Top 10 Data Science Training Institutes in India 2023

Top 10 Data Science Training Institutes in India 2023

The top 10 data science training institutes in India 2023 where you can enroll and learn new skills

One of the most in-demand skills in the modern world is data science training. Data scientists are in high demand because they can discover new techniques for processing data, analyzing data, and building mathematical models. However, the need for talent continues to outpace the supply, and data science training institutes are here for it.

Many data science training institutes in India 2023 are currently assisting students in acquiring the skills needed to become data scientists. Don't worry if you are unsure of who to contact and believe that your perplexity is growing as a result of the abundance of data science training institutions around. You should read this article since it lists the top 10 data science training institutions in India where you may enroll and gain new knowledge.

1. Madrid Software

One of the top universities in India to attend for a data science education is Madrid Software. You can sign up for any of the new models that they are developing, depending on your preferences.

Course Duration: The duration of the course is dependent on the specialization students choose. It is as follows:

Advanced-Data Science Course: 6 months

Master's Program in Data Science: 8 months

PG Program in Data Science: 12 months

 2. UpGrad

When looking for a training center for data science in India, UpGrad is a well-known name. Students can choose from a variety of data science specializations that are being developed, depending on their preferences. You can select any of the courses and understand the results of them, ranging from prerequisite material to a specialist in data engineering.

 Course Duration: Executive PG Programme in Data Science: 12 months.

3. Great Learning

Courses in data science and business analytics provide excellent learning and aid students in developing successful careers. This course is specifically created for people who are complete beginners in the subject and have never acquired the necessary abilities. Enroll yourself here if you're interested in learning about the results of data science.

Course Duration: PG program in data science training and business analytics: 9 months.

MS in Data Science Program: 7 months

PGP data Science training and Business Analytics: 6 months

 4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the top training programs for data science. The program they are developing is a master's program in partnership with IBM.

 Course Duration: The duration of the master's course is 12 months.

5. Analytixlabs

Concerning data science courses in India, Analytixlabs is developing a variety of models. People are starting from scratch when they begin learning for the data science course here.

 Course Duration: The duration of this course is 138 hours, along with 74 hours of e-learning.

6. Henry Harvin

The list of institutions offering data science courses in India also includes Henry Harvin. The fact that they are partnered with industry leaders in education and students will receive the Henry Harvin brand with their credentials is the main factor influencing their decision.

 Course Duration: The duration of this course is 12 months.

 7. Jigsaw Academy

For a very long time, Jigsaw Academy has been offering data science training in India. They provide a variety of certification-integrated curricula and certification programs that take data science into account. Simply complete the course, then apply for a variety of employment.

 Course Duration: The duration of the course starts at 6 months and lasts up to 12 months.

8. Excelr

You can take a data science course from beginner to advanced level using Excelr. They are developing self-paced classroom and online certification courses where you can enroll and obtain the necessary skills. Additionally, you can start learning the skills right away in a dedicated placement cell that is in a corporation with more than 150 firms.

 Course Duration: The duration of the course is 6 months.

9. Scaler

When we look for the top data science institutes in India, one of the institutions that always makes the list is Scaler Data Science Institute.

 Course Duration: The duration of the course will last for 12+ months.

10. Innomatics

The final company on the list and provider of the IBM-accredited data science program is Innomatics. The best thing is that students will have lifetime access to the LMS, and they will be trained up until the time they are placed. Students will receive the IBM certification so they can apply for jobs in any of the reputable industries in their area.

 Course Duration: The duration of the course will be 200+ hours.

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