Top Amazon Projects on GitHub for Python Lovers in 2021

Top Amazon Projects on GitHub for Python Lovers in 2021

Here is the list of the top Amazon projects on GitHub for Python lovers in 2021

According to the latest study conducted by Data Science skills, the data scientists and practitioners who were surveyed prefer Python as the best programming language for statistical modeling. Python is one of the most important skillsets for a data science practitioner. There are many Python and Amazon projects on GitHub available for python lovers to try and enhance their skills.

Python has been in the top 10 popular programming languages for a long time, as the community of Python programmers has grown a lot due to its easy syntax and library support. This article features the top Python and Amazon projects on GitHub for Python enthusiasts:

Django Anymail

Anymail integrates several transactional email service providers (ESPs) into Django, with a consistent API that lets you use ESP-added features without locking your code to a particular ESP. It currently fully supports Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mailjet, Postmark, SendinBlue, SendGrid, and SparkPost, and has limited support for Mandrill. For those who are into Python and wants to try some new projects, Django Anymail is one of the best Amazon Projects on GitHub.

Python Amazon Simple Product API

In the list of the top Amazon projects on GitHub, Python Amazon Simple Product API ranks second. In this project you will get to learn about an object-oriented interface to Amazon products and the best thing about this project supports both item search and item lookup.

Counting the Frequency of Each Unique Element in a List

Counting the Frequency of Each Unique Element in a list is one of the best Python projects available on GitHub. You have to take in a list as the input from a user and find out the count of each unique element in it. There is a lot of scope for time optimization here, along with a lot of flexibility in the approaches you can take to solve this problem. Remember, any method that avoids going through the entire list in every iteration is preferred here.

User Record

In order to understand the key data structure, which is called Python dictionaries you should try User Record. With dictionaries, you can easily implement programs that have database functionality. Dictionaries are data structures with key-value-based NoSQL architecture and are optimal as objects, which store records that need to be looked up.

E Commercial Sites Scrappers

You can develop various python scripts using Scrapy Framework for scraping various E-Commerce Sites like AliExpress, Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay along with the DataBase Connectivity. This project is known to be one of the best Amazon projects on GitHub.

Sudoku Solver Python Project

When there is a talk about the best Python projects, how can you forget about the Sudoku solver Python project? In this project, you will learn how to build a Sudoku solver which utilizes the backtracking technique. Backtracking is a recursive technique that searches for every possible combination to help solve the problem.

Photo Manipulation in Python Project

In Photo Manipulation in Python Project, you will learn how to create an image filter and change the contrast, brightness, and blur of images. Before starting the project, you will need to download the starter files.

Markov Chain Text Composer Python Project

Markov chain text composer is one of the best Python projects through which you will learn about the Markov chain graph model and how it can be applied to the relationship of song lyrics. This project is a great introduction to artificial intelligence in Python.

Pong Python Project

In Pong Python Project you will learn how to recreate the classic pong game in Python. You will be working with the OS and turtle Python modules which are great for creating graphics for games.

Snake Python Project

Who does not miss that classic snake game everyone used to play on their keypad mobile? If are feeling nostalgic the snake python project will allow you to learn how to recreate the classic snake game in Python. This project uses Object-oriented programming and Pygame, which is a popular Python module for creating games.

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