The 10 Most Promising System Integrator Companies for 2020

The 10 Most Promising System Integrator Companies for 2020

As the world has embarked on the innovative journey of digital transformation, disruptive technologies are becoming extremely prevalent virtually across almost every sector. Subsequently, numerous companies are seeking out the ways to integrate their most vital services and process into the same stack. Therefore, system integrator and integration as a process enables businesses to align a wide array of software and hardware into a consolidated environment. The system integration process as a whole is turning more valuable than it was ever before.

The organizations that seek to utilize modernized integration to address changing outlook of digital space can avail a variety of benefits. By enabling their employees to focus more on creatives and less on mundane tasks in an effort to enhance their productivity, a modernized or integrated IT ecosystem has a great deal to offer. In their journey to become a digital predator while avoiding the scope of becoming digital prey, businesses are turning towards innovative and promising system integrator companies.

Moreover, as it stands now, businesses are becoming more dependable on a wider variety of tools and components in order to keep their processes running swiftly without any obstacles. This implies that the system integrator space has evolved where a great pool of high-performing consultants and agencies are available to assist businesses to adapt and enhance their efficient operations.

Henceforth, we have brought you 'The 10 Most Promising System Integrator Companies for 2020'.

Vates has proven expertise and strength in consulting and architecture in multi-platform and multi-vendor environments. Its system integrator services are cutting-edge and include the latest technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IoT, computer vision, real-time analytics and more.

Vates' experience with system integration solutions includes Horizontal Integration, Vertical Integration, Star Integration, among others. It is a mid-sized system integrator company that loves to serve. The company's clients include Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized companies.

Vates knows that one-size does not fit all when it comes to systems integration. The company works as a partner with clients to leverage existing technology investments and bridge them together for maximum efficiency and accuracy. It is a company with certifications such as CMMI level 5 to Agile methodologies.

Experienced in key technologies such as IBM Streams (real-time analytics), BigInsights, and more

Automation Plus has been a System Integrator Giant for the past six years. The company utilizes a wide majority of hardware and software platforms to execute its projects, and is not tied to one or two large software/hardware vendors. It provides innovative, cost effective, turnkey manufacturing solutions. Unified with its clients, Automation Plus' diverse and talented team executes projects around the world supporting the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Automotive, and Consumer Products Industries. The company brings significant IT/OT knowledge and solutions across a plethora of platforms including Rockwell, Honeywell, Emerson, ABB, Siemens and more.

Automation Plus also provides complete IT and business intelligence services including networking and cyber security, data collection and integration into plant wide systems, and validated control systems MES and ERP level connectivity and integration.

Digital transformation changes expectations: better service, faster delivery, with less cost. Businesses must transform to stay relevant, and data holds the answers.

As the world's leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, Informatica recognizes a generational market disruption in data underway. The company is entering Data 3.0, where data powers digital transformation, and is prepared to help clients intelligently lead—in any sector, category or niche. Informatica provides its clients/customers with the foresight to become more agile, realize new growth opportunities, and create new inventions.

With 100 percent focus on everything data, the company offers the versatility needed to succeed.

Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. (QLX) has established itself as one of the most sought after consulting organizations in the world, providing staff augmentation and IT implementations with world-class software and service experience. The company has helped hundreds of businesses in the gaming, hospitality, energy, financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, and government-industry succeed in today's globalized world.

Qualex's SAS® Enterprise Data Integration Server, featuring DataFlux technology, is a powerful, configurable and comprehensive software that can access virtually all data sources as well as extract, cleanse, transform, conform, aggregate, load and manage data; support data warehousing, migration, synchronization and federation initiatives; support both batch-oriented and real-time Master Data Management solutions, and create real-time data integration services in support of service-oriented architectures

Kinetech is a provider of custom enterprise software, delivered through the cloud with a focus on improved business productivity. The company focuses on cloud, mobile, and integrated technologies that solve real client problems. Kinetech's service offerings are configured and integrated with other web services (APIs), platforms, and enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, HCM). The company delivers its offerings via internet browsers and on mobile devices. Kinetech designs, builds, and supports mission-critical applications, client/vendor portals, and modernizes legacy systems. Its cloud offerings include Digital Factory (Manufacturing), Kinetech PM (Construction / Project Management), GovTech (Government Technology) Cloud, and other bespoke solutions (Enterprise Cloud).

Key clients include the City of San Antonio (GovTech Cloud), (Kinetech PM / Digital Factory) a publicly-traded pre-fab manufacturer of custom interior and medical spaces, ninety (90) year old Guido Construction (PM Cloud), and an Inc 1000 Benefits provider (Enterprise Cloud).

ASP is focused on providing organizations unified and centralized solutions to maximize the value of their data through its best-in-class data governance services and products. Through these solutions, companies will come to appreciate and understand what data provides the most value, what data needs to be secured, and what data needs to be purged away. They will be able to apply these solutions globally, across all business units, across all application platforms, and all data centers, regardless of where they reside in the world.

ASP's team is made up of enterprise application, database, data, and storage architects, security experts, application retirement and archiving veterans that have combined their years of experience to deliver solutions with agility, consistency, and simplicity. As a result, the company's customers can take these solutions and own them, growing these services corporate-wide through user buy-in and adoption.

INTRICITY is a specialized selection of over 100 Data Management and Business Process Professionals, with offices located across the USA and Headquarters in New York City. The company's team of experts has implemented Data Integration, BI, and Digital Transformation Solutions in a variety of industries including, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and others. INTRICITY is uniquely positioned as a partner to the business that deeply understands what makes the data tick. This joint knowledge and acumen have positioned INTRICITY to beat out its Big 4 competitors time and time again.

CLARCAT is a young and dynamic company in full expansion, which currently has operational headquarters in Catalonia, Asturias, Madrid and has a staff of 70 professionals. The company takes advantage of Emerging Technologies to provide state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee success in its evolution, by utilizing the capabilities offered by technologies based on OPENSOURCE solutions. It also dominates more conventional technologies: Web, Client-Server and Host.

Its services include projects and technical assistance in development, servers and IT security; technical assistance and IT infrastructure management; projects and integration of solutions in collaborative environments, IP telephony, document management, content management, solutions mobility, business intelligence, and CRM.

Entitech Solutions is an IT System Integrator focused primarily in the Life Sciences domain. The company's specific specialties include systems implementation, custom software development, data warehousing, data integration, and enterprise IT advisory services. Its domains of focus are clinical trials, regulatory, and commercial.

Entitech Solutions has full command of Enterprise platforms such as Office 365, Appian, MuleSoft, etc. By leveraging these components, the company can assess customers' specific process needs and provide simple solutions that leverage existing investments and reduce reliance on OOTB niche software providers.

Trianz as a company simplifies digital evolutions through effective strategies and excellence in execution. The company collaborates with business and technology leaders and helps structure and execute operational strategies in an effort to achieve intended business outcomes. Trianz does it by bringing the best of consulting, technology experiences and execution models.

The company is powered by knowledge, research, and perspectives through which it enables its clients to transition to a digital enterprise by leveraging Cloud, Analytics, Digital, Infrastructure and Security paradigms. Trianz has offices in Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, Rosemont, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Denver, Irvine, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The company serves Fortune 1000 and emerging organizations across industries globally.

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