Musk Stepped Back from OpenAI’s Board, Concerned with AI Security

Musk Stepped Back from OpenAI’s Board, Concerned with AI Security

Here is the information about Musk backing off from OpenAI's board as he is concerned with AI security.

According to a report from CNBC, Elon Musk was one of the co-founders of OpenAI, the US company that created the well-known generative AI chatbot ChatGPT. Musk is back from OpenAI.

When asked about his vision for technological advancement in the next ten years at the World Government Summit held in Dubai (UAE), Musk responded, " "ChatGPT is the most recent and most advanced form of artificial intelligence that is powered by the GPT-3 large language model. It has great promise, great capability, but with that comes great danger." The chatbot has been programmed to recognize human speech and generate responses based on a huge amount of data.

Musk went on to say: People have seen how far AI has come, thanks to ChatGPT. AI has progressed over time. It simply lacked a user interface that most people could understand.

According to the report from IANS, he mentioned that, in contrast to aircraft, medicine, and automobiles, artificial intelligence does not have any regulations or rules to control its development.

Sincerely, I believe we need to regulate AI security. Musk continued, "I think it is a greater risk to society than cars, planes, or medicine."

According to IANS, Musk resigned from Open AI's board of directors in 2018 and does not currently hold any stake in the company.

It started as an open-source non-profit. It is now closed-source and commercial. Musk stated, "I have no open stake in OpenAI, I am not on the board, and I have no control over it in any way."

When Musk was on the board, he decided to create OpenAI because he thought Google was not paying enough attention to AI safety.

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