There are reasons why you should buy CS2 skins now as they become higher in price in the future, which is based on the supply and demand of these items, such as:

Limited supply. CS2 skins are available in limited quantities which makes them coveted and rare. Some skins are available through specific boxes and events, increasing the rarity.

Aesthetic appeal. Many players are willing to purchase higher prices for skins with unique or attractive appearances. The more expensive it will be.

In-game status. Owning an expensive or rare skin is a status symbol in the CS2 community, showing dedication to the game. The skins' rarity level is undoubtedly an essential price point. All rare skins and more different ones are much more expensive.

Exterior condition. Skins are in various conditions, from FN ( Factory New) to BS (Battle-Scarred). The prices of the skins are decided by Valve and by players who own them. Remember that everything will depend on the rarity and the type of skin, such as:

○ FN

○ MW

○ FT

○ BS

The impact of float on the price

Float means how much skin is worn in the game. Every skin has a float value that ranges from 0-1. The lower numbers indicate less wear. Additionally, the float value of the skin influences the price. If you want to earn money and want to sell your CS2 skins, you should consider the two kinds of float values, namely:

A lower float means a higher price. Skins that have lower float values are considered desirable because they appear less worn and newer. It commands higher prices.

The rarity of low-float skins. The low-float skins are rarer, which makes them more valuable. The skin with a float value close to 0 can be worth several times, with more than one higher float value.

The float is broken down into detail and you will come up with different levels, such as:

Factory New (FN). The float value range is 0.00 - 0.07.

Minimal Wear (MW). The float value range is 0.07 - 0.15.

Field-Tested (FT). The Float value range is 0.15 - 0.38.

Well-Worn (WW). The float value range is 0.38 - 0.45.

Battle-Scarred (BS). The float value range is 0.45 - 1.00

Now, if you are selling your CS2 skins, get ready to earn money if you have the rarest skins.

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