Top 10 Data Science Leaders to follow on LinkedIn in 2024

LinkedIn's Top 10 Data Science Leaders for 2024: Must-Follow Profiles
Top 10 Data Science Leaders to follow on LinkedIn in 2024

Presently, Data is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our life and digital culture. From ordering food to making flight reservations, it is the cornerstone of every technology. Not only has it revolutionized our day-to-day activities it has also simplified our lives, all thanks to Big Data and Machine Learning. All these innovations were made possible by the masterminds who tirelessly worked to bring about this revolution. For someone who is a beginner in data science and is intrigued by more knowledge, staying in touch with the innovations and trends is beneficial. Let’s briefly discuss the top 10 data science leaders on LinkedIn. 

Top 10 Data Science Leaders in 2024 

Here is the list of the top 10 Data Science Leaders in 2024 that one should follow on LinkedIn. 

1. JOSE MARCIAL PORTILLA: Known for his Python for Machine Learning and Data Science BootCamp, Jose is currently the Head of Data Science in Pierian Data Inc. he provides consultation services in data science and programming for companies like Fortune 500. He also has Machine Learning courses that help data science students that are willing to learn data science.

2. KOO PIN SHUNG: Koo Ping Shung is a giant in the data science community. He is the co-founder of DataScience SG. He frequently speaks about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, how you can build a business by analyzing Big Data, and the best learning sources for Data Scientists. He can be credited with the title of a walking encyclopedia of Machine Learning and AI information, and he also happened to manage the 2015 Earth Hour project. He is one of the top 10 Data Science Leaders on the LinkedIn platform. 

3. FEI FEI LI: Professor of data science at Stanford University is Fei-Fei Li. She was the driving force behind the ImageNet project, which was directed by Princeton University academics, and has over 180 papers in the field of data science to her credit. She formerly held the position of Chief Data Scientist at Google, and she is interested in creating ambient intelligent systems for healthcare that are based on cognitive machine learning, computer vision, and AI.

4. BEN TAYLOR: with 13 years of experience in Machine Learning, Ben is greatly interested in domains like Natural language processing, deep learning and data science. He joined HireVue as a data scientist and specializes in genetic programming and automated network design.

5. ERIC WEBER: Head of experimentation at Yelp, Eric Weber teaches how to effectively adopt the mindset of data scientist. He also talks about how it is crucial to strike a balance between theory and practical applications. Equipped with an MBA degree, Eric makes numerous appearances in podcasts, conferences and webinar related to Data science and its various aspects.

6. KEVIN TRAN: A graduate from Stanford University, Kevin has more than 7 years of expertise in data science and engineering. Some of its career projects that are worth mentioning include, Scikit-learn, pandas, Matpotib. He is currently working as a senior data scientist for the University and is a major contributor to companies like Dropbox, Google, and Analyst.

7. GEOFFREY HILTON: Hailed as the Godfather of Deep Learning Geoffry Hilton has done exceptional work in the field of neural networks. He has spend a majority of his time working for University of Toronto and Google. He has a PhD in AI and is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh.

8. DEAN ABBOTT: Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist of SmarterHQ, Dean Abbott has pioneered innovative data science solutions in business and research fields. He invented machine learning models for fraud detection systems, survey analysis, missile guidance etc. He is a data mining expert and runs Abott Analytics website.

9. MERV ADRIAN: With more than 30 years of expertise in the IT industry, Merv Adrian serves as Vice President of Gartner.  He has worked as a lead analyst at Microsoft, and his area of interest is building cloud-based technologies. Merv actively expresses his opinions regarding the effects of data security on information platforms and is a supporter of open source machine learning technologies. Merv has worked with a variety of machine learning platforms, including Spark, relational and non-relational DBMS, and Apache Hadoop.

10. ANDREW NG: At Baidu, Andrew Ng served as the Chief Data Scientist. He was in charge of the Google Brain Project and the author of several Deep Learning articles. American entrepreneur Andrew is the creator of Landing AI. With the help of SaaS products and AI solutions from Landing AI, businesses can grow up and meet or surpass their customers' expectations. He is a genius at what he does and a magician at applying Deep Learning algorithms to turn business needs into workable solutions.

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