Deep Vision AI: Transforming Customer’s Lives with Advanced and Smart Computer Vision

Agustin Caverzasi

Nowadays, machine vision technologies underpinned with the camera and artificial intelligence has been deployed in varied sectors for image recognition specifically for labeling the content of images with tags, image content searches and guiding autonomous machines including robots, cars or traffics solutions. Also, companies dealing in this technology with accelerated business models and game-changing approaches are proved to be the aces of the league who are driving AI-empowered innovation through cognitive solutions. One such company is Deep Vision, which Serves its customers with AI-enabled services and applications by leveraging computer vision technology.

Deep Vision excels at providing intelligent image and video analysis that facilitates new ways of understanding and analyzing visual data. The company provides AI-vision to a broad set of partners and clients to help them operate more efficiently and effectively, create new products, and accelerate business models. Deep Vision’s AI-based visual recognition technology such as facial recognition and demographics, people counting, vehicle recognition, and counting operates either on edge devices, on-premises, or in the cloud. The company’s main industries are the smart cities, safety and security and the retail & e-commerce.


Moving Forward with Efficiency

Deep Vision was founded in 2014 to bring eyes to the word through advanced AI technology. There are more than 500 million cameras deployed worldwide, and only a tiny percentage of this video is being analyzed with AI without requiring human intervention today. Deep Vision provides the ability to analyze large volumes of video content in an automated and cost-effectively manner, for this content to be monetized by enterprises, and utilized by public and private entities, to enhance security in the community.


Exemplary Leaders of the Club

Agustin Caverzasi, Deep Vision’s Co-founder & CEO, is an experienced entrepreneur who started his career at a computer vision research group at INRIA, France. Agustin spent the past 8 years in research and development of computer vision technology, creating customer-centered products and bringing new ideas into the market.

Leandro Lichtensztein, Deep Vision’s Co-founder & CTO is a computer engineer specialized in computer vision and deep learning and has spent the last 7 years in transforming new technologies into well-engineered products and solutions. Leandro started his career as a researcher at the Department of Applied Research of the Argentinian Aerial Force.


Cognitive Solutions Contributing to the AI Industry

Deep Vision provides automated image and video understanding, facilitating new ways of analyzing and monetizing visual data. Within the smart city ecosystem, the company’s insights and use cases play a key role in understanding the needs of the community, provide with advanced security features and inform infrastructure projects and urban planning, to improve the overall city life.

Deep Vision’s technology is used by retailers, brands, and advertisers to target individuals and areas for ad placement, as well as assist with urban planning initiatives. The company provides people counting, age and gender recognition, and other demographic information to better understand the needs of residents and visitors alike. In addition, Deep Vision provides with facial recognition and vehicle recognition software that allows cities to achieve particular facial and vehicle matches providing with security features for law enforcement, and ensure safety and security in the community.


Innovation Intrigued by Disruption

The artificial intelligence technology, and in particular, computer vision companies like Deep Vision are providing with new ways of analyzing and understanding large volumes of information in an automated way. AI-based technologies are allowing enterprises to operate more efficiently and effectively, create new revenue streams through data monetization, and accelerate business models. In 2019, the new edge computing platforms like Jetson Nano GPUs (Nvidia) and Coral TPUs (Google) are providing with a cost-effective manner to run AI-vision based applications and machine learning models at the edge, enabling this technology within new markets like large retail chains and convenience stores where these solutions were cost-prohibited before.


Collaboration Driving Transformation

Deep Vision has partnered with the world’s leading companies, driving the most innovations in artificial intelligence such as Amazon AWS and Nvidia. Deep Vision computer vision technology can be accessed by more than 200,000 AWS customers through easy to use APIs in the cloud, but it can be also deployed on-premise or at the edge providing with real-time video analytics and supporting most of Nvidia GPU architectures. Deep Vision and Nvidia are providing with advanced video analytics such as facial recognition and vehicle recognition in the smart cities through the AI-cities Metropolis program.


Drawing Reflection of Current Trends for Posterity

With the machine learning industry moving to the edge, the artificial intelligence will be impacting all industries transversally. Moving AI to the edge, will provide advanced analytics running in environments with limited infrastructure capabilities, and avoiding most of today’s privacy concerns of uploading sensitive information to cloud infrastructure.


Mark of Excellence

Deep Vision is composed of an outstanding team of experts in computer vision and machine learning including contest-winning ImageNet researchers with strong technical competencies and commitment to innovation. Deep Vision has achieved the first place in the OTIS Innovation Challenge to power the next generation of elevators with bleeding-edge vision-AI technology. Deep Vision is also a proud contributor of an advanced facial analysis technology for the Minerva platform supported by Global Emancipation Network having reported more than 1,000 victims of human trafficking to law enforcement entities to date.


Surging Above All Challenges

AI-based computer vision software is a new wave of technologies started to be developed only 5 years ago. When applied to traditional markets like security or out-of-home advertising, its key is to accompanying customers to understand the value of the technology when applied to their business and to help them make good use of these systems to achieve the best outcomes. Deep Vision expert teams have been providing its partners and customers with support on every stage in the process, to prove the immense value of these new technologies and achieve targeted outcomes for its specific customer’s use cases.


Futuristic Metric

Deep Vision technology will be turning large volumes of traditional cameras into intelligent devices in the coming years and providing with advanced AI-based analytics as the company sees the market achieves greater maturity levels. Each year, more industries will start adopting artificial intelligence technology as companies from the very industry continue to prove the value of emerging technologies.

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