MAOCAT Initiates First Presale for Ethereum-Based Memecoin

MAOCAT Initiates First Presale for Ethereum-Based Memecoin

MAOCAT – An Ethereum-based memecoin avails a pre-sale offer before its official launch

Ethereum-based memecoin- 'MAOCAT' is a new Ethereum cat meme coin that is new and gaining its name and fame in the market. MAOCAT is drawing in an increasing number of holders. It has featured four subprojects. After the launch of dog-based meme coins, the team is launching cat-based meme coins, into the spotlight of the Ethereum network. MAOCAT is providing an advanced staking program in which participants can earn rewards in $MAO. New users are encouraged to join and stake their tokens. MAOCAT is a digital coin, especially cat lovers, and people who like digital money seem more excited.

A sneak peek sale and the tale is everywhere – presale for Ethereum-based memecoin- 'MAOCAT' is being sold before it gets launched officially. This phenomenon is taking the blockchain of the Ethereum blockchain, which is where digital money stuff usually goes down. The deal on the table is if you want to get in on MAOCAT early, you can buy some during this presale phase. Just like getting tickets to a concert before everyone else knows about it.

The price of presale for Ethereum-based memecoin –' MAOCAT 'starts low in the period of presale and is likely to move to more. So, the sooner you grab in, the better deal you might avail. Also, they are planning to use some of the money to promote MAOCAT, and also for its development.

  • In the initial stage, the starting price of the token is observed as $0.0015.
  • Figuring 5,000,000,000 tokens of total supply.
  • The presale for Ethereum-based meme coin allocation is seen as around 60% of the amount.
  • In terms of taxation structure, the MAOCAT project has 3% marketing tax, 2% development tax, and 3% LP tax with no buy and sell taxes.

Guess what is interesting out in presale for Ethereum-based memecoin- MAOCAT will also avail you of some extra benefits, like cool digital items called NFTs as a reward.

MAOCAT a memecoin isn't just about the coins, though. They are building all sorts of things, like a marketplace for these digital items, a place where you can trade MAOCAT coins, and even a game where you can use the coins.

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