Top 10 Github Repositories to Learn Data Science in 2022

Top 10 Github Repositories to Learn Data Science in 2022

If you are aiming to learn data science faster, these top 10 GitHub repositories will be your best guide.

Since its creation, GitHub has been known to be the dwelling place for software engineers. But as data grew exponentially and languages such as Python and JavaScript became popular, GitHub has become a place for the massive community of data science enthusiasts and professionals. Repositories refer to storage places where one can keep their project files. Github is such an online host where you can store code files, text files as well as image files. GitHub is a platform where programmers from all parts of the world share their code. It's a place for collaboration, learning, skill-building and so much more. But GitHub is more than just a place to share code, it's also a place to share resources. Here are the top 10 GitHub Repositories that would help you to learn data science in 2022.

Awesome Data Science

By: Fatih Aktürk, Hüseyin Mert & Osman Ungur, Recep Erol

This repo is hands down the best collection of resources on Data Science. It covers almost all aspects of learning Data Science, starting with the aspect of motivation which explains the why for Data Science. Then comes visual infographics that help beginners understand the entire pathway of Data Science. The rest are resources such as data sets, bloggers, podcasts, books, competitions, etc. This repo It's super helpful for those who are new to Data Science and will definitely help ease the learning curve.


By: MrMimic Data Science roadmap by Swami Chandrasekaran

This repo is inspired by a roadmap of data science skills by Swami Chandrasekaran. It contains the whole package of what it takes to become a data scientist, from the fundamentals, statistics, and programming to machine learning, data visualization, and data munging. There's also a folder for tools data scientists use in their work.

Data Science Best Resources

By: Tirthajyoti Sarkar

As mentioned in the readme.MD, this repo is a trove of carefully curated resources and links (on the topics of software, platforms, language, techniques, etc.) related to data science, all in one place. It has all sorts of resources AI articles, Amazon web service, blogs, books, articles, MOOCs, visualizations, Neural Networks, Cloud computing, REST API, time series and so much more.

Data Science Cheat-sheets

By: Asif Bhat

As the repo name suggests, this repo contains cheat sheets for everything Data Science. Cheat sheets are great for beginners to get into a topic in an intuitive manner and get a glimpse of the topic they're diving into. These cheat sheets include topics such as AI, Big Data, Data wrangling, Git, Interview questions, Machine Learning, Numpy, etc.


By: Favio André Vázquez

This is another repo with a great collection of cheat sheets for Data Science. It's a smaller list compared to the previous repo but it doesn't hurt to have more cheat sheets available in your Data Science resources bank. However, this repo has interesting cheat sheets on topics such as business science, R, SQL, Data visualization and etc.


By: jb

This repo started off as a resource trove for the creator, but it ended up becoming a curated list of data science topics and high-quality resources after realizing how popular Data Science has become. The initial goal was to cover the technical aspects of Data Science, such as programming, data pipeline and tools, and machine learning. But since Data Science is being implemented in businesses around the world, topics such as data science teams, use-cases, and career paths are also covered. This repo is for those looking to both learn data science and plan their career for their future with the given career resources.

Data Science Blogs

By: Artem Golubin

This repo contains a massive list of data science blogs for you to learn about everything Data Science. The list is ordered alphabetically for easy navigation and the link is right beside the title of the blog. Data Science blogs are great for explanations, advice, tips and tricks, and end-to-end tutorial and projects. A few prominent blogs featured are Analytics Vidhya, Data Science Dojo Blog, Drew Conway, FastML and etc.


By: Yu Wu

This repo contains free resources for learning data science and big data. It starts off with an introduction to what Data Science is, then about Data processing and Data Analysis, Statistics, Machine Learning, and lastly, applications of Data Science. A good thing about this repo is there are beginner, intermediate, and veteran tags beside each resource, ensuring you are learning according to your level. This repo is for those looking for free data science resources and a crash course on Data Science.


By: Learn Data Sci

This repo contains a list of free data science books. Books are amazing to learn about Data Science because you are learning about the why before doing the how, which is important for a complex topic such as Data Science. Each of these links brings you to the pdf file for the books, and you can start reading them for free. This repo is for those looking for free books about Data Science.


By: Leonard

This repo is a list of DevOps guides, scripts, and tutorials. There is a category for Data Science from beginners to the advanced levels, Python programming, Linux tutorials, git, code editors, and machine learning. These tutorials come in the form of articles, youtube videos, online courses, etc. This repo is more for Data Science enthusiasts looking to learn how to code.

GitHub repositories are like treasure troves of valuable resources that can kickstart your Data Science journey. With the plethora of free resources above, you are well-equipped to learn about data science with your very own curriculum.

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