Top 10 Outstanding IoT Edge Computing Platforms of 2023

Top 10 Outstanding IoT Edge Computing Platforms of 2023

The top outstanding IoT edge computing platforms of 2023 help keep all data of organizations closer to the edge

Intro: IoT Edge Computing Platforms are where IoT devices with limited compute and storage capacity benefit from an edge computing model where these compute and storage resources are distributed closer to the edge and the IoT devices. The advent of 5G fast wireless puts compute storage and IoT for edge computing.

The growth of IoT devices and new applications necessitates real-time computing power. Edge computing and 5G accelerate the support of real-time applications or creations such as AI, analytics, robotics, and self-driving cars, among others. As businesses increasingly adopt IoT technologies, the demand for high-quality IoT platforms grows. IoT platforms enable the creation of hardware and software products for collecting, storing, analyzing, and managing massive amounts of data. Edge computing platforms' use cases are in healthcare and also in industrial settings. Platforms can be open-source or paid, and the choice should be determined by the organization.

  1. Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

Microsoft's open-source Azure IoT platform allows you to quickly build scalable and secure edge-to-cloud solutions. It helps to create flexible applications that meet the needs of the business by utilizing ready-to-use tools, templates, and services. Some features include data security extending from edge to cloud, the ability to use Azure IoT Edge even when it is not connected to the internet, Integration with other Azure services is seamless, Improved AI solutions.

  1. Amazon AWS IoT Core

Amazon AWS IoT Core, a market leader, enables the connection of devices to AWS cloud services without the need to manage servers. The platform ensures the reliability and security of millions of devices. By deploying APIs and tools to locations outside AWS data centers, the cloud giant enables enterprises to have data processing, analysis, and storage close to their endpoints. IoT applications can be built using AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudWatch, Alexa Voice Service, and others.

  1. Cisco IoT Clous Connect

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect began as a service for mobile operators. This cloud-based mobility software suite for industrial and individual use cases is among the best Internet of Things cloud platforms. Cisco also offers dependable IoT hardware such as switches, access points, routers, gateways, and other devices. Cisco IoT Control Center manages cellular connectivity flawlessly, allowing you to integrate all of your IoT devices into a single SaaS solution.

  1. Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks, a subsidiary of HPE, is a major player in edge networking hardware, software, and services. The company introduces its Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP), which enables businesses to accelerate digital transformation through automated network management, edge-to-cloud security, and predictive AI-powered insight.

  1. IBM Watson IoT

A fully managed cloud service for device management, flexible and scalable connectivity options, secure communications, and data lifecycle management is an IoT platform built on IBM Cloud. It helps collect insights from automobiles, buildings, equipment, assets, and things using IBM Watson IoT.

  1. Google Distributed Cloud Edge

Google Distributed Cloud Edge is a fully managed service that leverages Google cloud infrastructure. It was released as part of the Google Distributed Cloud suite in 2021. On the Google Distributed Cloud Edge platform, you can buy serverless infrastructure and containers to run IoT applications. With this platform, users can easily transition from the edge to the cloud using Google cloud architecture services.

  1. Aarna Networks

Aarna Networks founded in 2018, is on a mission to simplify enterprise edge orchestration through private 5G and enterprise edge computing application automation software. Aarna Edge Services, the company's SaaS platform, offers zero-touch orchestration for edge infrastructure and public clouds. Aarna Edge Services provides compute, storage, and network connectivity from the edge to the cloud.

  1. Macrometa

Macrometa, a privately held company founded in 2017, provides its Global Data Network and edge computing platform to help developers build real-time applications and APIs. The California-based company announced several partnerships, including a September partnership with DevCycle to launch Edge Flags and content delivery network services provider Akamai Technologies, which will include product integrations.

  1. Eclipse ioFog

Eclipse ioFog platform is a complete edge computing platform that includes everything needed to run and build enterprise-scale applications at the edge. It is an integrated development environment created by the Eclipse Foundation and supported by IBM. Using Eclipse ioFog's built-in connectors, users can connect cloud infrastructure to the edge.

  1. Ubidots

Ubidots bills itself as an IoT application builder that provides data analytics and visualization to quickly build efficient and elegant IoT applications. Ubidots, a specialist in industrial IoT, focuses on a few industries, including agriculture, construction, healthcare, and manufacturing. Smart factories are one of the company's most important use cases.

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