Data Science Intern Jobs in Canada: Apply Today

Data Science Intern Jobs in Canada: Apply Today

Looking to make your Data Science portfolio stand out? Explore what Canada has to offer

In the 21st century, data science is recognized as one of the most in-demand fields. It combines skills from mathematics, statistics, computer science, and domain knowledge to extract insights from data and solve complex problems. If you are interested in pursuing a career in data science, an internship is a great way to gain hands-on experience and learn from experts. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best data science intern jobs in Canada that you can apply for today. Whether you are looking for a summer data science internship or a year-long placement, there is something for everyone. Read on to find out more.

Summer Internship Program 2024

Company: Merck Canada

Job Description: This data science job for the Summer Internship Program 2024 invites applicants to express interest, signaling the release of official openings in January 2024. The program offers diverse experiences, project involvement, and cross-functional collaboration. Applicants are expected to embody a growth mindset, demonstrating a passion for innovation, bilingual proficiency, and the ability to commit to the entire summer. The role promises a competitive salary, internship allowance, mentoring, and networking opportunities, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

Data Quality and Analytics Co-op Student/Intern

Company: McCains Food (Canada)

Job Description: McCain Foods is seeking a Data Quality & Analytics Co-op Student or Intern to join their Toronto-based Analytical and Data Science team for a 4-month term starting May 2024. The role involves developing automated data tools, ensuring data quality, and creating insights-driven analytics. Candidates will gain hands-on experience in consolidating and transforming raw data, using SQL and Python, and collaborating with various teams. This internship offers exposure to meaningful projects, a flexible work environment, and the opportunity to connect with McCain's student community across North America. Applicants should be pursuing degrees in Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or Engineering.

Data Science Intern- Summer 2024

Company: Altair

Job Description: The Data Scientist role here involves delivering impactful analytics to clients, demanding a blend of technical, business, and interpersonal skills. Interns will contribute to the entire service delivery process, from research to strategic deployment of analytics, working closely with experienced data scientists. Responsibilities encompass analysis, predictive modeling, and presenting findings. Candidates, pursuing a relevant master's degree, should have a strong quantitative background, proficiency in machine learning techniques, and Python.

Data Science Intern (Winter 2024 or Summer 2024)

Company: Guardian Capital Group

Job Description: As a Data Science Intern at Guardian Capital Group Limited, you'll actively contribute to the development of proprietary R&D infrastructure and risk analytics for fixed income investment. Working closely with the Fixed Income Team in a dynamic market environment, you'll engage in quantitative research, model development, and the enhancement of systematic investment workflows. Key responsibilities include maintaining data integrity, collaborating with external vendors, and participating in ad hoc projects to automate and improve investment management processes. Ideal candidates, enrolled in relevant postgraduate programs, should possess coding skills, proficiency in Python, and a keen interest in finance.

Co-op, Data Science

Company: Nutrien

Job Description: Nutrien's Co-op, Data Science position in Calgary offers an exciting 12-16-month opportunity beginning May 2024. Reporting to the Director, NPK Digital Transformation, the co-op collaborates with teams, Nutrien experts, and contributes to the development of hardware/software architecture. Responsibilities include acquiring Potash business insights, maintaining knowledge of existing systems, and supporting Data Scientists in deploying solutions using data science techniques. Applicants enrolled in a 2 to 4-year Computer Science program can apply.

Student Intern, Data Analyst & Quote Controller

Company: Celestica

Job Description: Celestica's 16-month internship offers a unique opportunity in the Indirect Procurement team, combining data analytics and communication roles. Interns will engage in global data trend analysis, reporting to senior leaders, and act as a pivotal link in the procurement process. Skills development includes data visualization, Python, PowerApps, and database management. Ideal candidates in 3rd or 4th year, specializing in Data Science, Statistics, Commerce/Finance, or Social Sciences, should exhibit analytical prowess, effective communication, and time management. Familiarity with Python/R, SQL, Power BI, and finance/accounting is advantageous. The internship emphasizes collaboration, skill enhancement, and participation in Celestica's volunteer programs.

Data Science Intern

Company: Analysis Group, Inc.

Job Description: Analysis Group is seeking a Data Science Intern passionate about cutting-edge research. This role involves developing tools, methodologies, and high-performance computing solutions. Interns will contribute to client engagements, collaborating with world-class experts. Responsibilities include addressing data science challenges, exploring technology opportunities, and staying current with advancements. Projects range from machine learning systems to database optimization and interactive analytics portals. Qualifications include pursuing an advanced degree, Linux proficiency, database management experience, and Python/R skills. The internship encourages innovation, collaboration, and staying abreast of evolving data science technologies.

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