10 Companies Offering Remote Data Science Jobs

10 Companies Offering Remote Data Science Jobs

10 Companies Offering Remote Data Science Jobs in Charge of making sense of digital data

10 Companies Offering Remote Data Science Jobs in charge of making sense of digital data are fantastic prospects for competent candidates seeking a virtual job. If you wish to work remotely in a data science job, there are chances in fields other than technology, such as education, health care, sales, and information technology.

  1. Amazon: Amazon is a Fortune 500 firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and the world's largest online retailer. Amazon offers books, e-books, music, movies, furniture, home products, fashion, gadgets, and much more through its online marketplace.

  2. Andela: Andela is a privately held IT engineering organization that offers corporations extended teams from Africa. Andela's team builders, problem solvers, technologists, and non-technologists work across boundaries to support engineering teams, to invest in tomorrow's leaders.

  3. Clover Health: Clover Health makes healthcare work by committing to improving and innovating how the sector approaches insurance and health care in the United States. Clover Health offers Medicare solutions that combine with nurse practitioners, doctors, and clinicians.

  4. Coalition: Coalition is a cybersecurity firm that works with customers to assist businesses prevent and manage losses. Coalition assists small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide in managing cyber risk by providing up to $10 million in insurance coverage as well as free cybersecurity solutions.

  5. Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg's 2004 social networking startup, Facebook, brings together millions of individuals from all over the world to share in an open, safe online arena.

  6. Lime: Lime offers smart mobility solutions to revolutionize how people move around cities and campuses worldwide. Lime provides electric-assist bicycles and electric scooters, enabling consumers to promote urban sustainability by providing more efficient and economical mobility choices.

  7. LogicPulm: LogicPlum helps firms strengthen their competitive edge and exploit enterprise data by leveraging machine learning, data science, and automation. LogicPlum is an artificial intelligence-powered learning platform meant to help enterprises harness human resources.

  8. SalsaMobi: SalsaMobi, a worldwide software development firm that specializes in full-stack mobile application development, specializes in assisting businesses in expanding their development operations internationally. SalsaMobi is on a mission to identify and connect talent, and it aims to tackle what it calls the most challenging component of producing excellent software: connecting with the appropriate people.

  9. Science 37: Science 37 is a privately held clinical trial and mobile technology startup committed to speeding biological discovery and lowering clinical trial costs by bringing clinical trials into patients' homes. Science 37 connects patients, physicians, and other stakeholders using technology and science to establish networked, patient-centric clinical research models.

  10. Tiger Analytics: Tiger Analytics is a management consulting business specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analysis, with services ranging from marketing analytics to operations and organizing, customer analytics, and risk analytics.

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