40 Under 40 Innovators in Data Science

40 Under 40 Innovators in Data Science

As the digital age accelerates, data science stands at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative changes across industries. The year 2024 marks a pivotal moment in this journey, with data scientists emerging as the architects of the future, harnessing the power of data to unlock new frontiers. These innovators are not just number crunchers or code wizards; they are visionaries who blend analytical prowess with creative thinking to solve complex problems and generate groundbreaking insights.

The Rise of Data Science in 2024

The realm of data science has expanded beyond traditional boundaries, and its practitioners are now integral to fields as diverse as healthcare, finance, environmental science, and beyond. They employ advanced algorithms, machine learning techniques, and predictive analytics to anticipate trends, personalize experiences, and make decisions that shape the economic and social fabric of our world.

In 2024, the innovators in data science have taken center stage, propelled by a surge in technological advancements and an ever-increasing pool of data. They are the silent heroes behind the scenes, turning the deluge of information into actionable strategies and tangible benefits. Their work is characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to ethical standards, ensuring that the power of data is used for the greater good.

40 Under 40 Data Science Innovators 

1. Aditi Kalra

Senior Manager Data Science 

Company Name: slice

Aditi Kalra, the Senior Manager of Data Science at Slice, is a dynamic IT industry leader. With her background in data science, she leads strategic initiatives at Slice, using insights from data to drive development in the cutthroat fintech market. Her efforts have a significant influence on the bitcoin industry.

2. Akash Kaul

Head–Applied Data Science 

Company Name: Tesco Business Solutions

Akash Kaul, the Head of Applied Data Science at Tesco Business Solutions, is a trailblazing person in the data science industry. His creative use of data science concepts has greatly improved Tesco's business solutions. Kaul is a prominent person in the business because of his strategic thoughts and leadership, which have been crucial in propelling Tesco's expansion and success in the market. Many in the field are still motivated by his efforts.

3. Anantha Krishna Rajpurohit

Associate Director – Data Science 

Company Name: Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Anantha Krishna Rajpurohit is the Associate Director of Data Science at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. His function is crucial in utilizing data-driven tactics to propel the company's expansion. His proficiency in data science makes him an indispensable member of the team. His work has had a significant impact on how Zee will provide entertainment in the future.

4. Anil Goyal

Principal Data Scientist 

Company Name: Housing.com

Anil Goyal serves as Housing.com's Principal Data Scientist. His work is essential to the company's ability to use data to inform strategic objectives. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in data science, he helps make wise judgments that advance the business. His efforts are essential to Housing.com's goal of harnessing data-driven insights to transform the real estate sector.

5. Deepak Yadav

Senior Data Scientist 

Company Name: Commonwealth Bank

Deepak Yadav is a Senior Data Scientist at Commonwealth Bank. His job entails applying cutting-edge data analysis methods to provide insightful reports that inform the bank's strategic choices. His proficiency in data science is essential to improving the bank's offerings and clientele's experience. His efforts are crucial to Commonwealth Bank's continued dominance in the banking sector.

6. Garvit Arya

Senior Data Analytics Engineer 

Company Name: Google

Garvit Arya is a Senior Data Analytics Engineer at Google. His job is to analyze large, intricate datasets to get meaningful insights that inform Google's strategic plans. His in-depth knowledge of engineering and data analytics aids in optimizing Google's goods and services. Garvit's contributions are crucial to Google's continued standing as a leader in innovation and technology worldwide.

7. Itti Singh

AVP, Head of Analytics Advisory DLL

Company Name: Landmark Group

Itti Singh is the AVP and Head of Analytics Advisory DLL at the Landmark Group. Because of her extensive history in analytics, she is vital to the organization's adoption of data-driven decision-making procedures. Her specialty is using data to reveal strategic insights, which has a major positive impact on the expansion and profitability of the business. The industry holds her leadership in the analytics field in high respect.

8. Manu Joseph

Staff Data Scientist 

Company Name: Walmart Global Tech

Manu Joseph is a staff data scientist at Walmart Global Tech. He plays a vital role in the organization's use of data to inform its strategic decisions. His proficiency in data science makes a substantial contribution to the company's technical progress. His job entails taking data-driven insights and using them to enhance company procedures. In the industry, his contributions to the subject of data science are highly regarded.

9. Mukul Jain

Principal Data Scientist 

Company Name: Bajaj Finserv Health

Mukul Jain is a Principal Data Scientist at Bajaj Finserv Health. He is renowned for his proficiency in using data-driven insights to promote performance and company improvement. Implementing AI solutions, predictive modeling, and intricate data analysis are all part of his profession. His efforts improve patient care and services, which has a significant influence on the healthcare industry. He is an invaluable member of the team due to his technical expertise and leadership abilities.

10. Nakul Puri

Senior Director of Analytics – APAC 

Company Name: Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

At Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Nakul Puri serves as the Senior Director of Analytics for the Asia-Pacific area. He is a key player in driving data analytics strategies and activities throughout the region. His specialty is turning unprocessed data into valuable insights that organizations may use to make wise decisions. His leadership in the analytics industry greatly contributes to BCG's development and success in the APAC area.

11. Nimai Chand Das Adhikari

Senior Data Scientist 

Company Name: Microsoft

Nimai Chand Krishna Adhikari is Microsoft’s Senior Data Scientist with over 12 years of Experience in Data Science. Named one of the Top 40 Under 40 Data Scientists of 2024, Nimai has published over 20+ papers and created 15+ products across different domains. He is a data scientist who has won several awards, has published over 20 papers, and created 15+ cost-efficient products in various fields such as healthcare, computer vision, supply chain, energy, defence space image processing, and medicine.

12. Rafat Siddiqui

People Analytics – Data Scientist 

Company Name: Shell India

Rafat Siddiqui is a Data Scientist with extensive experience in People Analytics. She has demonstrated proficiency in Statistical tools, Data Mining, and Machine Learning models. Demonstrated track record of providing data-driven solutions to complex business challenges using Machine Learning techniques such as XGBooost. A leading contributor to the global center of excellence - people insights team based in Bengaluru. Demonstrated expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Consulting, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Looking to leverage this experience to bring innovation and impact in a demanding role.

13. Kumar Abhishek

Data Scientist-Product Analytics 

Company Name: Expedia Group

As a Data Scientist at Expedia Group, Kumar Abhishek specializes in Product Analytics. He is well-versed in using data science methodologies for product insights and strategy development. Kumar excels in analyzing large data sets, developing predictive models, and transforming complex data into business solutions. His unique combination of technical knowledge and business acumen allows him to provide impactful analytical solutions for product innovation and growth.

14. Ravindra Patil

Senior Director and Practice Leader – Data Science 

Company Name: Tredence Inc.

Ravindra Patil serves as a Senior Director and Practice Leader in Data Science at Tredence Inc. He is proficient in spearheading data science projects and making strategic choices based on insights derived from data. He also creates sophisticated analytics solutions, oversees teams, and encourages creativity. His distinctive mix of leadership abilities and technical knowledge allows him to provide effective data science solutions that propel business expansion and productivity.

15. Rohit Jain

General Manager Analytics & Senior Data Scientist 

Company Name: Niva Bupa Health Insurance

Niva Bupa Health Insurance’s General Manager Analytics and Senior Data Scientist, Rohit Jain, is based in New Delhi, India. Prior to Niva Bupa, Rohit worked at Times Internet. He was also a part of the Apollo Munich Health Insurance. Rohit is an award-winning data scientist, having received the ‘40 Under 40’ Data Scientists Award for Excellence in Data Science. Rohit completed his B.Tech.(Software Engineering)from Delhi Technological University.

16. Shivani Sharma

Vice President

Company Name: Barclays

Shivani Sharma is a Vice President at Barclays and a known leader in AI and advanced analytics. Shivani has over 16+ years of experience working with global leaders such as KPMG, BS, EXL, and Genpact1. Shivani is an expert in Climate risk, underwriting, fraud, customer management, risk advisory, and banking.

17. Urvinder Singh 

Associate General Manager- Data Science

Company Name: Linde APAC

Urvinder Singh is the associate general manager of data science at Linde APAC. He is a dynamic leader and innovator. He manages data science activities for the Asia Pacific region. He has worked in a variety of industries, such as telecom, FMCG/CPG, Oil and gas, and Manufacturing. He has been awarded the' 40 under 40 data scientists’ and the ‘AI Changemaker Impact award’ by 3AI. 

18. Vaishnavi Kandala 

Principal NLP Scientist

Company Name: Tiger Analytics

Vaishnavi Kandala is the Head of NLP Research at Tiger Analytics, bringing more than a decade of expertise to her role. She guides the team focused on applying Generative AI in research and development. Her contributions have led to significant advancements in Natural Language Processing, including summarizing search results, analyzing emotions, identifying topics, and categorizing text. Her achievements in Generative AI span award-winning projects in practical applications of conversational bots, custom LLMs, RAGs, and autonomous agents.

19. Aman Jain

Director- Product Analytics & Experimentation 

Company Name: American Express

Aman Jain is the Director of Product Analytics and experimentation at American Express. He plays a crucial role in advancing product innovation through experimental design and data analytics. His job is to turn data into insights that may improve customer experience and product development. His analytical prowess and strategic leadership have had a significant impact on American Express's expansion and success.

20. Yugank Aman

Senior Director of Engineering, Data & India Site Head 

Company Name: PepsiCo

Yugank Aman is the Senior Director of Engineering, Data, and India Site Head at PepsiCo. He oversees the technical and data teams and drives technology innovations and data-driven initiatives. He is also responsible for managing operations in India to guarantee development and best practices. His proficiency in data analytics and engineering is essential to the development of PepsiCo's digital transformation in India.

21. Ashwini Chandrashekharaiah

Senior Manager, Data Science 

Company Name: Walmart Global Tech India

Ashwini Chandrashekharaiah is an experienced Senior Manager at Walmart Global Tech India, where she oversees data science efforts. With over a decade of experience, she has moved from developing Java/Oracle apps to leading enterprise-level machine learning technologies. Her work focuses on creating AI algorithms and machine learning solutions, accelerating data monetization, and cultivating a diverse workforce committed to innovation and Walmart's goal.

22. Balaji Jagan

Data Science Manager – Data Science (NLP)

Company Name: Allstate India

Balaji Jagan is an Associate Manager of Data Science at Allstate India, specializing in Natural Language Processing. Recognized as a top data scientist, he is noted for his unique analytics techniques and substantial contributions to the analytics field, including developing a data-native culture and delivering business insight.

23. Deepak Singh

Senior Principal – Products & Analytics

Company Name: Dr. Reddy’s

Deepak Singh, Senior Principal and Products & Analytics at Dr. Reddy's, is acknowledged for his strategic role in developing the company's analytics capabilities. His data science knowledge has helped drive innovation and offer practical business solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.

24. Anuja Ranjan

Vice President/Partner Financial Services 

Company Name: Fractal

Fractal's India consulting team for financial services is led by Anuja Ranjan, Vice President/Partner. She specializes in statistical modeling and predictive analytics, thanks to her extensive economics background and over a decade of AI expertise. Anuja's experience has been critical in transforming the financial services sector using AI-driven strategies, developing a data-native culture, and delivering substantial business insights and growth within the industry.

25. Gaurav Jain

Senior Manager 

Company Name: Adani Digital Labs

Gaurav Jain, a Senior Manager at Adani Digital Labs, is acknowledged for his services to the company's transformation team. His knowledge of data science and analytics has been instrumental in driving the digital transformation of Adani Group's consumer brands. Gaurav is part of a dynamic team focused on innovation and strategic growth, aiming to connect with a billion customers and make digital history.

26. Ishan Basu

Principal – Delivery 

Company Name: MathCo

Ishan Basu, Principal Delivery at MathCo, is recognized for his decade-long experience in global analytics consulting. He has developed unique analytics solutions for a variety of businesses, including CPG manufacturers, retailers, and insurance organizations on different continents. His creative leadership and inventive initiatives have considerably aided MathCo's growth, cementing his reputation as a driving force in the data science industry.

27. Nishant Prakash

Director-customer strategy & insights

Company Name: Gameskraft

Nishant Prakash, Director of Customer Strategy and Insights at Gameskraft, is a well-known figure in the gaming business. His business aptitude and extensive understanding of client behavior have helped shape Gameskraft's market strategy. With a focus on harnessing data for actionable insights, Nishant's leadership is propelling the firm forward and improving customers' gaming experience.

28. Setu Shah 

Global HCM Product Strategy Director

Company Name: Oracle

Setu Shah is Oracle's Global HCM Product Development Director, bringing over 18 years of expertise in project management and product development. His expertise includes SaaS-based cloud technologies, which contribute to Oracle's success in the HCM market. Setu is also a mentor, sharing his skills in product planning, management, and roadmap creation with growing entrepreneurs and industry experts.

29. Varsha Rani 

Senior Manager

Company Name: Genpact

Varsha Rani, a Senior Manager at Genpact, has been named one of India's leading data scientists under 40. Her creative approach to turning data into useful insights has established her as an analytics leader. She is recognized for her involvement in developing Genpact's data science skills and making important contributions to the analytics sector in India.

30. Venkat Raghavan 

Director of Analytics and Science 

Company Name: Tesco

Venkat Raghavan, Tesco's Director of Analytics and Science, is a respected leader with a 20-year career in analytics spanning India, the United States, and Europe. He has made substantial contributions to Tesco's strategy by building an Analytics Centre of Excellence and driving revolutionary projects in consumer personalization and demand forecasting. His team is acknowledged as a thought leader, and he received the Indian Achievers' Award 2024 for his contributions to the sector.

31. Shuddha Satwa Haldar

Director, Head of Analytics 

Company Name: Swiggy

Swiggy’s Director & Head of Analytics, Shuddha Satwa, has been in the foreground of thriving the data-driven methods and operational efficiencies. He has been at the center of driving analytics potentials at Swiggy. From predictive modeling to customer behavior analysis and real-time decision-making processes, Haldar’s interest and innovation in analytics have not only contributed to Swiggy delivering better service but have also improved the customer experience by providing customization options and speeding up response times. Haldar did not just focus on day-to-day operations. He also guides young data scientists and helps in creating a continuous learning and development culture within the analytics community.

32. Sattwati Kundu

Sr. Data Scientist and WW Data Science Manager 

Company Name: IBM India Software Labs

Sattwati-Kundu is a Senior Data Scientist and global Data Science Manager at IBM India Software Labs. She has been contributing her hands with IBM since 2018 and has supported innovations in applied analytics in the IoT. Her enriched industry experience covers over 14 years, comprising work with Shell, Schlumberger, and Jubilant Group in the Oil and Gas Upstream businesses. She holds multiple patents in the field of analytics. Her specialization in analytics and predictive modeling has been a core of her career, and her work has led to the expansion of integrated predictive subsurface models, which are essential for analyzing data.

33. Rajesh Parvathini 

Senior Director – Data Science 

Company Name: Tiger Analytics

Rajesh Parvathini is a Senior Director of Data Science at Tiger Analytics. He has substantial experience in strategies related to the brand positioning field, segmentation, choice modeling, and predictive analytics.  Rajesh has worked with UnitedHealth Group and Kantar Millward Brown, and he pursued his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Warangal. He has come up with a wealth of knowledge and experience for his role. His previous posts at UnitedHealth Group and Kantar Millward Brown have prepared him for data science applications in various business contexts. Rajesh's expertise is pivotal in driving Tiger Analytics' growth and innovation in the data science domain.

34. Akhil Behl

Head of Data Science

Company Name: Fractal

Akhil Behl is the Head of Data Science for North America at Fractal. He has 9 years of experience in using mathematical, statistical, and computational tools to figure out decision-making problems in industries like Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG), retail, insurance, and more. His proficiency and leadership are integral to Fractal's mission of revolutionizing the way businesses operate through data-driven insights and analytics.

35. Praveen Jesudhas

Director – Data Science

Company Name: Tiger Analytics

Praveen Jesudhas is the Director of Data Science at Tiger Analytics and was recognized with the 40 under 40 Data Scientists Award in 2023. He has a diverse background in data science and engineering and has led staff augmentation for a US-based Fortune 500 P&C insurer with over 50 members.

36. Hirdesh Khanna

Lead Data Scientist

Company Name: HDFC Bank

Hirdesh Khanna is the Lead Data Scientist at HDFC Bank. He has over 13 years of experience in applied analytics and has been instrumental in driving digital business transformation at the bank. He was also conferred as "Data Science Professional of the Year -2022" at the Future of Data and AI Summit.

37. Preetam Biswas

Head of Analytics 

Company Name: Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Preetam Biswas is the Head of Analytics at Aditya Birla Health Insurance. He has played a crucial role in making analytics-driven initiatives that have touched consumer, distribution, and revenue improvement in the BFSI & Telecom sectors. With a focus on innovation, Preetam has implemented front-line techniques like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Generative AI to drive business growth and transformation. His leadership in analytics has also contributed to Aditya Birla Health Insurance's preparedness for dynamic market changes.

38. Seema Nagar

Advisory Research Scientist 

Company Name: IBM Research, India

Seema Nagar is an Advisory Research Scientist at IBM Research, India. With 15 years of research experience in computer science, she has over 50 publications and more than 150 patents filed. She has been named a master inventor for two consecutive terms, highlighting her role as a leading figure in research and development. With over 15 years, Seema's work has significantly advanced the understanding and application of computer science, particularly in areas related to AI, machine learning, and social network analysis. 

39. Varsha Singh

Chief Manager – Data Scientist

Company Name: Reliance Securities

Varsha Singh is the Chief Manager and Data Scientist at Reliance Securities. She is essential to advancing decision-making based on facts. Her job entails creating prediction models, evaluating intricate datasets, and offering valuable insights. She has made notable contributions to the field of data science and analytics and has been recognized for her work. 

40. Nitin Gupta 

Manager Analytics Global Product Owner–Sales Analytics

Company Name: Mondelez Internation

Nitin Gupta is the manager of analytics and global product owner of sales analytics at Mondelez International. He leverages analytics to drive business insights and growth within the company. In addition to managing analytics, his responsibilities include analyzing sales data and offering insights that affect decision-making. He is a tremendous asset to Mondelez International since his analytics knowledge is essential to the development of the company's sales strategies.

Catalysts of Change Across Diverse Sectors

These data scientists are not just confined to tech giants or research labs; they are spread across startups, government agencies, and non-profits, each contributing unique perspectives and solutions. They are educators, sharing their expertise to nurture the next generation of data enthusiasts. They are advocates, pushing for transparency and fairness in data usage. They are pioneers, exploring the unknown and charting new courses with their innovative tools and methodologies.

The impact of their work is profound. In healthcare, data scientists are revolutionizing patient care through personalized medicine and early detection systems. In finance, they are enhancing security and enabling more innovative investments. In environmental science, they are providing insights that lead to sustainable practices and policies. Their influence extends to every corner of society, making the role of a data scientist, not just a job but a calling.

As we look to the future, the innovators in data science will continue to be the driving force behind technological progress and societal advancement. Their ability to extract meaning from complexity and to foresee the implications of data-driven decisions will be crucial in navigating the challenges of the 21st century. They are the unsung heroes, the thinkers, the doers, the dreamers who are shaping our world, one dataset at a time.


In 2024, the field of data science is more vibrant and essential than ever. It is a field where curiosity meets capability, where innovation is not just encouraged but expected. The innovators in data science are redefining what is possible, proving that with the right tools and the right minds, data can be the key to unlocking a better future for all. As we stand on the cusp of discoveries and applications, one thing is clear: the innovators in data science are not just part of the story but they are writing it. And their next chapter promises to be even more exciting than the last.

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