Scott Keever: The Entrepreneur Revolutionizing SEO and Digital Marketing

Scott Keever: The Entrepreneur Revolutionizing SEO and Digital Marketing

What sets Scott Keever apart in the digital marketing and SEO world? This article unpacks the journey of an entrepreneur whose retail roots fueled a rise to digital marketing success. It covers his agency creations, marketing innovations, and the principles that have solidified his industry reputation. Whether you want to learn from his strategies or understand his agency's success, you're in the right place.

Scott Keever's Background: From Corporate Success to SEO Superstar

Starting his corporate journey as a salesperson at Verizon Wireless, Scott ascended the ranks to manage some of Florida's busiest stores. His tenure in retail was marked by remarkable empathy in customer relations, strong interpersonal skills, and keen business acumen. These qualities later became the bedrock of his digital marketing career.

His shift into entrepreneurship, driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability, allowed him to apply his retail insights towards mastering effective SEO strategies. This dedication paid off and led to international acclaim, earning him a coveted place among the esteemed Forbes Agency Council and Entrepreneur Leadership Network as an online reputation mastermind.

Venturing into the World of Digital Marketing

Driven by his passion for helping others prosper, Scott embarked on a journey in digital marketing, eager to harness its potential for positive impact.. He took an approach centered on the client and a deep understanding of varied business needs. He attended numerous trainings and conferences, traveling the world to deepen his knowledge and skills in internet marketing.

In his personal time, Scott enjoyed immersing himself in different cultures and attending marketing conferences worldwide. This dedication to continual learning and development soon saw Scott become an internationally recognized SEO expert, respected and admired by peers and clients. In addition to his professional achievements, Scott enjoyed staying connected with his industry peers through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Building a Digital Marketing Empire: Scott Keever's Innovative Agencies

Fuelled by his passion for digital marketing, Scott founded three leading agencies: Keever SEO, ASAP Digital Marketing, and Pool Pros Marketing. Each agency caters to unique client needs and boasts impressive client retention rates, a testament to their effectiveness and Scott's leadership.

These enterprises have helped numerous clients attain higher search engine rankings, earning Scott recognition in the 2023 Who's Who list for notable achievements in the digital marketing industry. His digital marketing empire proves his commitment to providing tailored, effective solutions for every client.

Keever SEO: Customized Strategies for Maximum Results

Keever SEO is a testament to Scott's commitment to creating tailored SEO strategies that deliver. Keever SEO is a search engine optimization company providing data-driven search engine marketing results. Keever SEO is an award-winning SEO agency.

Established in 2015 by entrepreneur, internationally recognized SEO expert, and online reputation management mastermind Scott Keever, Keever SEO is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency for businesses of all sizes. With a specialization in SEO, Local SEO, and online reputation management, Keever SEO helps clients gain more targeted traffic and revenue through data-driven SEO strategies. Keever SEO is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the US and has helped hundreds of businesses secure prominent Page 1 rankings on Google.

The agency specializes in:

  • Local SEO

  • National SEO

  • PPC

  • Online Reputation Management

The effectiveness of Keever SEO's strategies can be attributed to Scott's hands-on approach. 

He personally reviews each client's campaign monthly, ensuring optimal performance. This tailor-made approach has resulted in an impressive 97% client retention rate, demonstrating the trust and satisfaction of Keever SEO's clients.

Asap Digital Marketing: ORM and Affiliate Marketing Expertise

ASAP Digital Marketing emerges as another facet of Scott's accomplishments in digital marketing. The agency specializes in a full spectrum of digital marketing services, focusing on SEO, PPC, and managing online reputation issues for high-profile clients. Their client roster includes celebrities, athletes, and high-level corporate executives, underlining the trust placed in their expertise for managing sensitive online presences.

The agency's effectiveness in meeting client needs is reflected in its impressive 98% client retention rate, proving its consistent ability to deliver satisfaction.

Pool Pros Marketing: Niche Marketing for the Pool Industry

Pool Pros Marketing exemplifies Scott's knack for identifying niche markets and customizing solutions for their needs. This premier SEO agency focuses on providing digital marketing solutions for the swimming pool service industry.

Their service offerings include Organic SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Ads, all tailored to drive traffic and generate leads for pool industry companies. The agency excels at outranking competitors in Google Search and Google Maps, ensuring pool service companies achieve prominence in their local markets. Their clientele within the pool industry is broad, ranging from pool builders and contractors to equipment suppliers and financing services.

Scott Keever's 'Best Looking Guy in Miami' Campaign: Mastering Personal Branding

His 'Best Looking Guy in Miami' campaign brilliantly showcased Scott's innovative marketing skills. This campaign, designed to show off his marketing acumen and engage Miami's social scene, was a key turning point in his transition to digital marketing.

The campaign effectively enhanced Scott's personal branding, establishing him as a clever marketer capable of innovative strategies to capture public interest. This memorable campaign underlined his skill set in SEO and digital marketing and contributed significantly to his reputation for innovation in the field. The campaign succeeded, with Scott achieving the #1 ranking on Google for 'Best Looking Guy in Miami'.

Author and Thought Leader: "Future-Proof Your SEO" and Forbes Agency Council

Scott's wealth of knowledge extends well beyond his agencies. He is the author of the book Future-Proof Your SEO, a valuable resource for anyone looking to understand and master the complex world of SEO.

Since November 2019, Scott has been a contributing member of the Forbes Agency Council, sharing his insights on marketing, SEO, and sales topics. His author and thought leader contributions have added another dimension to his profile, further establishing his place as an internationally recognized SEO expert.

Work-Life Harmony: Scott Keever's Approach to Balancing Success and Personal Life

Despite his professional achievements, Scott has always prioritized maintaining work-life harmony. He emphasizes the importance of preserving equilibrium without guilt and views success as a positive contribution to well-being.

As a proud father, Scott Keever integrates family values into his business, ensuring he maintains meaningful time with his two children. He upholds his work-life harmony by delegating tasks effectively, allowing him to manage his workload while carving out time for personal pursuits.

Community Impact: Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Giving Back

Scott's influence extends beyond his business ventures. He runs workshops and seminars for aspiring entrepreneurs, sharing his extensive knowledge and emphasizing work-life balance. He actively supports the growth of local businesses and entrepreneurs, offering free or reduced-cost services to startups.

Scott's commitment to giving back to the community is further demonstrated by his contributions to various charities and non-profit organizations focused on community well-being. His work in this area is a testament to his belief in contributing to a better, more equitable world.


From managing busy Verizon stores to becoming an internationally recognized SEO expert, Scott Keever's journey is a testament to his adaptability, innovation, and dedication. With his three innovative agencies, impressive client retention rates, and impactful community contributions, Scott has truly left an indelible mark on the world of digital marketing. His story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and is a reminder that success is not just about professional accomplishments but also about maintaining work-life harmony and giving back to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Scott Keever?

Scott Keever is an entrepreneur, internationally-recognized SEO expert, online reputation mastermind, and member of the Forbes Agency Council. Scott Keever is the founder of award-winning digital marketing agencies: Scott Keever SEO, ASAP Digital Marketing, and Pool Pros Marketing.

What are the digital marketing agencies founded by Scott Keever?

Scott Keever founded Keever SEO, ASAP Digital Marketing, and Pool Pros Marketing.

What is the book written by Scott Keever?

The book written by Scott Keever is "Future-Proof Your SEO."

How does Scott Keever contribute to the community?

Scott Keever contributes to the community by hosting workshops, supporting startups and non-profit organizations, and contributing to various charities. His efforts have a positive impact on the community.

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