DeepCoding: Modelling Better Business Decisions Via Operational Intelligence Tools

Sebastien Adjiman

To become an Intelligent Enterprise, organizations need to put resources into three key areas: an intelligent suite, smart technologies, and a digital platform. Data is the heart of any organization. Although, IT teams have to work very hard with regards to data management and delivery operations. Over the years, there is a need for a smart platform handling IT delivery operation. DeepCoding’s Delivery Intelligence Platform (DIP) saw that need which gathers raw data in any format across all existing IT delivery management tools to create a consolidated 360 view of the entire organization’s IT delivery operation.

DeepCoding is a cutting-edge Operational Intelligence company allowing CIOs to increase the productivity and predictability of the IT delivery operations of large enterprises. DeepCoding DIP then uses innovative AI technologies to predict IT delivery risks before they happen, measure their expected business impact, and suggest mitigation options, all in the form of targeted alerts and easy-to-read daily brief.


Standing Out in Immerse Market

In the last decade, the market has been flooded with hundreds of IT Delivery Management tools such as ServiceNow, Atlassian Jira, MS Project,, CA PPM, all answering specific needs in the delivery chain (planning, execution, incidents, etc.). The SAAS revolution has meant that each team within an organization has been free to adopt their own delivery tools that don’t talk to each other, which leads to data silos. Having worked in IT for over 20 years, DeepCoding founders noticed that this visibility issue was a nightmare for IT leaders and CIOs and prevent them from having a real-time holistic view of their IT delivery organization: the team wasn’t able to predict and prevent IT delivery risks. DeepCoding was built to help these leaders become proactive rather than reactive, and to knock down these silos.


Seasoned Leaders

Both DeepCoding founders are B2B software and IT delivery veterans: Sebastien Adjiman, Co-founder and CEO is a seasoned business leader with over two decades of experience founding businesses and assuming executive roles at Enterprise Software companies. Prior to founding DeepCoding, Sebastien served in a variety of top executive roles, including VP business development at BiScience, a Business Intelligence solution provider and VP and Head of EMEA at Clarizen, a leading PPM solution provider.

Arnon Yaffe, Co-founder and CPO, has more than 20 years of experience in delivering very large-scale IT projects, especially when he was CEO of the largest local Oracle ERP implementation partner.  Both are passionate about helping their customers, CIOs of very large IT organizations; cope with the increasing pressure brought by the digital transformation revolution, expecting IT to deliver more, faster and with the same amount of resources!


Cutting-edge Intelligence tools

DeepCoding merges its patent-pending delivery performance monitoring technology with advanced machine learning, pattern recognition and anomaly detection to cut through the noise, providing actionable alerts that enable fast and effective action. The platform is easily integrated and highly compatible with existing delivery management tools, making it easy for enterprises to deploy it. DeepCoding acts like an intelligent control tower for IT delivery operations, which can transform an organisation from one constantly reacting to unpredictable issues to one anticipating and avoiding IT failures.


Predict and Prevent Failures

DeepCoding gives existing Business Intelligence solutions super-powered with its cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Data Science methods. Current BI solutions allow leaders to get analytics about their operations, but in an IT industry defined by rapid change and increasingly complex systems, this is no longer enough. Using advanced pattern recognition and anomaly detection, DeepCoding’s Delivery Intelligence Platform (DIP) sorts through all of a company’s accumulated data to predict and prevent failures, ensuring that deadlines are met and budgets are adhered to. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are about the past; Operational Intelligence solutions such as DeepCoding leveraging AI and Machine Learning, are about the future.


Awareness and Anticipation

Business Intelligence has helped leaders be aware of what is happening in their organisations, and it has allowed them to know when failures occur. This has streamlined today’s innovation, but the company thinks that by the time leaders are notified that a failure is happening, it’s too late. That’s why DeepCoding is overtaking and building on BI with Operational Intelligence (OI), the solution that truly drives today’s innovation and addresses its problems. OI allows leaders to know about risks before they happen and finds its root causes so that managers are not reacting to problems as they arise. Instead, with this new proactive control tower, leaders can anticipate them and focus on driving smooth innovation. DeepCoding is the first company to apply Operational Intelligence to IT Delivery Operations.


Industry’s First IT Delivery Intelligence Platform

DeepCoding has created the industry’s first IT Delivery Intelligence Platform. Its unique technology is already helping large organizations get control, visibility, transparency, predictability and productivity out of their IT operations. The company operates with a transparent company culture, which creates an informed, motivated team that drives innovation.


Secure Friction Against Challenges

Since DeepCoding is an AI first startup, the raw material of its product is data. The major challenge for the company was to bring the platform to the highest level of security, in order to comply with the infosec and privacy requirements of the largest group and companies in the world. This took a lot of efforts and time, but the company was able to leverage Israel’s expertise in cybersecurity and data protection to build a secure platform that answers the highest standards so its customers felt comfortable.


Notable Achievements

The company raised US$1.6 million from leading VCs StageOne and AxessVentures. It has been selected to be part of the prestigious Walmart/Coke bridge program, where US fortune 500 select specific startups out of hundreds to be part of a dedicated commercialization program. DeepCoding is right now working with leading banks, software companies, retail groups as well as very large hi-tech companies.


Prospective Revolution

Sebastien believes Predictive management solutions like those created by DeepCoding allow us a glimpse into the future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. “The industry is headed towards using intelligent tools to sort through the ever-increasing mounds of data generated by the organization into actionable insights and proactive suggestions”, he adds. DeepCoding is dedicated to being at the center of this shift from reacting to problems as they arise to preventing them from using Operational Intelligence (OI). With still 75% of projects failing and missing deadlines resulting in over $300 billion dollars lost each year, it’s quite clear that DeepCoding’s Delivery Intelligence Platform as a Service is the real revolution. By bringing IT delivery organisations to new levels of speed, DeepCoding will allow any large organization to tremendously increase the pace of their digital transformation.