Fireblaze AI School: Delivering AI and Data Science Education with Unique Pedagogy to Bridge Tech Skill Gaps

Fireblaze AI School

Fireblaze Artificial Intelligence School aims to meet the growing demand for talent in the field of analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence by providing industry-relevant training and education to up-skill students and working professionals.

Fireblaze AI School offers 3 major courses which are specifically designed for 3 different type of audience such as students, fresher and working professionals. The institute focuses on building candidate’s foundation in the world of Data with proper learning ideology. Learning outcome of its programs focus on solving industry relevant real-world problems. Every program starts with very basics of programming hence the candidate with no prior coding experience also cope up well.


Attaining Leadership Beyond Academia

Aniruddha Kalbande, who serves as the Founder and Director at Fireblaze AI School, is an electronics and telecommunication graduate from Nagpur 2017 batch. Although he was not good in academics but was good in tech. Due to his low academic scores, Aniruddha was not having a lot of opportunities as his batch-mates did even after graduation. Hence, he started taking freelancing projects and then eventually wanted to build a team. Aniruddha struggled a lot in the early days of incorporation of Fireblaze Technologies Pvt Ltd. and soon he realized that there is a lack of talent in the industry which made him start training vertical in May 2018 at Nagpur. At first, Aniruddha started training 2 college students with an idea to take them as an intern for his company. Within 6 months he ended up training 500 students and Fireblaze AI School was born.


Imparting Knowledge of Industry Relevance

At Fireblaze AI School, faculties are not academicians, they are working professionals who are already working at a highly qualified positions such as Decision Scientists or Analysts. Hence, the use cases or the case studies used in the institute’s sessions are highly industry relevant and from real-world scenarios.

In addition to that, Fireblaze has a very strong network of alumni’s who are currently working for big names in the world of data such as Goldman Sachs or Mu Sigma, which helps its student to have a high level understanding of industry scenario in data-driven companies.


Offering Progressive Curriculum for Different Experience Levels

Fireblaze’s faculties are working professionals hence all the concepts taught in the class are very much synced with the industry applications and with respect to the audience. Programs that the institute offers are well classified with respect to different experience levels so that the learning outcome and requirement for an individual should be satisfied. Therefore, practical problem solving and challenges at different level of experience could be easily solved. Here are the programs offered by Fireblaze:

•  Data Science and Engineering for college going students

•  Data Science Master’s Program for Freshers (0 to 3 Years Exp.)

•  Applied Machine Learning for Working Professionals (3+ Years Exp.)


Contributing to the Successful Career of Learners

In a very short tenure, Fireblaze AI School has now touched life of more than 5,000 Students with 20,000+ hours of delivery. The institute has been able to provide good resources to 100+ companies who are today working in all parts of the world. Many of Fireblaze’s students went ahead for further education and because of the strong profile they got admitted to top universities such as National University of Singapore (NUS) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), to name a few.


Significant Acknowledgements and Recognition

Fireblaze AI School got featured in CIO Review Magazine as “Top 20 Most promising Startups in India” for Machine Learning. The institute was also recognized as fastest growing company from Nagpur 2019 and was awarded this title at Maharashtra Innovation Parva 2019.

Moreover, Fireblaze was awarded for the best pitch in the StartUp fest 2.0 where it competed all the startups from Maharashtra.


Challenge to Stand Out with Unique Identity

At the time of inception, Fireblaze AI School started with a single course of Python for Data Science for college going students and since then it took multiple iterations to build a very strong and refined curriculum which can up-skill all different genre of people who want to dive deep in the world of data. So, according to Aniruddha, building a strong course in the most economical pricing was the most significant challenge Fireblaze faced. Simultaneously creating a brand identity being new in the industry was as well one of the challenges.


Key Trends Driving Analytics Growth

According to Aniruddha, right now, the industry is growing and changing rapidly. More automation tools are coming. Big companies are trying to build strong cloud-based automation tools for ML and AI solutions. Lots of colleges and universities are as well promoting research projects in this vertical, however, people or companies are still not able to make strong use cases to make it work due to lack of hands-on skills. In tier 2-3 cities, people still don’t know much about these technologies, it’s only a buzzword for them.


There is More Data-Action to Come

Aniruddha believes that owing to faster connectivity and strong internet services, TB’s of data is generated every second. No one was prepared to handle so much of data. Hence, the gap has been created between demand and supply for skilled resources in the analytics industry. Whatever the data is being used, for analytics or modelling it’s just a tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more stories to be explored out of data and since no domain is untouched by it. He says, “Analytics is not a niche skill. It’s good to have skills for everyone right now. And I hope the education industry will cope-up with it, in the coming days.”