Oracle Seeks Experienced Data Analysts: Apply Now!

Oracle Seeks Experienced Data Analysts: Apply Now!

This article discusses the potential openings of experienced data analysts in Oracle

Acquiring a job role in a reputed company that suits your skill set and requirements is the first step to be considered in your job journey. Oracle, a reputed MNC is here with promising data analyst roles for experienced candidates who are ambitious and passionate to continue their careers as a data analyst. As a data analyst you need to cope and have hands-on experience on different skills right from Python to the data analysis tools that can help you proceed with your role in Oracle in a more amicable and proficient manner. To keep the balls rolling, let us look at the Data Analyst hirings in Oracle along with the skillset that is needed for the role.

Data Analyst Hirings in Oracle

Oracle has been on a look out to hire a senior data analyst for the Bangalore location. Oracle has formed a new organization called Oracle Health and Application Software which includes a team that majorly focuses on product development and strategy for Oracle Health.

Skills needed for the role

As an experienced Data Analyst who is getting hired for data analyst hirings in Oracle, you need to possess the skill set that includes Python, Data Analysis, Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Modeling, Data Transformation, Data Visualization, and SQL. This skill set is required as Oracle is hiring for an experienced candidate.

Roles and Responsibilities

The deserving candidate should carry out the following responsibilities while applying for the role. Let us discuss the responsibilities in a brief:

As a deserving candidate, you need to lead the data analysis projects that include data collection, cleaning analysis, interpretation and deduction

The befitting candidate should also possess advanced statistical and data mining techniques to gain meaningful insights along with large data sets

He should also be able to take care of the data models, algorithms and predictive analysis.

The candidate should be able to take care of the root cause analysis, detect patterns and put forth solutions that are in alignment with the business strategies and optimizations.

The candidate who is in touch with the latest business trends and upgrades are also taken into consideration and given priority.

You can apply for the job position here. Apply Now!

Importance of Data Analysts in today's world

Data Analysis is a major entity in the IT industry and the role it plays can be unmatchable sometimes as companies use data analytics tools and processes to get an idea about the customer needs and expectations. Companies also require a competent data analytics team that works to know about the current market trends and sometimes to develop products that work in alignment with the present market trends. Not only this, with the help of data analytics, the employees can also go through the historical data and eradicate the unnecessary data of that particular timeline.

There are several benefits that you can win over by learning data analytics and by diving deep into the subject. Data Analytics also helps the businesses to drive the market campaigns that drive the target audience and reach the market standards. Another major advantage that data analytics possess is the collection of huge chunks of data and utilizing that in deducting meaningful designs and patterns. By learning about the importance of data analysis, one can get placed easily in data analyst hirings in Oracle or any other MNCs.


To keep the long story short, along with all the prevailing and in demand tech skills that we possess, having profound knowledge on data analytics can fetch the enthusiasts to leverage their skills and get placed in a high paying job in this AI world. From startups to the MNCs, data analysis has its own place in IT that puts you ahead in the market and can get you hired in the data analyst hirings in Oracle and other reputed companies.


1. What are the best websites to learn Data Analysis courses?

You can learn and gain abundant knowledge of Data Analysis by going through the websites like Coursera,Data Camp,Udacity, Stack Overflow etc.,

2. What is the highest salary of a Data Analyst in India?

The highest salary of a Data Analyst can range from 10 lakhs per annum to 12 lakhs per annum.

3. What is the highest paid Data Analysis job?

The highest paid data analyst job can vary from business intelligence analysts, data architects, and data engineers.

4. Is Data Analyst a 6 figure job?

Yes, if you are looking out for a lucrative career opportunity, then you are at the right place. A Data Analyst role can definitely pay you a 6 figure salary.

5. Will a Data Analyst job still be lucrative by 2030?

Definitely and to be said without doubts, Data Analyst job market can rise up to $303.4 billion by 2030.

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