Best Data Engineering Certifications of 2024

Let’s explore the 10 best data engineering certifications of 2024
Best Data Engineering Certifications of 2024

In Data engineering, data comes in structured, unstructured, and semi-structured forms. Data engineering is a branch of science focusing on managing infrastructure. Engineers design pipelines to collect, process, and store data efficiently. They handle tasks like database management, data transformation, and infrastructure setup. Key tools include databases, cloud services, and data processing frameworks. 

Here, we provide an in-depth look at the best data engineering certifications and what they offer to help you stand out in the job competition. Read on to understand the right direction to put your efforts

Do you know the role of Data engineer will become a central part of the industry in 2024? In India, information technology CAGR is estimated to grow at 38%. In addition, over the next half decade, the size of the IT market will increase from $25.3 billion to $108.7 billion between 2024 and 2029. isn't it exciting? High demand for high-tech companies increases competition for job. This has narrowed down the recruitment process where recruiters select the best candidates and filter the rest based on the required skills. This has increased the pressure on candidates to prepare well and elevated the role of certificates in developing key skills. Here we provide a comprehensive overview of the best certifications for information engineers and what they offer to help you stand out in the competitive world of work,

Here are the Best Data Engineering Certifications of 2024

1.Google cloud professional data engineer:

Google cloud professional (GCP) data engineering certification comes with building and maintaining data processing systems on (GCP). It is one of the best data engineering certifications that helps to enhance your skills. a cloud engineer's responsibilities would be automating manual processes, designing distributed systems and data stores, and constructing robust streaming analytics and data processing systems.

2. AWS big data certification:

AWS is also another major cloud provider and this certification is focused on designing and implementing services to “dravite” value from data, most serverless options for data analytics. These options include those for real-time data, big data analytics, data integration, and data warehousing.

 3. Databricks certified data engineer:

The Databricks certified data engineer professional certification program assesses and performs advanced data engineering tasks. It includes an understanding of the Databricks platform and developer tools. This is one of the best data engineering certifications in 2024. Using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, demonstrate your proficiency with data and AI. Databricks certification program can assist you in reaching your objectives, regardless of whether you are new to business intelligence or seeking to validate your abilities as a data analyst, machine learning specialist, or data engineering specialist.

 4. Microsoft certified Azure solutions architect expert:

Microsoft certified Azure solutions are for (IT) professionals, developers, designers, and especially architect experts. An architect is responsible for designing implementing and maintaining complex solutions. Students who want to become subject matter experts in designing cloud and hybrid solutions that run on Microsoft Azure, including compute, network, storage, monitoring, and security, should enrol in AZ-305: Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

5. SAS certified data scientist:

SAS certified data scientist was specially made for individuals who can influence and gain insights from big data different of SAS and opensource tools, Accredited in Data Science. Use a range of SAS and open-source tools to manipulate and derive insights from large amounts of data. Make sophisticated machine-learning model recommendations for businesses. Use the robust, flexible SAS environment to deploy models at scale.

6. IBM data engineering professional:

IBM data platform generalist certification is an online certification, that helps with enhancing ajob skill, even if you are you new to data science field.  This certification covers core topics like Python.  Data Engineers focus on collecting, parsing, managing and analyzing large data sets, in order to provide the right data sets and visual tools for analysis to the data scientists. They understand the complexity of data.

7. Cloudera data platform generalist certification:   

Cloudera data platform generalist certification (CDP) helps to gain skills, and knowledge, is useful for businesses management and securing end-to-end data. The program measures the abilities and knowledge needed for Cloudera Data Platform used by machine learning engineers. On completion of this program you will be an expert in designing and developing Machine Learning Models.

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