Ethereum Price Prediction: Bullish or Bearish for Summers?

Ethereum Price Prediction: Bullish or Bearish for Summers?

Ethereum's price prediction amid regulatory delays and significant whale accumulation

Ethereum Price Prediction: Ethereum price is exhibiting a calm and positive trading pattern as it endeavors to surpass the significant psychological barrier at US$3,200. This gradual ascent reinforces the prevailing bullish sentiment in the market, particularly on an intraday basis, with a primary target set at US$3,360.

In this article we will cover Ethereum's price prediction and discuss current market price and how the challenges of regulators have been handled. On top of the issues of the regulators, the accumulation of Ethereum has been majorly influenced by powerful players. We will also look at the result of a postponement of the US Securities and Exchange Commission's approval on ETF proposals by Grayscale Investments and Franklin Templeton and discover the accumulation of crypto whales like Justin Sun.

SEC Delays its Decision on Grayscale and Franklin Templeton's spot Ethereum ETF:

Grayscale's Ethereum Trust has already been registered with the SEC. Therefore, there is no need for the asset manager to consider Grayscale's S-1 submission. Grayscale's filing of the S-3 is a critical step in the development of Grayscale's strategy. It also positions the company in front of the SEC for consideration of the company's application. Grayscale also filed a S-1 for a mini-Ethereum ETF. The asset manager is actively pursuing Grayscale's inclusion in the list of the New York Stock Exchange's (NYSE) Arca exchange (NYSE Arca) as a spot Ethereum ETF. New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: NYSE) Arca filed a Form 19b4, in addition to Grayscale's filing for the S-3. If approved, the shares of the Ethereum Trust would trade under "ETHE." However, ongoing share issuance is contingent upon the application effectiveness and the filing of Form S-3.

However, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has postponed its decision on Grayscale Investments' and Franklin Templeton's spot Ethereum ETF proposals. Both asset management firms will now have to wait a bit longer before they can roll out their crypto investment to the markets. The SEC is also asking for public comment on BlackRock's revised ETF proposal, which includes a cash redemption feature, which is a departure from the company's original direct Ethereum exchange model. BlackRock's proposal, which was originally filed in November of 2023, was revised to better align it with the SEC's regulatory framework, which mirrors the cash redemption feature on Bitcoin ETFs that have already been approved by the SEC. While the SEC has remained cautious about cryptocurrency ETFs, it did approve spot Bitcoin ETFs early in the year.

Tron founder Justin Sun and Other Whale Accumulation Impact on Ethereum Price:

Justin Sun, the Tron founder, continues to accumulate ETH, as reported in crypto news by Lookonchain. Justin Sun's wallet 0x-4359, which is linked to the founder of TRON, withdrew 15.389 ETH (USD 49.78 million) from Binance on April 24, catching the world's attention. Sun's massive accumulation of ETH shows that he has a high level of faith in the asset, which immediately fueled bullish sentiment for the crypto price action in the near future. Justin Sun invested US$1 billion ETH yesterday, further cementing his confidence in ETH. This whale accumulation shows that ETH price action is about to escalate.

Price Action and Technical Indicators

Ethereum's price action indicates a steady upward trajectory, with resistance at the US$3,200 level being gradually tested. This resistance level serves as a pivotal point for Ethereum's bulls, with a successful breach potentially paving the way for further gains. The target of US$3,360 represents a key milestone for Ethereum enthusiasts, signaling strength in the ongoing uptrend.

Technical indicators, such as the Exponential Moving Average with a 50-period (EMA50), play a crucial role in Ethereum's price prediction. The EMA50, positioned below the price action, acts as a dynamic support level, reinforcing the chances of further upside momentum. This bullish alignment suggests that buying pressure remains dominant, supporting Ethereum's upward trajectory in the upcoming trading sessions.

Potential Scenarios of Ethereum Price:

While the current outlook leans towards bullish sentiment, it's necessary to consider potential scenarios and key levels that is essential in Ethereum's price prediction. Breaking above the resistance at US$3,200 would validate the bullish bias, potentially propelling Ethereum towards the target of US$3,360. This scenario would affirm the strength of the ongoing uptrend and could attract additional buying interest from market participants.

However, traders and investors should remain vigilant, as a failure to sustain momentum above US$3,132 could expose Ethereum to corrective bearish pressure. In such a scenario, Ethereum may experience a pullback towards the support level at US$2,905, testing the resilience of the bullish trend.

Trading Range and Conclusion

The expected trading range for Ethereum today is projected between the support level at US$3,150 and the resistance level at US$3,340. This range provides valuable insights for traders, allowing them to gauge potential entry and exit points based on price dynamics and market conditions.

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