Top Data Science News of the Week

Top Data Science News of the Week

New trends and Free Courses – Here are the Important Data Science News'

Data science professionals and students, make note of this.

Behind every successful company, data science is a silent hero. In this digital world, we are producing several TBs of data that consists of valuable information for organizations. Data science is a disruptive technology that extracts gold out of the flood of information. This makes data science critical for businesses around the world. Data professionals carefully observe the industry and look for trends and innovations that will affect their work, whereas young individuals who aspire to make a mark in the tech industry choose data science as a profession and look for the right opportunities to strike.

So, What Latest in the Data Science World? Here's a list of the Top News Stories.

1. SoftBank is Ready to train Miami Residents for Data ScienceJjobs

SoftBank Group International, a Miami-based office of the global venture giant, announced that they are sponsoring about a thousand Miami-Dade residents in a data science training course. Along with Miami-Dade County, the Miami-Dade Beacon Council economic development organization, the city of Miami, and other partners, SoftBank aims to develop the necessary skills and advance the careers of young adults from Black, Latino, female, and LGBTQ+ communities. It's a 13-week Data Science for All online program that will upskill the lives of underrepresented backgrounds.

2. Experts Reveal Three New Data Science Trends

Synechron, a leading digital transformation consulting firm launched an annual report, Top Strategic Technology Trends. The report noted data science as one of its eight major trends for 2021, and the company's experts put our three critical trends. The first trend talks about the business applications of self-supervised models, where AI teaches itself to solve problems without human classification of data. The second trend refers to the increased adoption of the Natural Language Generation that uses AI to create several hand-produced documents that are needed every day. The third and final trend is concerned with technologies like ML, Optical Character Recognition, and NLP that will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and detect financial crimes during KYC.

3. Indian EdTech AlmaBetter has Announced a Training Session for Data Science Aspirants

AlmaBetter, which focuses on community and cohort-based data science learning has set aside a budget of INR 2 crore to train 25,000 data scientists by March 2022. Some percentage of the funds will also provide scholarships based on merit, financial aid, and necessary devices like laptops and internet connection to these students. Through this thoughtful initiative, AlmaBetter aims to close the skill gap in the data science industry.

4. Rasgo Intelligence Raises Funds to be the GitHub of Data Science

Rasgo Intelligence helps data scientists to easily use raw data and build models on its platform. To eliminate the factor of excessive time consumption while processing data, the company uses a community-based, repository approach like GitHub. Developers can explore, clean, and transform data using a pre-set blocks and functions library. To leverage this, Rasgo Intelligence raised a total of US$25 million, after generating global enterprise customers across 5 industries and 70,000 open-source downloads.

5. Another Indian EdTech, SkillEnable, is Gearing up to Help Aspiring Data Scientists

A lot of organizations and startups have realized the skill gap in the data science industry, and SkillEnable has decided to aid the situation. This employability-based edtech company is using a unique fee payment structure to ensure students pursue this field without worrying about the financial burden. SkillEnable is using an Income Sharing Agreement to provide a solution for huge upfront fee concerns. After the online course is completed, the fee is charged as a percentage of the salary, once the student gets placed and starts to earn income.

6. Analytics Insight has made a List of the Best Free Online Data Science Courses

Offered by reputed universities like Harvard, UC San Diego, MIT, and Georgia Tech, these online data science courses are for professionals and students who have finished beginner-level courses. They're free of cost and cover critical topics like big data analytics using Spark, statistical modeling and computation in applications, and machine learning with Python, to name a few. Read the full list here.

7. The Top IITs are Offering Data Science Degrees

India's eminent tech institutions, IITs, are now offering several PG and UG courses in data science. To help budding data scientists get recruited by top companies around the world with lucrative salary packages, IITs are offering courses that range from B.Sc degree in programming and data science, M.Tech in data science, M.Tech in AI, and data science, and BS-MS in data science, amongst many others. Read the full article here to know the details.

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