UC Berkeley Data Science Master’s Degree Online: Program Cost

UC Berkeley Data Science Master’s Degree Online: Program Cost

UC Berkeley online master of data science program: Detailed cost details for prospective students

Since data science entails employing a variety of tools and strategies to extract insights and value from large volumes of data, it is one of the most profitable and in-demand disciplines in the twenty-first century. Professionals in data science may use their expertise in many fields, including government, business, healthcare, and education. The No. 2-ranked UC Berkeley's Data Science Master's Degree is worth considering if you're interested in earning your degree online, according to U.S. News & World Report. You will find an overview of the program, its curriculum, and its cost in this post. 

UC Berkeley's Data Science Master's Degree Online

The School of Information (I School) at UC Berkeley offers a master's degree in data science that is taught online via the datascience@berkeley platform. Both aspiring data scientists looking to start their careers in the area and existing professionals looking to further their careers in data science should consider this program.

The curriculum of the UC Berkeley Data Science Master's Degree program is multidisciplinary and covers areas like machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, information ethics, and more, preparing students to be leaders in the field of data science. The curriculum also places a strong emphasis on communicating data-driven findings clearly and applying data science to real-world issues. 

There are 27 modules in the curriculum, and depending on the student's preferences and speed, they can be finished in 12, 20, or 32 months. Online classrooms, lectures that have been recorded, interactive homework, and group projects are all used to teach the curriculum. In addition, students benefit from an accomplished peer network, flexible online learning, and knowledgeable instructors from leading data-driven firms.

The program's capstone project requires students to collaborate in groups to find a solution to a data science problem for a customer in the real world. Students may demonstrate their abilities and expertise through the capstone project, which also gives them the chance to get insightful criticism and experience.  The University of California accepts the program as being equal to an on-campus degree, and it is approved by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

The Cost of UC Berkeley's Data Science Master's Degree Online

The number of courses completed each semester and the tuition and fees imposed by the University of California will determine the cost of the online Data Science Master's degree at UC Berkeley. Reductions in state funding may have an impact on the University of California Regents' decision on tuition and fees.

The expected total cost of tuition and fees for a new student beginning in Fall 2023 is now US$77,895, according to the I School website; most students finish the Data science degree in around two years. The cost of tuition and fees includes those for student services, the university, health insurance, class pass transportation, non-resident fees (if applicable), document management, and additional expenses particular to the degree program. 

The cost of living, books, supplies, and other personal expenditures are not covered by the tuition and fees and may differ based on the student's location and way of life. A sample budget for a single student residing in the Bay Area is available on the I School website; it projects the two-year total cost of tuition to be US$104,895.

But for those who require help with the cost of their education, there are several options for financial aid. These consist of grants, employer sponsorship, employer-sponsored loans, government loans, and private loans. More details on financial assistance applications may be found on the I School website, along with a list of scholarships and fellowships that the school and other organizations provide.

The online Data Science Master's degree program at UC Berkeley offers an esteemed and demanding curriculum that equips students to become leaders in the field. With the help of a lively peer community and knowledgeable professors, the program provides a thorough and adaptable curriculum. Along with earning a degree from one of the best colleges in the world, the program gives students the chance to work on actual data science projects.

In addition to the tuition and fees imposed by the University of California, the cost of the program is determined by the amount of units taken each semester. Depending on the student's preferences, pace, and state financing status, the price may change. However, students who meet the requirements can also apply for a variety of financial assistance programs, which can lessen the cost of earning an online degree in data science.

The I School website offers more information about the UC Berkeley Data Science Master's Degree. Alternatively, you may email admissions@datascience.berkeley.edu or call 855-678-6437 to speak with an admissions counselor. 

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