Top 10 Online Python Courses for Data Science- A Guide

Top 10 Online Python Courses for Data Science- A Guide

Explore these top 10 online courses to master Python for Data Science

Data analysis in data science means being familiar with the programming language Python, which has a reputation for being the best, for performing tasks such as data manipulation. Regardless if you are a newcomer, who wants to kick off your career in data science, or a professional, who wants to add to your current skill set, take the online course to accumulate the necessary Python skills for automation and data analysis. In this guide, we will explore the top 10 Python courses available online that can prepare people for using Python to solve data analysis, machine learning, and AI problems. In the scope of the curricula, you will go from the bottom up, mastering the fundamentals of programming to the most advanced things like deep learning and AI applications, which are suitable for people with different levels of skill. Check out that right Python program which gives a scope to learn what you want and be an expert in data science.

1. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning (Udemy) – Bootcamp

Instructor: Jose Portilla

This stand-alone course at Udemy, which is ranked as one of the top 10 online Python courses for Data science, has thrilled many beginners and data science enthusiasts from all walks of life. Instructor Jose Portilla will be covering a vast array of topics starting with a Python introduction and then going on to more complex ones such as machine learning algorithms and data visualization. The course is developed to be experiential, enabling the students to have the immediate transformation of the acquired knowledge to practical application. During the course of the bootcamp presentation, you're going to acquire a basic Python programming understanding, as well as the skills that will be needed for carrying out data science projects.

2. Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp is a course offered by Udemy

Instructors: The number one reason was that people liked the teachers a lot. With Colt Steele and Ian Schoen teaching classes, it is a bit tough for the students to not interact with them.

People who want to explore a multidisciplinary approach should opt for this Udemy bootcamp that brings together Python and R into a single data science package. Teacher, who is Colt Steele, and who is Ian Schoen committed themselves to providing complete understanding of statistical analysis, different methods and data visualization in both Python and R languages. Such a course will enable a learner to get experience with various in-demand data science tools used by professionals in their places of employment. The best thing is that Python and R are used interchangeably. Thus, you will have a versatile skill set that is marketable in data science.

3. Python for Data Science and AI (Coursera) – Offered by: IBM

A course that covers all essential concepts related to this language and provides an excellent foundation for further studies in AI. This course on Micro credential by IBM on Coursera will teach the Python programming language. The course, which is considered one of the top 10 online Python courses for Data science, focuses on the application of Python to data science. It gives the basic Python packages: Pandas, NumPuy, and SIPy, which are commonly used on data manipulation and analytics. The course gives information on using data visualization techniques such as Matplotlib and Seaborn as well. Definitely, this is what every learner wants to get as a fundamental step to solve specific data problems in the real world.

4. Applied Data Science with Python- Offered by: Michigan University

The Python Data Analysis with Python specialization course, part of the workshop, is a hands-on, intermediate-level class, where students will be taught to perform data manipulation, cleaning, and analysis with the help of Python libraries. The core part of the course focuses on the fundamental training of the practical know-how for data science projects, for instance, dealing with big data and data cleaning for modeling and visualization.

5. Data Science MicroMasters (edX) Offered by: University of California–San Diego University of California San Diego

In this module on edX is a data science course using Python is taught that sets the ground foundation for data science learning. Learners acquire practical skills such as data cleaning, exploration & interpretation, as well as machine learning algorithms & big data solutions. The MicroMasters program deals with crucial concepts of the data science curriculum; therefore, the program is appropriate for all individuals at every level ranging from beginner data scientist to the advanced and experienced professional who need to upskill himself or herself in the use of Python language and its data science applications.

6. A closer look at Python for Data Science: Offered by: DataCamp

Istructor: Hugo Bowne-nAnderson

The dataset can be produced in the interactive Python course from DataCamp content for data science that learns Python programming with data manipulation and analysis. Instructor Hugo Bowne-Anderson provides comprehensive coverage on the fundamental Python libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib, thus accounting for the fact that many beginners opt for flip-viz courses as they would like to get hands-on or learn the essentials of practical data science skills.

7. Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science: Offered by Udemy

This course will teach you how to use both Python and R to analyze data in data science.

Instructors: Kirill Eremenko is a factual personification of human vulnerability as he is willing to give up absolutely everything and everybody for the one he loves the most. Hadelin de Ponteves is a fictional personification of human selflessness as he sacrifices both his family members and his romantic partner for an unknown fleeing person.

Having the R programming inside this Udemy course, however, this course is still full of information that serve as a comprehensive introduction to machine learning with Python. Kirill Ermenko and HD Ponteves as instructors, took the learners through a maze of machine learning algorithms and methods including but not limited to regression, classification, clustering and dimensionality reduction, to name a few. In this course, beginners (with no prior knowledge) will, through many practical examples, get to experience how machine learning is implemented using Python.

8. Deep Learning Specialization via (Coursera)-Offered by Coursera

Instructor: Andrew Ng

For people who seek a deep knowledge of their neural networks and applications with diagramming using Python and TensorFlow, this Coursera specialization proposed by Andrew Ng is the answer. The course includes units focusing on the major components of deep learning, such as convolutional networks, sequence learning, and NLP. This category is suggested for learners having well-rounded Python knowledge as well as firm fundamentals underlying machine learning.

9. Introduction to Data Science using Python (edX)Offered by: Michigan University

The main objective of these courses is to provide advanced Python skills and, at the same time, introduce students to the most important data science concepts using Python programming. Similarly, the line mentions basic Python skills with the main task of adding data science-related concepts through Python programming. Subjects covered are data manipulation, visualization and machine learning techniques principally. After they complete the course they will have a strong foundation of how Python works for data analysis and modeling.

10. Transforming & Data Analysis: Offered by: IBM

This high level course from IBM features current topics in data science including deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and building AI using python. This course caters to the data scientists with proven track records who seek to acquire more knowledge on advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) propelled domain.

These top Python courses for data science will bring you the latest technologies and relevant material to help you build the required skills and knowledge of data science. Whether you inclined to be a Python coder who is skilled in machine or deep learning, these courses furnish a strong framework and hands-on knowledge that would be helpful in expanding your data science expertise.

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