Experts Predict 2020 Trends for NLP, Embedded BI and Data Literacy

by December 27, 2019


As the world is about to venture into a new year which will be full of great technological opportunities, some of the prevailing technologies are more likely to take a center stage transforming the industries at the forefront. NLP, Embedded BI, and Data Literacy which till now were just the part of tech-conversations are expected to create a lot of buzz across the market marking the significant rise in analytics trends.

As noted by TechTarget, here are the Analytics 2020 trends for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Embedded BI and Data Literacy predicted by industry experts.



The year 2020 is expected to feature the ubiquitous AI capabilities of intelligent assistants enabled by NLP. Mike Leone, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group said, “there’s a lot of buzz around NLP in BI platforms. While it exists today, it’s still in its infancy. I think as the younger workforce continues to fill data-centric roles in organizations, there will be a growing desire to use voice technology. And I say ‘younger’ simply because that demographic is arguably the most adept at relying on voice technology in their everyday lives and will look for ways to use it to boost productivity at work too.”

NLP has the potential to significantly simplify data queries and lessen the need for a background in data science. The technology will also open data exploration to a broader range of business users.


Embedded BI

Moreover, 2020 will also mark the upsurge of embedded business intelligence as a common business application. Doug Henschen, the analyst at Constellation Research, noted embedded BI as a significant 2020 analytics trend to watch out for. According to him. “there’s an increasingly popular saying that ‘every company is now a software company,’ but that’s an intentional overstatement pointing to what’s really a leading-edge trend.”

He also added that these embedded platforms have been used primarily by independent software and services vendors to date. This more mainstream embrace of embedding is just getting started, and he thinks the world will see more of it in 2020 and beyond.


Data literacy

The coming year will also mark the great efforts towards making the workforce more data literate. Notably, it is the ability to derive insights from data that is today expanding beyond the outstretch of data scientists.

According to Dan Sommer, global market intelligence lead at Qlik, “data literacy as a service will be a 2020 analytics trend. “Data literacy is the ability to read, argue and use data, and data literacy has to happen for us to move into the digital stage. Organizations will realize they need help with this.”

Now, in an attempt to increase data literacy, a group of BI vendors is doing more than merely selling their software platforms. They’re also training line-of-business workers in the language of data. Significantly, California based Alteryx operates the Alteryx for Good program, which partners with colleges and universities including Stanford, the University of California Berkeley, the University of Michigan and Harvard, in order to involve data science and analytics into their curriculum.

Additionally, Mike Leone Group said, “I think we’ll see a continued emphasis on enabling the desired visibility of data and enablement of more personas to access data and derive insights.”