Top 10 Leading FinTech Companies to Watch Out in May 2022

Top 10 Leading FinTech Companies to Watch Out in May 2022

FinTech companies are receiving millions of dollars in investment for smart user experience

The financial sector is revolutionizing the user experience from conventional banking processes to advanced smart payments. All this is because of the emergence of FinTech companies reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technologies. The global FinTech market size is expected to hit US$124.3 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 23.84%. Smart payments are transforming the user experience through smart cards, applications, and many more. FinTech companies are receiving millions of dollars of investment from popular venture capitalists for the development of the financial sector. Let's explore some of the top ten FinTech companies focused on the welfare of the financial sector in 2022.

Best ten FinTech companies in 2022


CashBook is focused on tracking the income and expenses of businesses as a digital record-keeping app to add entries, segregate records, and seek overall balance efficiently and effectively. It helps in real-time calculations with group cash books and multiple books for each account. It also generates reports and sharing options through PDF and Excel. CashBook provides instant balance and assistance for making quick decisions. It has shown more than US$500 million in monthly transactions through its app. Customers can receive automatic data backup with 24*7 customer support


Chillr is well-known for revolutionizing banking through its strong partnerships, deep integrations, and friendly user experience. It offers multiple banking experiences such as instant money transfer, connecting multiple accounts at one place, recharging utility bills, and many more at Chillr merchants. It also provides a range of in-app services for hotels, flights, and movies. It is popular as a mobile and web application that allows users to send money directly between bank accounts through a mobile number.


Chime is known as a fintech company that helps to build credit history with no annual fees or interests and fee-free overdrafts up to US$200. It offers benefits such as no hidden fees, building credit, automatic savings, minimum balance requirements, and the utmost security and control. It partners with multiple regional banks to design member-first financial products. There are three types of accounts in Chime— spending account, credit builder, and savings account.

Circle FinTech

Circle FinTech is a well-known fintech start-up that establishes simplified payments for banks, retail, and consumers with technology infrastructure and agent networks. It is focused on introducing payment products and services for banks and other financial institutions to utilize. It offers a mobile-first approach, compatible with public and private cloud, API-driven, system security, business intelligence, and elastic scale. It also provides Banking-as-a-Service and Collection-as-a-Service to its clients.


Clyde is a popular fintech start-up that offers product protection as well as drives revenue in the future. It empowers multiple businesses with extended warranties and accident protection to continue the current purchase flow. It helps to increase the average order value while selling a product by leveraging a competitive network of insurance partners. The warranty covers extensions, wear and tear, water damage, and accidents for up to five years. Clyde offers customizable calls-to-action to make the protection seamless while purchasing product protection. The technology platform tends to match warranty contracts with products and provides complete customer information, claims, and program performances on a merchant dashboard as well as a customer dashboard.


CRED is well-known for offering rewards to customers who utilize this platform to pay credit card bills. It helps to automate all credit card bill payments and manage all credit cards on a single portal. CRED offers multiple services such as CRED mega jackpot, CRED coin rewards, CRED rent pay, and CRED IPL offers. It helps to never miss the due date of payment with CRED protection. The users receive a category-wise analysis of expenditures, detect hidden charges, and track credit limits in real-time.


CreditMantri is one of the fintech start-ups to change the way credit is delivered in India by leveraging the power of technology and digital medium. The main aim is to reinvent the credit landscape by providing consumers full access to responsible and transparent credit options. It offers specific solutions and services to address the needs of consumers and lenders across the entire spectrum such as credit cards, personal loans, small loans, business loans, credit improvement services, monitoring services, loan restricting, and flexible repayment plans. CreditMantri consists of more than 10 million users with 35 lakhs loan applications processed and over 50 lenders.


CreditVidya is the leading player in the alternative credit scoring space in India. A pioneer in the domain, it is leveraging alternative data, AI, and machine learning to facilitate institutional credit for the underserved. Its products are helping a large section of the salaried and self-employed population become visible to lenders, by making it financially viable for banks and NBFCs to underwrite customers for much smaller unsecured loans. With over 10,000 data points, CreditVidya's credit underwriting model is 2x more powerful than traditional bureau scores, helping banks and NBFCs underwrite 15% more individuals, including the completely new-to-credit segment (first-time borrowers).


Crezco provides instant, innovative payment solutions. Crezco eliminates unnecessary costs and friction to allow the creation of products and services. Collaborate with suppliers and customers and provide role-based access for internal team members. Crezco makes payments cheaper and faster, but no less convenient. It eliminates the unnecessary costs and frictions to trading, so businesses can grow, markets can develop and economic progress can be enjoyed everywhere. Crezco received financial support from established individuals and companies in the Fintech space.

Cube Wealth

Cube is enabling everyone to invest in the simplest manner possible along with guidance from the world's top-performing investment managers – the same that guide the world's richest families. The service is already live in India and is soon to be available across the USA and multiple Asian countries. Cube has an experienced team that comes from the world of fintech, entrepreneurship, design, systems, banking, and global sales. It is founded by Satyen Kothari, a battle-scarred entrepreneur who is on his 5th adventure. He has previously founded Citrus Pay in India and three companies in Silicon Valley. Citrus was sold in 2016 in India's largest fintech cash deal at the time and was processing $2 bn at its peak and servicing 20 mn users.

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