How to Learn Java From Scratch in 2021?

How to Learn Java From Scratch in 2021?

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a Java developer is $79,137. If you want to earn well and are interested in the field of programming then consider learning Java. Java is and is going to remain one of the most dominating programming languages as it is used to code Android apps and back-end development projects.

Read this article to get information on which steps should you take to learn Java from scratch.

Choose Your Way of Learning

Today there are dozens of learning ways available online, you just have to pick up a few that suit you the best. Below we've listed some of the most effective methods and resources.

Online Courses

• CodeGym: Practice by completing 1200+ programming tasks that are related to Java. Java Fundamentals by CodeGym is an amazing way to learn Java from the scratch. You solve the tasks and get the result immediately along with your progress report. The other great feature of the course is the Android app so you can learn wherever you are.

• Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers (Udemy): Here you will find detailed videos which are explained by well-known professors from reputable universities and a variety of other resources to help you understand the concepts of Java.

• LinkedIn Learning: These nine lessons will help you learn the fundamentals of programming with Java by solving common Java programming challenges.


If you like reading, books are an amazing way to learn how to code Java step by step. Some of the top books to understand Java and its concepts are:

• Modern Java in Action: It is the revised version of Manning's best-selling "Java 8 in Action". This book enhances your knowledge by linking the latest features of Java to real-life examples. Also, you will get knowledge about recent innovations like Stream API, and Java module system.

• Core Java Volume 1 and 2: It is the second-best book for beginners to comprehend the concepts of Java written by Cay S. Horstmann. However, this book is ideal for those who already know C++ language as the author has compared the constructor, template, and generic of C++ language with Java. Therefore you must be good at C++ to grasp the information of this book.

 Head First Java: Another great book for beginners to acquire the concepts of Java but the information is quite old. It is explaining about Java 1.5 which is nearly 12 years old and Java SE8 has many new features and additions. So we can say that it's still an efficient resource but needs to be revised according to the latest innovations.


If you like to study in a group and understand concepts in a better way while discussing a topic with your fellows then you can consider joining a bootcamp program which is an intensive programming training. You can try Coding Dojo as it's one of the best bootcamps where you can learn not only Java but also other programming languages.

Set a Goal For Yourself

It is essential to decide what exactly you're aiming to achieve. Use the SMART approach while setting your goal. The intention should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. For instance," I'll learn Java objectives till 20th March".

You can split your final goal into a few so it's easier to move step by step. Track your progress constantly so you can see what you've already achieved and how far you are from your final goal.

Practice Regularly

Regular practice is essential when you plan to learn Java. You must start by doing simple tasks, writing down code on a piece of paper, and showing them to a professional who can review it and inform you about your progress.

Ask for Help

Look out for a decent platform on the internet for software developers, or find a mentor who can help and guide you. Visit forums like Quora, Reddit, and the help section at CodeGym; ask out all your confusions.

Programming communities are usually friendly and open for newbies. So, never hesitate to ask as the main goal is to find the solution.

Don't Delay Your Job Search

Don't wait till the end of the entire course, you can start searching for a job as soon as you learn fundamental technologies that are required for a job.

Send CVs and plan meetings along with completing your course. You may even get a position in a company before the time you finish your study.

Wrap Up

Learning Java is not easy but with the right resources and loads of dedication, the learning path can be crossed successfully. You can purchase a book that covers primary concepts of Java, join a bootcamp, or enroll in an online course. Combining different methods, you'll get a more versatile view and experience.

Aside from that, it's good to set specific goals to master your Java skills in a more consistent way.

Whenever you face a problem ask it out on reputable forums and communities, and you will surely find help. Lastly, start looking for your dream job as soon as you are halfway through your learning path. These tips will help you learn Java from scratch in 2021.

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